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Whispers from Mirrowen Books In Order

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Publication Order of Whispers from Mirrowen Books

Whispers from Mirrowen is a series of fantasy novels written by a bestselling American author of fantasy and science fiction books Jeff Wheeler. The author took early retirement from his professional career at Intel in 2014 and ventured into full-time writing. He is most importantly a father, husband, and a devout church member and one of th founders of Deep Magic.

Jeff Wheeler began Whispers from Mirrowen series in 2013 when Fireblood the first book in the series was published. The series lasted three books concluding in 2015 with Poisonwell.


Fireblood is the first book in Whispers from Mirrowen series by Jeff Wheeler. We are introduced to Tyrus of Kenatos a man who has sworn in his life to banish all the plagues that ravage the kingdoms. He firmly believes that the only answer to his putting an end these plague lies in the Scourgelands. Unfortunately for him, his first ventures into the woods filed after he was defeated by strange minions who hunted and killed many in his group.

Now a prisoner in his kingdom, Tyrus summons his nephew named Annon- who possesses inherent magic known as fireblood- informing him he wants to find hidden treasure to purchase his sister’s freedom. However, the truth is that Tyrus uses his nephew and niece and their magic to escape captivity and resume his mission to put an end to the plagues.

Tylor hires a warrior monk named Paedrin- to help them in their mission- but to his surprise, the monk is green to these lands as they are. The trio is focused and in the course of their mission, they learn to trust each other as well as get new additions to the group.

Unfortunately for Taylor and his team, Arch Rike the ruler of Kenatos comes to learn of their plans and in response sends a mercenary named Kishion to put an end to all those who oppose him. Now it’s up to Tyrus and his unwitty alliances to face down not only the plagues but the ruthless Arch Rike – a man willing to do whatever it takes for their mission to be unsuccessful.

The first book in Whispers from Mirrowen series is a fantastic series debut novel. It’s filled with animated characters and a setting that you will love and hate. Jeff Wheeler’s Fireblood is stories about friends who grow a lifetime in such a short span. This is the way life is though- young people thrown into the ocean to either swim or sink they return a whole different people.

First, there is Annon, a man who possesses fireblood magic living isolated in the woods of Wayland. Everyone fears him for he can wield fire and because he can survive a plague that ravages the kingdoms. Along with his sister he didn’t know he had, they set out on a thrilling adventure with a warrior monk named Paedrin.

Jeff Wheeler’s world of lore, magic, love, treachery, madness and hate makes for a thrilling edge of your seat page turner story for science fiction and fantasy fans. The mysterious created depicted in this novel can be well-imagined thanks to the author’s vivid description.

Jeff’s insight into the human condition is well crafted with thoughtful deliberation. The transition of youthful thinking to a more mature perception of the characters on the world around them is thought-provoking. Overall, Fireblood is a complex in both storyline and main character perspectives. Parts of the story involved one major female lead character and narrated from her perspective. However, the majority of the storyline is told from Anno and Paedrin’s point of view.

The author has woven a complex imminent plague that all the characters from different religious, political and ethnic backgrounds join forces to face. The narrative grows more complicated by the layers of diverse motivations and competing interests of the main characters.

One of the most surprising aspects of Fireblood is the rich details of the characters. The reader is sceptical about the true motives of the characters as most of the characters are not indeed what they appear to be. If you’ve read Jeff’s Wheeler other books, you’ll understand the concept of this book.

Dryad Born

The second book in Whispers from Mirrowen series by Jeff Wheeler introduces us to Kishion, an assassin who is utterly unaffected to almost everything including arrows, fire, poison, blades and cannot be killed. He’s initially sent by the evil Arch Rike to capture or kill Phae; capture her if he can but if the mission proves hard- kill her.

However, he somehow feels the urge to protect Phae, and he seems to find a connection between him and her- it’s important to note that his memory was taken away, so he doesn’t remember who he is, or why he wants to protect the woman he was sent to kill.

Kishion is a man who’s killed hundreds if not thousands working as an assassin and he firmly believes that his memories are removed so that he doesn’t have to suffer the guilt of his actions. Kishion eventually stops working for Rike and begins protecting Phae at all cost hoping that he’ll one day regain his memories. The idea of getting back his memories proves to be an internal struggle as seen through Jeff Wheeler’s description. On the one hand, Kishion wants to know who he is and on the other, he’s afraid of finding out the murderous acts he’s performed in the name of service to his country.

Phae is a young girl with supernatural abilities she doesn’t understand. She has magic known as fireblood which makes her create flames and also steal memories from anyone she gets eye contact with. She’s unaware of where her abilities come from, but over the course of the story, she is forced to decide whether to embrace or reject what she is and make a sacrifice that will put an end to the suffering of millions.

The second book in Whispers from Mirrowen series is a remarkable story with plenty of magic, intrigue, excellent character development; plot twists, and background information all which are integrated nicely to form an entertaining fantasy story. The story builds up the mythology, and the story of the first book in the series and further develops both the characters and story arcs fascinatingly and believable.

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