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Publication Order of The Whiskeys: Dark Knights at Peaceful Harbor Books

Tru Blue (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Truly, Madly, Whiskey (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Driving Whiskey Wild (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Wicked Whiskey Love (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Mad about Moon (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Taming My Whiskey (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Gritty Truth (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
In for a Penny (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Running on Diesel (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Whiskey by Melissa Foster is a series of novels by USA Today, and New York Times bestselling author who writes some of the most heartwarming and sexy contemporary romances. Foster is known for writing emotionally compelling characters that you can connect with days or weeks after you are done reading the novel. She writes about emotional journeys that are typically family-oriented and erotic reads that make for perfect beach reads. Her novels come in a variety of genres though she particularly focuses on women’s fiction and contemporary romance. Foster’s characters range from sassy heroines, wealthy and loyal heroes, to smart heroines that are dealing with complex issues in their lives. She also writes romance without the explicit language or erotic scenes under the pseudonym Addison Cole.

She grew up in Maryland and asserts that she had a wonderful childhood alongside her brothers and tons of friends. Apart from writing, she is interested in healthy living, reading, writing, catching up with friends, visiting Cape Cod and anything about the outdoors. She also does some painting and has donated several of her paintings for “The Hospital for Sick Children” in Washington, DC.

The Whiskeys series are love stories that come with deep stories, a wealth of emotions, and strong family ties in small-town settings, where you can be guaranteed of a happily ever after. “Tru Blu” the first novel of the Whiskeys series introduces Truman, a former felon now determined to do everything right. He is a protective, respectful, humble, and talented man with a heart of gold. He is paired up with Gemma, who is goodness personified though she can be feisty and stands strong by her man when things get rough. “Truly, Madly, Whiskey”, the second novel in the series is about Bear Whiskey, a cocky, gorgeous and totally alpha man with a great sense of humor. He is also the ultimate alpha with the tattoos, sexy charm, dominance though he is also a considerate, passionate and understanding man. His love interest is Crystal Moon, a sass mouthed badass that is sexy as sin and confident as hell. While she had been born in a lower station in life she is determined to take control and make something of her life. “Driving Whiskey Wild” is the third novel of the series about Bullet Whiskey and Finley. Bullet is a man who does not hold back from speaking his mind and is the typical overprotective alpha. However, he has had a difficult past is plagued by guilt that weighs heavily on his soul and heart. Finley his love interest is a naïve, sweet, sassy and determined woman who can cook and bake as nobody can.

In “Tru Blu” the first novel of the Whiskeys series, Truman has been keeping to the straight and narrow ever since he came out of prison. However, it is not that he was a criminal since he had served time for a crime he did not commit. He had been protecting a loved one that he was determined to ensure had a better life, though by doing so he had inadvertently sentenced both of them. His brother had to live in the hell that was their family home while he got to have three meals a day and a roof over his head, even if he was in prison. But now he has just learned that his mother had two more children and being the man with a heart of gold takes the babies home with him. He has been through a lot in his life and knows that he has to sacrifice to protect his little siblings from going through the pain that he and his brother had to endure. He sees it as a chance to do something selfless though he has always been rescuing his younger brother from bad situations. But just when he is getting overwhelmed with playpens, cribs, bottles, baby food, car seats, diapers, clothing, nappy rash, and diapers the sweet Gemma comes into his life. She is like a fairy godmother with her kind manner and beautiful looks who seems to instinctively know what he and the children need. While at first reluctant to let her into his life, it does not take long for a strong bond to develop. The doubts fall away and he thinks he might just have a very happy future with her. But before that can happen she needs to know about his dark past. But will she stay once he reveals all?

“Truly, Madly, Whiskey”, the second novel of the series is about Bear, who has been waiting for Crystal to acknowledge his love and be with him. But there is something that is making it hard for the heroine Crystal to reach out for the man she believes is her soul mate. Bear is a big tattooed biker with patience beyond reproach who can turn on his softer side for his friends, family and the woman he loves. However, he is also dealing with dark demons from his past which is still impacting his present and is likely to impact his future. Even as Crystal is struggling to put the past behind her and get out of her comfort zone, she triggers Bear’s overpowering need to claim and protect the woman that he is growing to love deeply. Crystal thought she had everything under control but the aggressive, possessive and scorching hot Bear is pushing all her buttons. The more he pushes the more she feels her passion rising, unearthing feelings she thought she had long buried. But now they have to face up to the past, which is on a collision course with the present. It promises to catapult them down an emotionally charged path that will have them challenging all they believed about themselves.

“Driving Whiskey Wild” is a wild ride of a story about Finley and Bullet. Finley has just been hired to help with the food and kitchen at Whiskey Bros. bar. Bullet Whiskey is the leather-wearing alpha with the obligatory tatts, who falls for the girly Finley with her high heels and pretty dresses. He is all about family and he feels an overwhelming feeling to protect and keep her safe. He has seen and been through a lot in his life, though he has been unable to talk about it until he met Finley who tears down his walls. Finley has come so attached to the Whiskeys that there is nothing she would not do for the family or Bullet. For Bullet, she is his Lollipop as she gives him a sugar rush and is so sweet. The only fly in the ointment is that Bullet has a dog and Finley is terrified of dogs having been attacked by one when she was a child. Bullet helps her get over her fear of dogs since he needs both his woman and dog in his life. The two are a perfect combination of a cuddly teddy bear and bad boy biker and that is soft and hard in all the right places and the heel and dress wearing girl that also knows how to wear boots and jeans. While they could not be any more different, they give true meaning to opposites attract as they are a perfect match.

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