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Publication Order of Wild Boys After Dark Books

Wild Boys After Dark are a series of intriguing romance novels by the award-winning and bestselling author Melissa Foster. Foster has made a name for herself for writing heartwarming and sexy women’s fiction and contemporary romance with captivating characters who stay in the mind of the reader long after they have finished the last chapter. Her sinfully sexy, flirty, and fun collection of romance include “The Wild Billionaires After Dark,” “The Remingtons,” “Snow Sisters,” “Bayside Summers,” “Bradens,” and “Snow Sisters” among many others. Melissa always writes family-oriented, erotic stories that are emotional journeys of her characters. They are perfect beach reads featuring smart sassy heroine’s with relatable but complex issues and wealthy and loyal heroes. Writing under the pen name Addison Cole, Melissa also writes sweet romance with no explicit scenes or obscene language.

Melissa Foster is a Maryland native where she grew up with her mother, several brothers and tons of friends. When she is not writing her novels she loves to paint and “The Hospital for Sick Children” in Washington DC features a few of the murals that she donated. Her other interests include making friends, reading, family, the outdoors, chocolate and visiting Cape Cod. She is also passionate about reading and healthy living and always likes to encourage others to adopt these value systems. She loves to talk to her readers and book clubs through social media and email, and is open to suggestions and comments.

Wild Boys After Dark by Melissa Foster feature the wealthy, hot, bad, wild boys full of sinful pleasure. The uber alpha sexy, and fiercely loyal wild boys fall hopelessly in love with the heroines to make for some intriguing stories. Logan Wild is the lead of the first novel of the series “Logan.” He is a former Navy SEAL who now works as a private investigator and is known for working hard and playing just as hard. He has never been one for relationships and prefers to remain untethered and unscathed in his romantic escapades. But then he met the sexy as hell Stormy, and the one night stand they had has changed everything. Stella Knight is an expert at hiding her identity, her past and her feelings. But this can take a huge toll on one’s psyche and sometimes she needs to cut loose and come out from all that armor. Maybe Logan who she cannot get out of her mind may be the one to change all that she believes about love. In “Heath” the second novel of the series we meet Heath Wild, a dirty talking, good looking and sexy doctor who believes in one night stands rather than relationships since he has been hurt before. He meets Ally who is also in the one-night stand phase, having just come from a bad relationship that had hurt her deeply. But what they thought would be a one night stand to blow off steam becomes an amazing night that results in exchanging personal contact information. Jackson Wild of the third novel of the series is the wildest of the Wild brothers and is sought for all kinds of gigs from acting to modeling to anything in between. He had a friends with benefits relationship with Laney since high school even when they were dating other people. But now Laney just got propositioned and the two are shocked. They realize that maybe their relationship may have something more to it that they do not want to lose.

“Wild Boys After Dark: Logan” the first novel of the Wild Boys After Dark series opens to Stella Knight on the run. She had fallen for a bad man who had treated her despicably, and now she does not know where to turn. She longs to see her mother but knows that going back would only put her mother in danger. Moreover, his ex is just about to be released to prison, which means that her situation is likely to get worse. Fortunately, Stella stumbles into Logan Wild a former Navy SEAL turned private investigator, who she thinks will protect her from any danger. It is a case of right time and right place and after a hot night of steaming passion, they cannot get enough of each other. Given his training, he knows that there is something that Stormy Stella is hiding but he cannot get it out of her. But he is falling for her, even though he had for a long time sworn off relationships. After one night, he is determined to get to know just who the real woman behind the veneer is. He needs to resolve the mystery of her identity and what she is hiding if they are to have their happily ever after.

“Wild Boys After Dark: Heath” the second novel of the series is a novel about the oldest Wild brother. Heath is a confirmed bachelor and orthopedic surgeon and the thought of committed relationship is the furthest thing from his mind. He lived by a specific set of rules that any woman that he hooked up with has to accept. The woman had to live in a different city and there was to be no exchanging of surnames or telephone numbers. Meeting Ally at a medical conference they both attended, he thinks the same rules would apply and he would go his own way the next day, Allyson Jenner is a lab technician who is volunteering at the conference, something she loves to do. But what was to be one night of pleasure has turned into something they never expected. He has his rules and she is not looking for a relationship after two terrible ones fell apart recently. All she needed was some fun and no strings attached sex without relationship complications. Moreover, she thought doctors tended to be self-righteous and arrogant and avoided them as much as she could. But now she has discovered that the man she cannot keep out of her mind is a doctor and she may just have to change her mind.

“Wild Boys After Dark: Jackson” the second novel of the series is the story of Jackson and Erica Laney that have been best friends with benefits since high school. But then Bryce who is the very nice guy that has been dating Laney for several months throws a spanner in the works. Erica knows that he is a good guy that would make some woman very happy one day but she is not sure that woman is her. She loves a challenge, some excitement and a little bit of kinkiness in bed which she gets from Jackson. Bryce prefers his missionary vanilla and is so steady that she could set her watch by him. Besides the excitement and great sex, Jackson had been a true friend standing by her when she had bad dates, bad day and even when her parents had gotten a divorce. He has been the loving arms and strong shoulder she has leaned on for years not to mention being there when she needed or wanted mind-blowing sex. When she arrives to tell Jackson that her boyfriend Bryce has proposed, things get very scary as they realize they may lose the best thing they ever had.

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