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When SEALS Come Home Books In Order

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Publication Order of When SEALs Come Home Books

When Seals Come Home is a romance series written by Anne Marsh. Anne Marsh is New York Times and USA Today best-selling author. Anne has a Ph.D. in Slavic Languages and Literature, but she left the academic world to establish herself as a full-time technical writer.

When not writing books, Anne enjoys running, gardening, and reading books. She also loves pets. She lives in Northern California with her four cats, two kids, and her husband.

The When the Seals Come Home series is based on the lives of military heroes, the Navy Seals. After spending most parts of their careers battling insurgents all over the world, they have to come home to their loved ones.

Annie manages to interweave mystery with romance to come up with a dramatic plot that will keep you holding your breath until it’s over.

The characters in the When Seals Come home series are so realistic such that reading this series is liking walking beside the hero as he goes through his adventures.

The chemistry between the hero and heroine is breathtaking. An alpha man; sexy, bad-ass and gorgeous meets a beautiful, sexy lady. When reading the Seals Come Home series, you might want to keep a fan close by since the chemistry is steaming hot.Let’s look at some books in the seals come home series.

1. Smoking Hot.

The Smoking Hot novel is based on the life of Tye Callahan, a Navy Seal. Tye has fought a lot of battles for his motherland in the middle east. He has fought very hard in Afghanistan, but for him, there is no stopping until the battle is won. Things go south in Afghanistan when an ambush he could have stopped kills one of his friends. He has to step up and fill the shoes of the fallen soldier.

This is where life gets complicated for him, in one summer, he has a fiancee to look out for and help her get back on her feet and strong fighting fires together with his smoke jumping team.

As the soldier struggles to fill the boots of his fallen comrade, Katie cannot accept the fact that her fiancé is dead. She waits patiently for him to come home, and vows to ensure that his bucket list is fulfilled. And who is in a better position to help her than Tyne, the tall, dark and sexy teammate of her fiancé?

As they get to know each other, it occurs to Tyne that he will have to do more that take up Kade’s position in the jumping team. He will have to fill the void he left in his fiancee’s heart.

Before Kade died, he had asked Tye to take care of Katie. But according to Katie, Kade’s and Katie’s engagement was a fake, they were just best friends.Things get hot between the two, and they find themselves contemplating a life together.

In this book, Anne Marsh managed to solidify her position as the best writer of smoke jumper stories ever. After opening the first page of this novel, you will find yourself craving for more. Her characters are well cast. Tye is every ladies dream. He is gorgeous, sexy and bad-ass, an alpha male.

Katie is beautiful, the chemistry between them real. The book gives your one super intense romance read that will keep you holding your breath until it’s over.

2. Burn so Bad.

In this book in the Seals Come Home Smoke Jumper series is about the adventures of Rio Donovan, a member of the Donovan brother’s jump team. At the opening chapters of the book, Rio is introduced as the typical bad guy, the love them ,leave them kind. But his two brothers are in committed, loving relationships.

Rio could not even picture himself risking a relationship. But he loves challenges, he jumps off planes into forest fires. But a long-term relationship is too much for him. It freaks him out. That was before he met his new jump partner.

It is her seconder summer as a jumper, but her first with the Jordan team. Gia Jackson loved her job. She put her soul into her work and she never let the fact that she was a beautiful female distraction override the fact that she could perform as well as any male.

Her family is worried about her health, but this is not the only thing they should be worried about. She is getting distracted by her new jump partner and boss. As if this is not all, she ends up in the devils hands when one jump goes horribly wrong.

The two decide to go out and celebrate the happy ending of what was otherwise a miserable call.Rio and Gia later find themselves on the better side of life, alcohol, and romance. They find themselves kissing outside Gia’s door. One kiss is not enough for these two, and they throw all the caution in the air and despite that they are professional partners, this can’t stop them from mixing business with pleasure.

Later as they in their jumping activities, they pump into illegal activities upon the mountains. Now Rio and Gina are not only chased by fire, but also a group of criminals that are willing to kill so their activities are not publicised. Thing get even more complicated when a secret Gia had kept to herself is discovered. This brings out every protective instinct in Rio. He must protect what his is.

In this books, Anne certainly understands what she is doing. The opening is great. It manages to keep you hooked by providing fewer details while at the same time being high on the thrill scale from the word go.

The characters have the right personalities. A hard ass jumper and a smoking hot heroine, a lethal combination.

The Seals Come home trilogy is a perfect balance between hot romance and suspense. The whole series will keep you gripping your seat for more than one reason. The sexy luscious chemistry between the highly capable and strong heroines and the protective, fierce and territorial heroes

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