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Publication Order of Wild Seasons Books

Sweet Filthy Boy (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sweet Filthy Morning After (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dirty Rowdy Thing (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dark Wild Night (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Wicked Sexy Liar (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

Christina Lauren (combined pen name of Christina Hobbs and Lauren Billings) is an American writer of contemporary fiction, as well as romance novels. These two famous women actually met for the first time in 2009, while they were writing fan fiction online and since 2010 they becaume coauthors. Christina Lauren is the author of then NYT Bestselling novels and their work was transalated in over 28 languages.

The Wild Series do connect via their characters and lines between the stories and the readers just have to hold tight, in order to see how each story unfords.Before she became a writer, Christina used to spend her days in a junior high school counseling offce, where she advised teenagers. Today she is married and a mom of a 15 year old child. She considers herself one of the luckiest persons in the whole worldk, because she can write boodk with her best friend. Lauren, on the other hand had a Ph.D. in nueroscience and used to do researches in labs, before she started writing. She is married, with two little children.

The coauthor duo writes both Adult Fiction and Young adults stories and together they haveactually produced eleven best selling novels for New York Times, including Beautiful Stranger, Beautiful Bastard, Beautiful Player, Sweet Fithy Boy and Dirty Rowdy Thing. The Wild Series by Christina Lauren is a sexy and hilarious book series of new adult romance. love and sex. More specifically, after the first two books (sweet Filthy Boy and Dirty Rowdy Thing, they published two more books of that series; the Dark Wild Night (September 2015), which was about a guy who has a fling with a strangers, and the ‘Wicked Sexy Liar (out February 2016), which is about if it is right of wrong dating a friend’s ex.

Sweet Filthy Boy

Published in May 13th 2014, the book ‘Sweet Filthy Boy’ is the first book of the Wild Seasons (series by Christina Lauren). It is a love, romance and lust story of some friends. In fact the book depicts two characters; Mila Holland and Ansel Guillaume. Three best girl friends decide to spend some nights at Las Vegas after their graduation day. There they meet three hot guys and the romance and love begins. They started flirting and having fun. After a crazy weekend at Vegas, celebrating their graduation from college, one of the girls, Mia Holland makes the most crazy decision of her entire life: to follow Ansel Guillaume (a sweet guy), whom he met accidentally, to France, for spending the summer vacations with him and just… play. Ansel takes her final decision without thinking about it a lot. The only thing she wants -more than anything else- at this time in her life is to feel the love. In fact she wants to live some sexy and loving days with her new boyfriend.
They spend some great time and moments together in Paris, even if he works a lot of hours, until Ansel messes things up. But when they begin to develop certain feelings behind the provocative roles they take on, Mia has to face the truth and has to decide what kind of life she really wants to live. The question is if she wants to go back to the life she left back (that it was all wrong) or if she prefers to stay where she is right at this moment: with the new strange life and stay with a guy she met just some days ago. She is in fact between two worlds, that seem far apart and has to make her decision fast. But eventually Mia rejects the suggestion of staying in Paris and pops up suddenly at the airport just on time before the flight.

Dirty Rowdy Thing

The second book of the Wild Seasons (series by Christina Lauren) was published on November 4th, 2014 by Gallery Books. It’s about a couple, who decided to get married, but it didn’t last more that 12 hours. Finn and Harlow married impulsively, but after enjoying ther first night together as a wedding couple, they divorced. But they spend one more evening together on Vancouver island, just before Finn decides to make a trip to San Diego to take care of some business. They found again each other in a party and they begin to have a nice time together. As with their friends Ansel and Mia, they have some information that should have been shared sooner and eventually they end up together again. Despite their spending many nights together, the main characters of the book, they don’t like each other. Finn is a rugged Fisherman who likes to have the control in their relationship.
They just spend their evening by having sex, where Finn reveals his sexiest side; he enjoys to tie women up and Harlows allows him to do so In the bedroom, they both take chances and seem like being two other people, that enjoying their sex life and Harlow lets him to have the control in their relationship. When they aren’t having sex, she tries to help Finn, but he denies it. In addition, she doesn’t want to share with him her family problems. Finn wants to be in control and decides whatever he wants and get it the moment he wants it. On the other hand, his wife live by the ‘Want-something-done’? You have to do it yourself. In this book the readers have the chance to ‘see’ some of the couple’s glimpses from the first book ‘Sweet Filthy Boy’.


Lauren’s female and fun friendships are included in these series of books. As an erotic and love romance, the Wild Series does not shy away from sex, but the two authors strike a great balance with the sincere emotions that are necessary, in order to make these stories work out. As with the Beautiful series, in the Wild Seasons books each couple has bedroom predilections, that is clearly shown in their sex life. Christina Lauren’s Novels of Wild Series have the most amazing blend of humor, sexiness and emotion in all of these books, trying to depict each character in a unique way.

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