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The When I Break series is a successful series of new adult, contemporary, and romance stories. It was written by a bestselling American writer named Kendall Ryan. The series is comprised of a total of three books, all of which were released in 2014. Kendall Ryan has depicted the same set of main characters in each of the books. The central characters created by her for this series include Knox Bauer and McKenna. Author Kendall Ryan has warned the readers by saying that this series is intended for grown up and mature audience. There are adult themes and language mentioned throughout the stories of every book. Also, there is a depicted of a stubborn alpha male who faces the issues of addiction.

The novels also contain too much sexual tension that is depicted between the 2 damaged characters. So, it is up to the reader’s risk to take up this series for reading. The books cannot be read in any order as the stories of all the books are interconnected and follow a pattern of continuity. Various critics have praised this series as well as the characters created by author Kendall Ryan. Even the fellow writers have spoken highly of her writing skills and storytelling abilities. Such excellent reviews have helped the series become an overall success. The books have found a great fan following in many countries of the world and are read with great enthusiasm. This series’ success has also helped to increase the popularity and fame of Kendall Ryan to a great extent. She received a great boost and motivation to work on other books and series in her career.

The debut novel of the When I Break book series penned by author Kendall Ryan is entitled ‘When I Break’. It was released in by Kendall Ryan Books, a company owned by the author herself, in 2014. The book opens by showing that Knox Bauer is a sex addict. His life seems to have unraveled to a point where it seems highly unlikely that he will be able to return. As Knox fights to fill the emptiness in his life, he seeks solace in the arms of unfamiliar women on unfamiliar beds. Being given the charge to look after his 3 younger brothers, Knox thinks that he is not doing anything right. But, he knows that he cannot keep going on like this forever. His brothers always look up to him in every matter and he has only managed to prove to them that he has totally messed up his life. A time comes when he needs a change desperately and is asked to attend a local SAA meeting. Knox starts attending the meeting and finds himself attracted to the beautiful instructor named McKenna. Every time he sees McKenna, he feels tempted to be in bed with her. This way, his addiction keeps getting worse.

McKenna is introduced as a 21-year old girl looking to set things right in her life and make amends. She lost her parents in a terrible accident and blames herself for the death of her parents. McKenna tries to good enough so as to forgive herself and move on in life. After acquiring a counseling degree, McKenna starts leading a group of sex addicts with the intention of bringing a change in their life for the better. When she comes across Knox at one of the meetings, her life gets filled with complications that she had not imagined. McKenna is not ready to entertain a troubled boy who only wants to sleep with her, even if her body thinks otherwise. As a counseler, she wants to help Knox get rid of his addiction, but she fears getting too much involved with him in the process and losing her sanity. McKenna cannot let herself fail at any cost and also cannot leave Knox at his condition. She appears to have landed herself in a situation of dilemma and doesn’t know how to get out of it.

The second volume of this mind-blowing series is known as ‘When I Surrender’. It was also published in 2014 by Kendall Ryan Books. This novel opens by mentioning that McKenna is undaunted by the complicated history of Knox Bauer with sex addiction and moves on to have a relationship with him. During the time she is with Knox, McKenna experiences the highest of highs. Together, they set on the course of discovering one another and helping each other in overcoming their lowest of lows. While doing so, McKenna also worries that Knox Bauer’s past may not be completely behind him. Later, a complication from McKenna’s past demands attention and forces her to rethink her decision of spending the rest of her life with the bad boy, Knox Bauer. With this realization, all that was known to McKenna begins to be questioned and leaves her in an even more difficult situation.

Kendall Ryan is a Wall Street Journal, NY Times, and USA Today bestselling American writer. She is well-known for writing contemporary and romance stories and has written some very popular book series in her writing career, including the Imperfect Love series, Filthy Beautiful Lies series, Hard to Love series, Roommates series, etc. Kendall is known to have penned over 2 dozen novels that include several self-published bestsellers. Very often, critics have described her books as electrifying, beautiful love stories with the hope of happily-ever-afters. Kendall’s novels fall into the genres of new adult, romantic comedy, and romance. In all, she has sold over 3 million copies of her books worldwide. They have also been translated into multiple foreign languages throughout the world.

Kendall was born on August 15, 1981, in South Carolina. The places where she has lived while growing up include California, Idaho, Minnesota, Texas, Guam, Illinois, South Carolina, and Michigan. She completed her graduation from Western Michigan University and obtained a business marketing degree. Kendall signed up with a literary agent for the first time in 2011. She was set to submit her first work for publication before she noticed the rising number of indie authors choosing the new self-publishing platform of Amazon and their respective successes. Kendall decided to give it a try instead of accepting a traditional publication deal with a publishing company. In 2012, Kendall Ryan quit her corporate job to pursue her writing career full-time. Since then, she has gone on to feature on various bestseller’s lists over 3 dozen times. As of today, she resides in Texas with her loving husband and 2 sons. Besides writing novels, Kendall is also passionate about humanitarian work and works for the betterment of orphans, disadvantaged children, etc. She often explores the theme of adoption in her novels.

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