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Wicked Trilogy Books In Order

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Publication Order of Wicked Trilogy Books

Jennifer L. Armentrout is an accomplished author. Her books have done well all across the world, becoming best sellers. She resides in West Virginia.

Armentrout loves to spend her free time reading or writing. She is to her husband. Jennifer loves to spend time with Loki, her animated pet Jack Russell dog. She has a rare genetic disorder that has to do with the retina. This will ultimately mean that a loss of vision will occur.

The diagnosis of this means that it has particularly become important to the author to educate others. She is dedicating herself to trying to teach others about how blindness in all of its varying degrees can affect people and what type of quality of life can be achieved no matter what level you are experiencing. This is one of her passions along with writing. She says that she plans to be able to continue writing for a while and for as long as she is able to.

She first dreamed of becoming a writer while sitting in her algebra class. It was then that she would begin writing her own short stories. While she did not do that well in math and her grades certainly suffered, it has been her calling. Jennifer likes to write stories for young adults about the paranormal as well as fantasy, science fiction, and romance (on the contemporary side).

Jennifer L. Armentrout is the author of the Wicked Trilogy. This series has been very popular while in print and PassionFlix even optioned it for a media adaptation. She has won several awards for her writing to date.

She also won a Moerser-Jugendbuch Jury Award regarding her work Obsidian for 2014 to 2015. Don’t Look Back, her suspenseful romance novel for young adults, was able to be nominated in 2014 for a YALSA Young Adult Fiction (Best In) Award.

Her novel Till Death was a romantic suspense book and became not only an Editor’s Pick with Amazon but a book of the month pick for iBook. Her book “The Problem with Forever” won an award for fiction for young adults in 2017 (RITA Award). She writes paranormal as well as contemporary romance stories using J. Lynn as her pen name. She is also published by HarperCollins and Entangled Brazen.

The author also owns ‘The Origin Event’ and ‘ApollyCon’. These are events that happen annually that happen to feature well over a hundred authors that are best sellers in the genres of fiction for adults, new adults, and young adults. They feature parties as well as panels and more.

Wicked is the first story in the series by the same name written by Jennifer Armentrout. The setting is the swinging city of New Orleans, where the citizens that live there have no idea that their city is about to get even more wicked than they already are.

Main character Ivy Morgan is just 22 years of age. She attends college, but while she enjoys excelling in classes, she also is not a student just like everybody else. She knows that the French Quarter may be where a lot of tourists and locals go for fun and like to hang out, but it also is filled with tons of trouble. There also may be more than just humans that are trolling this area– for fun and also for food.

She feels that she owes a debt to her life, which happens to be ‘the Order’. It was just 4 years ago when Ivy lost everything that she had in the world. This all happened thanks to the very creatures that she had always done her best to hunt down. It tore her heart as well as her soul apart and her world turned upside down just like that.

Enter Ren Owens. He is a man and the last guy that someone like Ivy thought would come into her life, which you could describe as carefully controlled. This guy is really tall and reaches up at least over six feet, which is a good thing in her opinion. She knows instinctively that this guy is the type that women tend to swoon over. Falling for him could be easier and more enjoyable than she is willing to admit.

Ren has eyes that are the same color green as the forest. His smile is so easy going and charming that it definitely left women in his wake devastated when their relationships fell apart. It appears to her that he has the ability to make a girl like her wake up to the fact that she desires what he has going on. Offering to let him into her life might be a risk that is too great to take.

She is worried that falling in love with this guy might not be as safe as she would hope. After all, she has a life that is dedicated to hunting down the things that stalk the streets. With the chemistry between them definitely there, they can no longer deny their feelings for each other.

Ivy wants to fall in love, but doubts that her duties will let her. Will the past influence her present? With secrets between Ren and Ivy, she worries as they grow closer that she may have more to suspect about him than she thinks. Now her heart is starting to become more than just her own.

Can Ivy resist the pull of love? Will the creatures become too much in the field of battle? Read this exciting book to find out!

Torn is the second book in the Wicked series. Ivy Morgan is back once more and now everything has changed. She was betrayed and now the Fae Prince nearly took her life. She is more than just bruised. She is totally devastated and worn down.

Now she carries a secret that is a really big deal. The Order will kill her if they find out what she is truly hiding. At the same time, Ren Owens has been the one that she has been steadily falling for. They get along so well, but does Ren value duty and the Order over everything?

The prince wants to open Otherworld gates. Can Ivy foil his plan? Read this exciting story to find out!

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