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Wicked Play Books In Order

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Publication Order of Wicked Play Books

Bonds of Trust (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Bonds of Desire (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Bonds of Need (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Bonds of Hope (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Bonds of Denial (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Bonds of Courage (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Shattered Bonds (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Wicked Play is the best selling fictional play. In the first book “Bond of trust” Cali Reynolds quits her marriage and eagerly awaits to go to “The Den” and fulfill her eroticism. This is a night club that offers exclusive sex. Jake, on seeing Cali concludes that she came to the club for all the wrong reasons. Jake is surprised by the immense attraction Cali has towards her and as the play continues this attraction grows stronger. Cali anticipates satisfying the pleasures she has been missing and this drives Jake into orienting her in to these pleasure.

The second book on the Wicked play introduces Kendra Morgan who unlike Cali she is not driven to the exclusive sex club by mere curiosity, but in quest to prove that she is over her past. She finds it hard to resist playing along the music despite having intense fears. Deklan another character who had been eying his neighbor, only notices Kendra as she walks to the club. He is overwhelmed by a desire to show Kendra a relationship angle that she doesn’t know about her. Kendra is persuaded to fall for Deklan’s Persuasion. She is convinced of the thin line between pleasure and pain. Her boss however comes and takes her away.

Wicked play book three (Bonds of Desire). The Lawyer Allison English has no plan to return to The Den. However, Tyler Wysong gets injured in a scene and Seth Matthews, the owner of the club has to turn to Allie for help. . Allie’s integrity is compromised as a result of delusion and great fantasies she has towards Seth. Having both men escalates her fantasies and she is unable to turn down the case. Tyler’s bad experience causes him a disgust in having another person. However he accepts to stay back when Seth offers him a place on condition that Allie will also stay. This makes no good since Allie will just increase the chances of falling into a trap because he is strongly attracted to Seth. Having both of them adds to Seth protective instincts. Tyler and Allie insist that they are no longer in that kind of a lifestyle. The intense chemistry makes them stay for a week nonetheless. The intimacy would either work for them or against them.

Quinn Andrews, once an America’s sweetheart appears in the fourth book of the Wicked Play. She stands a chance to revive her career if she accepts to play in the new series in a sexual scene. She is prepared to take the role and The Den would facilitate her practice on the important aspects by all means and standards. Marcus Resse however, is against taking part in the eroticism of Qinn’s training despite being attracted to her stunning beauty. Marcuss is determined to bring out the best from this skilled actress. Due to her submissiveness previously, Quinn finds it an easy task to submit to Dom. This is however not the most awesome sex she has experienced. Marcus urges her to be independent in making her own choices and decisions. Marcus insist that when the training is over, Quinn will have to choose either to live by her own rules or to continue receiving guidance and instructions.

Wicked Play Third book ( Bonds of Denial) introduces Rockford who was punished twenty years ago when he kissed another boy. Twenty years later, he is now serving in the military. He continues to live in the bonds of denial even as he continues working in The Den the most erotic sex club in the city. In this denial, he observes as Carter Mongomery continually comes in and lives with other men. At some point Rockford is unable to resist the strong attraction he has towards Carter. He has mixed feelings as he quits the escort agency, since this is all he has done in his entire life. Rock also adds on to this confusion and beclouds his thoughts on making him feel things he has resisted over the years. Their dates ends up in an awkward situation since Rock is still in the closet and Carter on the other hand, is not sure of how to handle this relationship.

Holden Hauke, a famous hockey player, has suppressed his sexual desires over the times. He has kept his image clean over the mid season trade. When this season ends he prepares to hand over the control. He already has the woman in mind, but the bigger concern is whether that woman will offer him a chance to prove himself. Vanessa Delcour a full time rep for pro athletes and also a shareholder in The Den, has a in her a charm that always gets men to do what she wants. She is however split between holding her integrity that she has long had in separating work and play when Haulke motives of finding a discrete partner becomes a major concern to Vanessa. Their intense encounter in the playroom poses a challenge to Haulke and he is ready to convince Vanessa to accept her as the woman he had long needed. Whether she is submissive or not, he is ready to take that chance and persuade her that they can work something out.

Shattered Bonds is the final book on Wicked Play. It introduces suspense on whether The Den’s door will be closed forever. The friendships and the lives of the owners of this sex club are thrown into chaos. Noah Bakker deal fall out. He has not been in a scene for four years after he encountered tragedy. In his efforts to keep the club running, he is attracted to Declour who happens too be a sister to one of the other owners. Declour works towards keeping media at bay as the dirty secretes of the club are revealed. Despite being shocked of the naughty things their friends did behind closed doors, The arousing attraction between her and Noah leads them to exploring in the most erotic ways though still afraid of falling in love with him.

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