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Wild Hunt Legacy Books In Order

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Publication Order of The Wild Hunt Legacy Books

Hour of the Lion (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Winter of the Wolf (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Eventide of the Bear (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Leap of the Lion (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Healing of the Wolf (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Heart of the Wolf (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Bonds of the Wolf (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Wild Hunt Legacy by Cherise Sinclair

Wild Hunt Legacy is a series of fantasy books by award-winning American author Cherise Sinclair. The books in this series dive into the world of supernatural adding sweet romance and action. Cherise Sinclair has received several awards including The National Leather Award all the way to The Google reads BDSM Group Best Author of The Year.

Cherise is an author recognized for her heart-wrenching stories, devastating dominants seen in numerous publications she has made over the years.

Hour of the Lion

Hour of the Lion introduces the series Wild Hunt Legacy. Victoria Morgan a covert ops agent works under two rules-always take the mission to completion and always protect the innocent. While on a mission she is bitten by a Wild cat provoking her to carry out an investigation to flash out the beings that are not supposed to be in existence. The only big issue is distinguishing the human beings from these creatures.

The death of an innocent girl leads Victoria to unravel the existence of shifters and their evil world. The incidence triggers her to launch an investigation into the existence of these creatures while protecting herself and the mission. Unknown to her, the shifters are secretly waiting for her to transform into a beast like them as she is already bitten. Victoria wants a couple of alpha males who she can depend on and understand the darkness that she has been through and help her in facing the changes in her existence.

Victoria is a dedicated soldier and while in the line of duty falls in the hands of the same enemy that she chases. At first, she feels like she belongs there, but the thought of the darker side and the mission ahead gives her a second thought. She goes through a string of events that are sometimes traumatizing but at occasionally enjoyable.

The dangerous drug lord is also a part of her mission as she has to stop them in their quest to find a cure for death that has huge damages behind. Maintaining her mission and still acting normal is something that will be hard for Victoria, but she has to do this as her rules suggest that this is among the most essential things-completing her mission no matter the circumstances.

The writing is beautiful with memorable characters that take you into the world of shifters, romance and the supernatural world to develop a sweet paranormal romance. The author creates a story that combines government suspense, ménage romance delivering the best paranormal read.

Winter of the Wolf

Second in the Wild Hunt Legacy series is the Winter of the Wolf. Breanne Gallagher has lived under foster care until she was able to live the life that she has always yearned for-a stable job and a great life with her foster sister. One night takes all that she has had over time and causes a lifetime trauma that makes her to flee.

Breanne and her sister are attacked on one night by shifting monster slaughtering her sister and gravely wounding her after an assault. As she tries to escape from this traumatizing situation, she runs away to a small wilderness town trying to look into her past. At Cold creek, two shapeshifting warriors, Shay and Zeb, arrive to hunt the kind that has been prey on their breed. They take over the management of a fishing lodge as their human cover. The first customer they encounter is a frightened female who seems to have gone through a lot in the past.

Sensing the hurt that she has gone through they offer to help. Over time, they get attracted to the human especially on seeing the determination that she has towards overcoming the fears that tear her apart. In the course of their helping an unusual longing start growing towards the human, something that has never happened in the past.

Bree has learned to heal and forget the past while she learns to shoot with any pistol that she can lay her hands. She has also learned to overcome her fears and especially when it comes to the two attractive yet deadly hunters. While on a mission to rescue a little girl from the evil hands of a hellhound, she discovers a lot that she never knew about herself which has been lying hidden inside. Accepting and embracing the new person that she will be a difficult task and could even break her past her recovery from the trauma.

The paranormal piece has a substantial magical feel from the start to the end. The author combines many things into the book such as the Shifter politics, evil hellhounds, love and bitterness all interwoven to deliver an incredible read.

Eventide of the Bear

The third piece in the wild hunt legacy is the Eventide of the Bear. Emma has always lived a dark life with fate seeming to like the better part of her life. She was separated from her mother at a very tender age forcing her to spend many years in the forest alone in her bear form. While trying to save human children from a hellhound, she gets hurt but is saved by the cold creek pack.

Ben is assigned to take care of her until she recovers as she is welcomed home upon being saved by the cold creek pack. Ben struggles with his past that is not that great since he also suffered rejection from his brother Ryder. Ryder arrives with a cub after five years, but ben cannot ignore him and allows them to stay. The two like Emma but deep inside her, there is no peace as she tries to figure out why she was abandoned.

The mother to Ben’s child arrives demanding her child and though the law states that she cannot be denied her cub, there have to be a judgment made to decide if she deserves the right. While this is taking place, an attraction grows between Emma and ben sparkling something that might help her heal from the past that has lived to hurt continuously. Ryder is also attracted to Emma and the three work towards healing each other from the painful past.

Reading the Eventide of the Bear is something will have you hooked from the first page to the last. Cherise Sinclair does a wonderful job in matching of heroes and heroines giving a beautiful story from the start to the last page.

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