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Publication Order of Whidbey Island Books

Whidbey Island is a collection of romantic books written by Geri Krotow. Instead of simply treading on romance factor and subsequent problems these books also focus on adding suspense to the stories making it even more interesting. The story is focused around the life of people serving actively in the Navy and their struggles along with romance and joy. The books also detail the situation with various perspectives instead of simply focusing on the protagonist.

As per the background of the books, they are all based in Whidbey Island which is filled with scenic views and natural beauty. Whidbey Island is situated in Puget Sound, Washington State. The main focus of the story is on the residents of Oak Harbor which is the largest city situated in the north of the island. Naval Air Station Whidbey Island is situated in Oak Harbor and operates to deploy various Navy personnel to assigned tasks.

The Naval Air Station at Whidbey operates using the aircrew of P-3C Orion and EA-6B. P-3C Orion is being replaced to provide them with a more capable and better P-8 Poseiden whereas the EA-6B has been replaced by the EA-18 Growler. The aircrew from these two are assigned to various missions and tasks throughout the world. The tasks are often dangerous and require a great deal of strength to overcome, they may be related to countering terrorism, assisting people during a natural disaster etc. Naval Air Station Whidbey also performs recovery operations to save stranded souls and various missions are deployed by the mission commanders to gather live intelligence from their soldiers.

The events occurring in the Whidbey Island books may be fiction but the emotions are based on reality. Many of the relational situations explained in the book may also have been a reality for some people at a certain time. The books focus on working toward the story of every individual showing how every airman and officer has their own life to deal with. The story sometimes focuses on the navy life but mostly steers in the direction of the life outside the Navy. Unravelling with great excitement and adventure along with twist and turns keeps the readers interested with every line and takes them to another world. The story often puts the readers in the shoes of Navy officers and airmen but leaves the readers with an open perspective through detailed situations and experiences of various characters.

The Whidbey Island books often display a wide array of emotions along with drama to show how the entire city sacrifices daily in a number of ways. Not only the Navy personnel but the civilians also take a great deal of pain to support and enable brave men and women stand bravely. The stark contrast to generally easy lifestyle piques the interest of the reader to submerge in Navy life. The entire community works together and the reader experiences the basic aspects of life in a completely different environment filled with untold hardships which the Navy people and their relatives face daily.

The Whidbey Island books end with a happy note similar along the lines of happily ever after and do not have a dark sense of humor or twisted endings. They are a perfect source of happiness and comfort for an avid romance reader. Although the protagonist does get to have a happy ending the writer focuses on other scenarios also which show the other side of military as people pay the ultimate price for the freedom of nation. The books also show the upheaval and distortion in lives of people who lost a loved one on duty.

Geri Krotow has been through both the aspects of a Navy life the family as well as an officer. She worked as an active-duty Naval Intelligence Officer and is quite acquainted with Navy life and its aspects. Her husband was also in Navy and she hence understands the resulting feelings and fear. She has seen and experienced her family through a lifetime of living Navy life, and now she understands the fear of losing someone and the sorrow when someone close dies on duty. She also explains the happiness and enthusiasm which people receive by living a military lifestyle.

The characters of the books realize the joy and happiness of their lifestyle and are quite happy being related to the Navy. The protagonist of the story is often someone who has lost his or her life outside of the Navy and is certainly not interested in love. The books focus around the magic of emotions and the pull of passion for a loved one. The books show how the protagonist still has a fountain of emotions bursting with life inside their hard outer shell. Even through dire conditions and hopeless times the protagonist finds love.

Adding more detail to the books not only the protagonist is due with prior hardships and mental trauma but the surrounding people are also shown with problems of their own. The books continue forth as people face the daily challenges of life and slowly everything falls into place eventually. The Whidbey Island books also show how Navy people face a backlash as they transition from active duty to a settled military lifestyle back and forth.

Whidbey Island books often show a prior fringe of emotion present between the protagonist and their lover. The small piece of emotion is enough to light the fire in their hearts and the reader gets to experience how people can begin to love again. After a number of emotions the books show how love conquers all.

Through different plots and circumstances people fall in love with the person they never expected to. Often the relations also face a great deal of tumult due to the Navy life of the protagonist and the books show how their loved ones fare with the experience. Often the protagonist is forced to make a choice between family and duty along with hard choices of leaving the family to save them from any danger. Whidbey Island books are a collection of 5 books and one novella which are an absolute joy for mature readers.

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