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Whitney Cummings is a successful American actress and producer that has worked on television shows like ‘2 Broke Girls’. Whitney became an author when she wrote and published ‘I’m Fine…and Other Lies’ in 2017.

Whitney Cummings was born in 1982 in Georgetown, Washington, D.C to Patti Cummings, her mother who once worked at Neiman Marcus (Mazza Gallerie) as a public relations director.

Cummings was only five years old when her parents divorced. But she survived the complexities that eventually followed, attending St. Andrew’s Episcopal School (Potomac, Maryland) and eventually graduating from the University of Pennsylvania (Annenberg School for Communication) in 2004.

Cummings studied communications in college. For a while, she contemplated taking the journalism route, the result of her internship at WRC-TV, a television station owned by NBC.

But the author eventually saw fit to pursue acting, a decision that drove her to move to Los Angeles. Cummings was fortunate enough to land a position on ‘Punk’d’, an MTV show, in 2004.

She also acted in a low budget movie called ‘EMR’ in that same year. But the author did not truly find her stride until she began to play in the waters of Stand-Up comedy.

Whitney Cummings started putting her comedic talents to good use in 2004. By 2007, she was hailed as one of the most talented upcoming comics to watch. While she tried out for ‘Last Comic Standing’ and failed to make it past the showcase, her appearances on shows like ‘The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien’ did great things for her career.

Her resume includes a role in ‘Made of Honor’, a 2008 movie, ‘The Tony Rock Project’ and stints on ‘Chelsea Lately’. She participated in the Roasts of David Hasselhoff, President Donald Trump, and Joan Rivers on Comedy Central.

That isn’t even including her hour-long comedy special (Money Shot) which aired in 2010. Suffice it to say, Whitney Cummings’ comedic chops have done wonders for her life.

Her career received an extensive boost in 2011 when a show she created and wrote (2 Broke Girls) was picked up by broadcast networks. Not only was 2 Broke Girls hugely successful, but Cummings followed it up with another multi-camera sitcom called ‘Whitney’ in which she also starred.

There are those who believe that her most impressive achievement in Hollywood has been her involvement in the 2018 revival of Roseanne. Others might make mention of ‘The Female Brain’, the movie she wrote and directed.

Yet others might highlight her stand-up comedy which she says was inspired by Paul Reiser, a comic that could take the most mundane aspects of life and present them in a funny light.

+Literary Career
Whitney Cummings came to literary fame when she wrote ‘I’m Fine…And Other Lies’. The author says she noticed one random day that a lot of people had a tendency to say that they were fine whenever someone asked them how they were feeling. This was despite the fact that fine was the furthest thing from how they felt.

Cummings wondered why people felt like they simply couldn’t come out and admit that they were not fine at all. So she decided to write a book that touched upon the issue.

Cummings believed that it was a little ridiculous that so many men and women felt like they had to hide their fears and insecurities. As far as she was concerned, life was all about making mistakes and being miserable every once in a while.

The author is far more open about her personal life than most. Anyone that has followed her on Twitter will tell you as much. Cummings has a fascination with the taboo. She enjoys poking and prodding things in life that other people consider to be off-limits and she isn’t afraid to talk to her fans about the dark and demented thoughts that sometimes cross her mind.

Cummings was partly driven to write her book because she noticed that she wasn’t the only one struggling with life. Many of her followers on Twitter seemed to appreciate her openness.

They admitted to sharing some of the same ideas and emotions that assaulted her. And that got her thinking that she could help people if she wrote a book that did away with the shame so many men and women feel when they are challenged to reveal their vulnerabilities.

Readers responded rather well to ‘I’m Fine…And Other Lies’, praising the work for its authenticity. They could relate to the author’s experiences because she seemed to understand their struggles.

While the concept had been marinating in her mind for quite some time, one particular event pushed her to pursue it as a book. Whitney Cummings was struggling with anxiety.

She kept getting into and leaving draining relationships whilst also taking on more work than she could handle. She did not know how to say ‘No’ to people. And yet she always told everyone who asked that she was fine.

But then she spoke to her therapist and learned that she had a co-dependency problem. She couldn’t bring herself to cause discomfort to other people and that was destroying her from the inside.

So she wrote about it in a newsletter called ‘The Lenny Letter’ and people responded very positively to her words. When that experience was coupled with her interactions with her followers online, Cummings realized that she had something to say that others desperately needed to hear. So she sat down and wrote her debut literary work.

+I’m Fine…And Other Lies
Whitney Cummings has made many mistakes in her lifetime. And many of them she has always felt a little too embarrassed to mention in front of a real audience. But she isn’t afraid to dig into them from behind the wall of her keyboard.

This book is a detailed exploration of Cummings’ life. The book reveals every sordid little experience she’s racked up, all the guys she has fallen for, the affairs she has pursued, and the wisdom her many therapists have thrown at her over the years.

The book takes everything everyone has ever wanted to know about Whitney Cummings and unleashes it all at once.

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