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White House Chef Mysteries Books In Order

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Publication Order of A White House Chef Mystery Books

State of the Onion (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hail to the Chef (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Eggsecutive Orders (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Buffalo West Wing (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Affairs of Steak (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Fonduing Fathers (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Home of the Braised (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Inaugural Parade (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
All the President's Menus (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Foreign Éclairs (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

An American author of mystery novels and fiction who has been active for a great many years now, Julie Hyzy is a writer with a talent for wit, charm and warmth in her books, as she manages to utilize her literary skills in a manner that gently draws the reader in, making them feel at home and comfortable within her ever cozy settings. With the ability to make her audience laugh whilst simultaneously keeping them on the edge-of-their-seat, it’s easy to see why she’s become so beloved by both readers and critics alike, as she manages to capture an essence of warmth that’s intoxicating audiences worldwide to this day, having built a highly successful career and legacy as a writer of great repute. Also going under the pseudonyms of N. C. Hyzy and S. F. Hyzy, she’s explored a great number of different avenues within her work, thus leading to an extremely colorful career that’s molded her into the versatile author that she is today; a true master of her craft who continues to refine, hone and explore through her writing and novels. A set of novels that manage to capture this essence perfectly is her White House Chef Mysteries series, which not only has suspense and intrigue, but also has good humor too.

With an enchanting sense of wit and good humor, the White House Chef Mysteries series focuses on the official chef of the White House and all the mysteries that befall her during her time there. Featuring Olivia Paras as its central protagonist, she finds herself working within the White House as she is head chef and, as expected, things don’t run as smoothly as she had initially hoped for. Facing murder and intrigue, she constantly needs to keep her wits about her if she wants to get the job done in this series of novels that have their tongue set firmly in their cheek. With over eight novels in the series it’s easy to see why they are loved by both her peers and the general public alike, as it conveys an atmosphere of both intrigue and suspense alike, as they keep their readers on the edge-of-their-seat throughout the action.

State of the Onion

Originally published in 2008 on the 2nd of January, this was to be the book that begun the whole White House Chef Mysteries series of novels and it also came with recipes included with as well. Setting up the character of Olivia Paras, she is here found to be the assistant chef at the White House making food for the president himself, a position which she grows from as the books progress. Establishing the overall tone and ambiance of the books as well, it provided the reader with much of what was to come, including the overall arcs of the characters that were to follow.

Olivia Paras wants to become executive chef for the White House, a position she has been aiming for ever since she got there, as it’s the most coveted one in the kitchens there. The trouble is a number of other potential applicants also want the job and they will do whatever it takes, even murder, to get what they want and make sure that she’s kept out of the picture. With an assassin skilled in the art of camouflage on her tail, along with her sworn nemesis vying for the position too, it looks like she’s got her work cut out for her if she ever wants to get it, let alone stay alive. Will she be able to find out what they intend to do in time, or will she fry? Can she get the position and achieve her dream job as chef of the White House? What will become of her and what exactly is the state of the onion?

Hail to the Chef

Following on directly from the first, this was intended as the sequel to the original, bringing back the character of Olivia Paras once again to solve another case as chef of the White House. First published on the 2nd of December, 2008, this benefited from the fact that the groundwork had already been lain so the narrative could jump straight into the action immediately. With the location already being established as well, Julie Hyzy manages to build upon this, further developing the style and tone of the novels that were to follow on from this particular installment.

It appears another killer on the loose after an electrician is found electrocuted and the nephew of the first lady is found dead not long after cleaning shrimp with Olivia Paras. Something fishy is happening and Olivia decides that she needs to keep her wits about her if she is to survive and keep herself safe and out of harm’s way once more. Whilst the death of the nephew appears to be a suicide, she believes otherwise and she’s determined to get to bottom of it and solve the mystery. Will she be able to find the killer in time? Why are they doing this? Just what exactly will happen when they all hail to the chef?

The White House Chef Mysteries Series

Using the seemingly mundane setting of a kitchen, it manages to take the action to a heightened state, providing non-stop suspense and intrigue bringing it forwards to a whole other level that ensure Julie Hyzy’s readers keep coming back for more. Whilst it would be easy to get carried away with the White House itself, it manages to continually bring the action back and limit it down, keeping it simple and easy to manage, but always offering suspense for the reader as and when it is needed. Also with the ability to make her audience laugh, it has some sequences that work as hilarious observations, as well as being witty too. A lot of her jokes may be irreverent, giving it a light-hearted, fun and breezy quality, but it always maintains a heart at its central core as well. There’s plenty more on the horizon for this series, with a lot more potential to expand as it popularity and audience grows in the many years to come.

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