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Wicked Horse Vegas Books In Order

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Publication Order of Wicked Horse Vegas Books

The Wicked Horse Vegas Series
The Wicked Horse Vegas is a romance series by Sawyer Bennett. This series will take you deep into a sex club in Vegas where the rich go to play their fantasies. However, things do not always go as planned. Men looking for casual sex end up falling in love, and women who aren’t so confident in their skills realize what they are capable of once they let loose. The author introduces more characters as the series progresses while taking the reader deeper into the lives of those introduced in the first book. This series is perfect if you love your romance stories erotic with BDSM and enough steamy scenes.

Wicked Favor
Wicked Favor comes first in The Wicked Horse Vegas series. The book introduces Jerico Jameson, the owner of the Wicked Horse club and the Jamison Group. Jerico has lived quite a life, and thanks to his elite sex club, he gets to sample all types of women. Over time, he learned not to get involved with these women and only give them attention when he wants them in his bed. Trista Barnes changes all that. When she shows up in Jerico’s club asking for help, he sees an opportunity to revenge on Trista’s brother. While he is used to turning down women asking for favors, Jerico agrees to help Trista on the condition that she works in the club for a month.

Trista had taken a loan from a loan shark to pay for her niece’s surgery. When she couldn’t pay the loan back, the loan shark ruffled her up, and she knows its only a matter of time before her life is in grave danger. Desperate and with no one else to turn to, Trista approaches Jerico, the only person she knows can give her the amount she needs. Trista knows that Jerico and her brother hate each other, but she doesn’t know what brought about the bad blood between them. Jerico also owned Trista’s brother for saving his life, so she hoped that he would offer the help she needed.

Trista agrees to work for Jerico on the condition that she wouldn’t sleep with the customers. She never anticipated that she would find her boss irresistible, and their attraction would render her powerless. It is also the first time Jerico is getting attached to a woman. The more nights he spends with Trista, the more he gets attached. He is soon acting all possessive while Trista is getting comfortable with the Wicked Horse’s licentious pleasures. You are going to love these two as a couple. Trista is smart, sassy, and adventurous, while Jericho is enigmatic, confident, and beautiful. The erotic adventure by these two is nothing like you have ever read before.

Wicked Favor is an intriguing story with a captivating storyline and spicy sex scenes. There is some sweetness between Trista and Jerico that makes their story even more exciting. These two are such lovable characters, and you cannot help but go aww on their interactions with Trista’s little niece. While Jerico started everything with revenge in mind, you cannot stay mad at him for long. Once he starts falling for Trista, the walls begin to cave, and the gentleman within emerges. What will happen when Trista discovers that Jerico only offered to help because he wanted revenge against her brother? Will their growing relationship stand the test of time?

Wicked Wish
Wicked Wish comes second in The Wicked Horse Vegas series. The book tells a tale of two people brought together by unforeseen circumstances only to act on their dormant feelings for each other and fall madly in love. Jorinda Pearce always thought she had her life figured out. She was married to a great man, she had a beautiful home, and her career was going just as she planned. However, when her husband says that he is dissatisfied with his life because of Jorinda’s lack of skills in the bedroom, her life is turned upside down. Her sexual confidence takes a nosedive, and once her husband manipulates her out of their home, Jorinda has to deal with the challenge of being homeless.

Fortunately, she has her bestie, Elana. Jorinda moves from Los Angeles to Nevada, where she spends weeks moping in Elena’s apartment. After listening to all her whining, Elena pushes Jorinda to explore a sex club in Vegas. What better way to restore her sex confidence than to sleep with a stranger and see how the night turns out? Since it is a masquerade night, Jorinda can let loose and enjoy getting back her mojo without anyone knowing who she was. She would never have predicted that the man she would be spending the night with was Walsh Brooks, someone she knew all too well. What is a girl to do when she discovers that she just slept with her brother’s best friend?

Walsh Brooks is blessed with a great body, longish hair, and piercing eyes. Women are drawn to him, and the fact that he is a mega-millionaire makes him quite popular among the ladies. However, he is sure that he doesn’t want a relationship, and Wicked Horse ensures that he is well taken care of sexually. It is Masquerade night at the Wicked Horse, and Walsh is looking forward to a night of fun and adventure. Immediately he gets into the club; he notices the mysterious beauty with green eyes and a sapphire feathers mask. She seems like just the perfect mate to complete his evening. However, after what is clearly the best experience of his life, Walsh figures out who the green-eyed woman was, and this revelation immediately throws him into turmoil.

Wicked Wish is a tale of forbidden love and full-blown romance. The book introduces two people who come together, realize how much they have messed up but cannot get enough of each other. Walsh will have to choose between a great friendship and the love of his life, and Jorinda’s confidence will be restored after that night of uninhibited romance. If you are looking for a love story with great characters, steamy sex scenes, and an enjoyable storyline, this book is a perfect choice.

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