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Publication Order of White Indian Books

The White Indian series is a popular novel series based on the historical fiction genre. It is written by one of the noteworthy authors from America named Noel B. Gerson under the pen name of Donald Clayton Porter.

This series is comprised of a total of 28 books, which were released between the years 1979 and 1996. The Book Creations, Inc., was chosen by the author to carry out the editing of the series. Overall, the book series features a lot of action mixed with soap opera. In an attempt to develop a good story, the editors did not take care of the historical accuracy. Author Gerson began writing this historical fiction series in the year 1979 and published its debut book in the same year under the title of White Indian.

Originally, the series was named as the ‘Colonization of American’ series. After contributing with the final book, Medicine Shield in 1996, author Gerson concluded the series. The primary character introduced by author Gerson in the series is Renno. He is shown as the White Indian and the mightiest among all the Seneca braves. Renno lives in the vast empire full of trees, which is called as the New World. Later in the series, it is depicted that Renno has to deal with some settlers, who come to sweep over his hunting grounds and his home. They posses fiery weapons and make use of strange ways. One among the settlers is an Englishwoman named Deborah. Renno falls in love with Deborah after witnessing her amazing beauty.

Renno’s New World was claimed by both the French and English settlers. Some of them tried to settle, while some others tried to steal and indulge in war with the original inhabitants. In the first few books of the series, Renno is depicted as the central character as the stories revolve around the events in his life. But, in the later parts of the exciting series, author Gerson has shifted the focus from Renno to Ghonkaba, who is the grandson of Renno. He is described as a warrior who faces a hard time in accepting the decisions of his leaders as absolute law.

Ghonkaba does not think that the alliance of the Iroquois and the English was a good decision because it did not come at a right time. Ghonkaba is shown having some supernatural abilities, but he does not seem to have grown fully as a person. He appears to be particularly intolerant of all those who look different from him. Being the son of a Seneca woman and a white woman, his crazy behavior does not seem to make sense. He seems to be very much unlike Ja-gonh and Renno. Ghonkaba has the opinion that all the white people are same. The ones who do not posses the physical abilities like him, he looks intolerant of them. Right from the beginning, author Gerson has set the series amidst the rising tensions between the Native Americans and the colonists. In some parts, they are shown as one big family living happily. But, the signs of strain are seen as the series moves further. As for the development of Ghonkaba’s character, author Gerson says that he had become tired of writing about Renno and Ja-gonh after writing the first few novels. He realized that he has to establish one more strong character. This is how the character of Ghonkaba was born, which was appreciated by the readers as much as the other main characters in the series.

One of the famous books of the White Indian series written by Gerson is entitled ‘Seneca’. The MacMillan publication released it in 1994. Author Gerson set the plot in The United States and described the main characters as Ghonkaba and a few other White Indian people. At the start of the book, author Gerson has introduced Ghonkaba as a fierce warrior from the Seneca tribe. He is Renno’s grandson, another fierce White Indian. Ghonkaba fees that his blood is running hot whenever he thinks about his lust for a battle. The Americans hated the Britishers and are about to revolt against them by indulging in a battle. Ghonkaba looks forward to this battle as he wants to overthrow the British rule from his native land. However, the Seneca do not agree to break their alliance with the Englishmen and join the fight of the colonists. They believe that the alliance has taken the form of a tradition and is highly unthinkable to break. As his noble heart continues to burn, Ghonkaba thinks that the only way to achieve freedom is by becoming a traitor to his loved ones and to his own heritage. He decides to follow the star spangled banner of the patriots into a dangerous and long war. Later, it is seen that only Ghonkaba and an Indian girl have the scouting skills to lead the troops of General Washington to safety. They undergo a series of narrow escapes in thrilling ways from the guns of the Redcoats. Following the escape, Ghonkaba gets involved in a daring plan of crossing the Delaware by being guided by the sacred Indian Spirits called Manitou. It appears that the Delaware is destined to shock the world with its successful victory for a struggling nation looking to get born. This makes Ghonkaba plan even more essential. The book was liked very much by numerous readers all over the world. This helped it to become immensely successful. Author Gerson was also lauded for his efforts in developing the characters and the unique plot. The success and appreciation motivated him to write several other interesting books as a part of the series.

Another popular book of this series is titled as ‘Renno’. It was released by Bantam Books in 1981. Author Gerson has mentioned the central characters in this book as Ja-gonh, Renno, and Goo-ga-ro-no. The beginning of the novel shows that Renno is sworn to safeguard peace on the frontier of America. Being a magnificent Sachem of Iroquois, he is most sought after for conquering the rising tide of treachery and bloodbath. Renno finds that his own loving family is feeling threatened as the French have set the tribal people against themselves. Even Renno’s own son gets cruelly banished as his return to the tribe makes him feel torn between the passion for two different women. Finally, Renno and his brave warrior son gain strength from their courageous ancestors and rise to the challenge of the mighty French forces. They lead their Iriquois Nation to victory once again.

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