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Whisper Lake (Barbara Freethy) Books In Order

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Publication Order of Whisper Lake Books

Always With Me (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
My Wildest Dream (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Can't Fight The Moonlight (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Just One Kiss (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
If We Never Met (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Tangled Up In You (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Next Time I Fall (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Barbara Freethy is a best-selling author.

The writer was surrounded by books from an early age. Her mother read a lot and the author says that she passed on her enjoyment of fiction. Some of her earliest memories were spending time at the library or reading with her mom. It was out of her enjoyment of reading that the author first started to love writing. She also would go through her mother’s personal library reading.

She then went to UC Santa Barbara and got a degree in communications. She then went into public relations and spent much of her time writing nonfiction in the form of business articles, when all the while her true passion and intention was to write novels.

She penned her first novel late in her twenties and two years later, it was published. She went into traditional publishing for many years as the books she wrote were published by big time publishers such as Penguin, Harlequin, Harper Collins, and more. She decided in 2011 that it was the right time to begin publishing her own books. She formed Fog City Publishing, and has done really well, selling overt ten million books since she started publishing on her own.

She has had several of her books become New York Times best-seller, from Summer Secrets to an additional twenty-five other books that have hit the tops of the best-seller lists of USA Today and more. In 2014, Freethy was picked as the top Amazon KDP Best-Selling Author of All Time.

The author likes to hang out with family, play tennis, reading, or doing some aqua fitness. She is a native to the state of California and has lived in both of the state’s ends. She says that while she occasionally misses the hot summer nights that southern California offered, she enjoys northern California’s hillsides and bays, as well as one of her favorite places to be, the city of San Francisco.

Barbara Freethy is the creator and the author of the Whisper Lake series. The series first got started with the publication of the debut novel in 2109, which is titled Always With Me. The second novel came out not long after, titled My Wildest Dream. The third book came out in 2020 and is called Can’t Fight the Moonlight. This was followed by the fourth book, Just One Kiss. The fifth book came out in 2021 and is titled If We Never Met. The sixth book in this series is called Tangled Up in You. The seventh novel in this series came out in 2023 and is titled Next Time I Fall.

Always With Me is the first book in the Whisper Lake series by Barbara Freethy. If you want to check out a new romance that is full of will they or won’t they, check out this novel!

Main character Gianna Campbell has gone through her third broken engagement, and she needs to heal. Gianna has decided to go home so that she can let her heart mend, get her head right, and help out with the family business. But once she gets there, she has a horrible realization. Apparently she has become something of a joke in the town, being called the runaway fiancée by the locals.

If that were not already bad, Gianna finds out that Zach Barrington has shown up in town. He used to be her crush, but this is a guy that has reasons to dislike her. Zach has come back to Whisper Lake partially because of the chance to land a job, but he’s also seeking redemption. He knows that the last person in the world that he wishes to see is Gianna. She once was the reason why he got kicked out of the only place in the world where he really felt himself.

When a random accident puts her into the lake, it ends up being the catalyst to their first face to face meeting that they have had in years, and it takes their breath away. It also makes the past feel a lot closer. Gianna and Zach back off just as quickly as they came together, both of them worried about hurting themselves further.

But the search they go on for truth can lead to revelations that could change their lives as well as interesting secrets. They also get the chance at finding a love that could be more powerful than they ever thought it could be. For the second time around, can the pair trust each other enough to give love a chance? Get a copy of this book and find out!

My Wildest Dream is the second book in the Whisper Lake series by Barbara Freethy. In this romance, the sparks really fly.

Brodie McGuire used to ski all the time and was fearless at it. He dreamed of going to the Olympics and winning gold, but all of that disappeared with one fall that ended his career. Now he’s gone back to his hometown Whisper Lake to work as a cop, just like his father and grandfather did.

He’s surrounded by the same mountains that he used to conquer and is now doing his best to adapt to his new present and find purpose and stability. When a case randomly brings him into contact with a gorgeous woman, who is cool and put together, he’s intrigued.

Chelsea Cole used to be a country music singer with promise, when her music led to a tragedy. She couldn’t handle facing her fans or the attention, so she escaped from the spotlight. She became a music teacher in a small town. Then one of her students has a problem, she gets introduced into a handsome cop that might just get in the way of her plan to have a quiet life without drama.

Brodie and Chelsea collaborate to figure out a mystery, and the sparks start flying. Brodie makes Chelsea feel safe, but can she risk getting hurt again? When he encourages her to pursue her voice, will he have to face the fact that he has to give her up? Pick up a copy of this book and find out!

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