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White Rabbit Chronicles Books In Order

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Publication Order of White Rabbit Chronicles Books

Alice in Zombieland (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Through the Zombie Glass (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Queen of Zombie Hearts (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Mad Zombie Party (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Kat in Zombieland (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
The White Rabbit Chronicles (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

The White Rabbit Chronicles is a series of novels from bestselling author Gena Showalter. The novels take elements of the story of Alice in Wonderland and drive them towards interesting and unexpected directions.

+The Story

The White Rabbit Chronicles are more of a Paranormal/Romance than a fairy tale, mostly departing from the original story to explore a world that is largely rooted in the young Adult Genre.

Standing at the center of the White Rabbit Chronicles story is Alice Bell. When she loses everything she has ever loved, her world takes a strange turn when she encounters Cole Holland, a boy as bad as they come and leader of a crew of Zombie slayers.

Handsome and attracting admirers in spades, Cole only has eyes for Alice, and not only because of the strange destiny that connects or the glimpses of doom, gloom and even love they keep catching about the future.

The White Rabbit Chronicles is filled with action, adventure and dangerous secrets. A war is brewing, a conflict that will test the relationships and friendships that surround Alice Bell.

+The Author

Gena Showalter is an American author born in Oklahoma in 1975. Primarily known for working within the romance, paranormal, and young adult genres, Gena sold her first book at the age of 27. Since then, she has published numerous novels, attracting interest form a wide variety of readers.

Known for series such as Otherworld Assassins, Intertwined, Lords of the Underworld and Alien Huntress, Gena’s novels have been translated into various foreign languages, many a critic praising her work for being so addictive and spellbinding.

She is the sort of star whose light has only continued to shine brighter with the passing of time.

+Alice in Zombieland

Alice never thought that her life could change so drastically, not in the course of a single heart beat. But that is exactly what happened as her bliss turned to tragedy, her innocence fading away forever.

In a single moment she lost everything she cared about, everyone she loved, learning only too late that her father had been right: monsters are real.

Determined to avenge her family, Alice has decided that she must learn to fight. In order to succeed in her quest to send every walking corpse back to its grave, Alice will have to trust Cole Holland, the badest of the bad boys.

But Cole isn’t all that he seems; and if she isn’t careful, his secrets might prove to be a far more dangerous threat than the undead.

Whether or not you enjoy Alice in Zombieland will largely depend on your expectations. A lot of readers have expressed disappointment over the first novel in Gena Showalter’s White Rabbit chronicles, mostly because they expected a dark retelling of the Alice in Wonderland story (with zombies) but instead read a high school melodrama that has little connection to the original Alice story.

When Alice experiences tragedy, her family dying in a car crash and her father being eaten by zombies, she is enrolled into a new school. Already suspicious of the strange behaviors of the students around her, Alice’s attention is immediately drawn to Cole, a badass yet secretive boy, this leading to a rather predictable series of events, from a love triangle to Alice’s discovery of her special gifts and a litany of other obvious Young Adult elements.

While there are elements of Alice in Wonderland, they are largely forced into the story and at too late a stage to really matter. Ignoring inconsequential details such as the white rabbit, Alice in Zombieland isn’t the book it promises readers it will be.

And while Gena cannot be blamed for falsely advertising her work (she cannot help it that so many readers jumped to certain conclusions after seeing the title of her book), Alice in Zombieland is bound to disappoint a lot of people.

Cole is the typical Young Adult alpha male. Alice is a decent heroine, though she brings little to the table, often too quick to give into Cole’s demands.

Admittedly, for those people with a particular interest in the young adult genre, this novel undoubtedly brings a lot of charm to the table. The story is well paced and the zombies make for very interest reading, more ghosts determined to consume the souls of their victims than rotting corpses hungering for human flesh.

Along with Gena’s creative approach to the supernatural, there is a lot of humor in this novel, the witty characters and funny chapter titles only adding to the hilarity of the story as a whole.

It could be argued that Gena could have gone with a better title than Alice in Zombieland.

+Through the Zombie Glass

There are zombies roaming the world, and these zombies hunger for souls over all else.

Alice has lost everything she has ever cared for; her home, her friends, her family. And now she will be expected to give even more.

Following a zombie attack, strange things begin to happen to Alice. Mirrors are coming to life and they are whispering of dangerous things to come. Even worse, there is a darkness inside her, compelling her to do the worst things.

At a time when she needs them the most, her boyfriend Cole and his crew of zombie slayers withdraw from her. Now, with only Kat, her best friend, by her side, she will face the zombies and reveal Cole’ secret.

She cannot afford to fail in a single task, not with the doom looming over the horizon.

In the second novel in Gena’s White Rabbit Chronicles, she raises the stakes, writing a book that manages to improve upon the mistakes of the first. Through the Zombie Glass has a little bit of everything, from action to intrigue, drama and romance.

The novel is also very intense. Admittedly, readers that were not particularly impressed by Alice in Zombieland will not find the sequel especially appealing. Despite the title, Through the Zombie Glass struggles to create a connection between its zombie story and the original Alice in Wonderland tale.

And anyone looking for a twisted take on ‘Through the Looking Glass’ will be disappointed. Fans of the Young Adult Genre, on the other hand, will enjoy this book, which takes everything that made the first book work and doubles.

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