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Publication Order of Whisper Lake Books

Writing thrillers and mystery novels, the American writer Linda Hall is largely known as being a master of suspense, drawing the reader in and keeping them intrigued, constantly asking questions throughout, as they keep turning to the next page to find out what happens next, along with her edge-of-the-seat style of writing that’s prevalent throughout too. With a clear eye for character too, she really manages to get to the heart of her subject matter, analyzing the personalities of the many people inhabiting her stories, as they bring her narratives to life for the reader. Showing a clear love of the art-form, she is an expert at building a level of momentum that continues throughout, never letting up right until the very last page. Writing both short stories and novels, she is extremely gifted with the art of narrative too, knowing exactly what components go into telling a fully rounded story. Not only that, but she has also had her many stories transported worldwide, with readers from all across the globe finding something within her work. Creating characters that resonate on the page, she is also able to build a sense of pacing that carries them throughout, as she is completely in touch with who they are and what their ambitions are. Living in Canada now for many years, she largely takes inspiration from the world around her, allowing her experiences to inform both her and her material. This is something that she has developed over the years, allowing her to become a far more adept writer capable of creating a bestselling novel within a moments notice. Appreciated by both the critics and the general public alike, she is definitely a writer that appeals to large audiences too. Producing a large number of series and franchises too, she has created many series that have captivated readers continually, as they constantly come back for more. This includes that of her ‘Whisper Lake’ series of novels, as they are comprised of a total of three novels, making up a trilogy of thriller titles. This follows the ongoings of a series of mysteries surrounding a location known as Whisper Lake, as they’re all individually solved. The series itself is also a Christian series, as it relates to the tenets of Hall’s faith as a writer, something which has also seen it stand out from the rest. Clearly a work of passion, this is a series that is highly personal to Hall as an author, as it relates both her love of mystery and her faith.

Lasting for a total of three novels, this trilogy was initially brought out in 2013, with all three titles being released consecutively. Telling of a different mystery with each novel, it is a series that manages to really bring its subject matter to life, allowing the characters and the world to really shine. Starting out with the novel ‘Storm Warning’ in 2013, it would quickly be followed up with ‘On Thin Ice’ that same year, along with ‘Critical Impact’, making it one of Hall’s most definitively comprehensive series to date.

Storm Warning

Initially brought out in 2013, this was to be the first book in the series of ‘Whisper Lake’ novels, as it would set up the series as a whole. Establishing both the world and the core premise, it would also provide its first self-contained mystery for readers to dive into. Brought out on the 1st of January in 2013, this would be released through the ‘Steeple Hill’ publishing label, as it would come out to much acclaim.

Dealing with a stalker, this title has all the classic hallmarks of grounded nuts-and-bolts thriller, giving the reader everything that the could hope for. Dealing with Nori Edwards as its lead character, it follows her as she attempts to deal with a new threat that could be facing her. Set within the lakeside retreat, it really works at establishing the environment, as well as building the high level of suspense for the books to come.

With the rustic homestead beside the lake supposedly all set to be a retreat for the widow Nori Edwards, everything seems to be in place. That’s when strange events start to take place that lead her to feel otherwise, as the single mom starts to feel threatened by the apparently ‘cursed’ property. With local ex-police officer Steve Baylor being the only one that will set foot on the property, he vows to protect her from whatever dangers there may be. What dangers lie in wait? Can she remain safe? Will she heed the storm warning?

On Thin Ice

Set in the state of Maine once again, this heads back to the location of Whisper Lake for another round of suspense and terror. Originally released on the 13th of April in 2013 not long after the first, this was also released through the ‘Steeple Hill’ publishing label. Developing the world overall, it also manages to take it forwards in new and exciting directions, evolving it from what it previous was before.

Two weeks before they were all set to be married, tragedy sought to tear the happy couple of Megan Brooks and Alec Black apart, as they haven’t seen each other since. With someone playing close attention to them, though, it would seem that they’ve been under close surveillance since then, along with the members of their bridal party. Attacking the bridal party members, it is high time that someone puts an end to this stalker’s reign of terror, as Megan needs to return home to Whisper Lake and confront her tragic past. How will she deal with the now sheriff Alec? Can they find the stalker? What will happen as they find themselves on thin ice?

The Whisper Lake Series

For fans of the mystery thriller genre they really can’t do much better than this, as it plays with the many tropes and conventions of the format with a strong sense of confidence and wit. With its strain of Christian faith running throughout too, it really holds its heart close to its sleeve as well, something which also sets this series apart on another level. Marked as a timeless classic now for many years to come, this really is a series that will stand the test of time for along time yet, as its legacy grows from strength-to-strength into the foreseeable future.

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