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Publication Order of Wicked Lovers Books

Publication Order of Wicked Lovers Short Stories Books

Wicked All the Way (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Wicked All Night (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Pure Wicked (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dirty Wicked (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Very Wicked Christmas (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

Focusing on the themes of the erotic and the paranormal, as well as historical romances along with contemporary, the American author Shayla Black is extremely well-regarded within her particular field. Creating the novels that her ever growing audience has come to appreciate over the years, her writing career has gone from strength-to-strength. This has become increasingly the case with her hugely popular Wicked Lovers series, which has garnered a massive amount of attention both critically and commercially with each subsequent release. Featuring different stories throughout the series overall, it concerns a new tale each novel, each one containing a new set of themes and arcs within. This lends itself to a fairly episodic format generally, which means it appeals to a wider audience looking for a more casual read, as it can be picked up at any point in the series. Setting itself around ideas concerning eroticism and bondage, this are fairly risque novels that leave no-holds barred in their frank and graphic depictions of sex and sexuality.

Whilst many may find its material a little risque, it’s proven to be a hit with a wide-ranging audience appealing to many beyond its expected target audience. This is because, whilst it knows and fully understands the rules of the genre, it’s not afraid to delve a little deeper and get into the psyche of its cast and learn what makes them all tick as people. All of this then ensures that this will definitely be a series that will stick around for some time yet, as there’s plenty more titles yet left on the horizon for Shayla Black.

Wicked Ties

Originally published in 2007, this was to be the first book that introduced Shayla Black’s hugely popular Wicked Lovers series to the public at large. Setting up the tone and the general style of the novels, this established what to expect for the readers as they got an idea of what was coming in the series. The characters as well, whilst maybe not recurring in of themselves, were largely well established in their personalities, as the themes and their motivations were to become a regular pattern over the progress of the franchise.

The characters of these books, and this book in particular, tend to follow a certain theme in that they feature a central protagonist looking to explore themselves and their sexuality. It tends to head towards more bondage themed eroticism, a niche of the market that it’s cornered well, as it fully explores and embraces a wide-range of aspects within this area. Dealing with the idea of power-play, it manages to also center the narrative around a central key arc as well, driving the story forwards keeping the reader guessing along the way, something which is definitely the case with this specific story. Morgan O’Malley is in the lead role in this book as she’s the central protagonist looking to explore her own sexuality and discover who she is over the course of the book, learning more about her desires and what it is that she wants. Jack Cole is the dominant male who acts as her foil throughout, giving her the guidance she’s looking for, creating much of the driving force she feels she needs. Then there’s the villain of the piece in the form of an obsessed stalker who provides the threat underpinning the novel creating much of the tension throughout.

Looking to track Morgan O’Malley down is an obsessed stalker of hers, her being the hostess of sex talk-show on cable television, something which has been preying on her mind for a while now. It is then that she meet Jack Cole, the strong and dominant bodyguard who she starts to find herself developing feelings for as he bends her to his will. This is something that she starts to feel uncomfortable with though, as she’s not sure how far he’s willing to take it and when he’ll stop, if he’ll indeed ever stop. Will she ever discover who it is that’s stalking her? Can she break away from the relationship from Jack and does she actually want to? What will become of Morgan as she looks to break some wicked ties?


Published initially in 2007 on the 1st of January, this managed to begin another story that, whilst similar in style to the first, was a standalone in its own right. Using much of the same themes concerning sexuality and exploration, it created a new character who was to learn about herself as the novel progressed. With a similar tone as well, those returning would know what to expect as Black had already accumulated a sizable audience by this point of loyal fans.

Kimber Edgington happens to be a virgin who’s looking to start a relationship with the man of her dreams, who happens to be hot young pop-star. He’s also got a penchant for threesomes as reported throughout the press, something which makes her feel inadequate despite them both knowing each other since childhood, with her being attracted to him from a young age as well. Will they ever be able to get together? What will become of her if she does and what is the truth behind the many rumors? Can she ever live a life that is truly decadent?

The Wicked Lovers Series

Successfully combining a number of different genres, this particular series manages to juggle a variety of elements to good effect. With an undercurrent of erotica, it knows its material well, managing to effectively play to its audience, giving them what they want. This isn’t to say it doesn’t also contain depth, as it manages to delve deeper into the psyche of its central characters, with clear reasoning behind their motivations. Through the Wicked Ties series author Shayla Black has managed to explore some more profound themes, offering unique insights into the nature of relationships. All the while she has remained true to what her readers want keeping it entertaining and easily accessible throughout the series run. With more life left in the franchise still, it appears this collection of books will be running for some time yet.

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