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Publication Order of Wilder Adventures Books

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The “Wilder Adventures” is a series of romance novels by Jill Shalvis, an award-winning and USA Today bestselling author of more than three dozen fiction novels. Her novels have been on Ingram’s Waldenbooks Bestsellers list, the Amazon bestsellers list, and the Barnes and Noble Top 100. Shalvis has won the National Readers’ Choice award and has been nominated for a Career Achievement Award by the Romantic Times and also been nominate for a RITA. She is known for writing novels that feature clueless alpha heroes and smart women who love them. She has always loved storytelling and reading and this often got her in hot water when she was in middle and high school. When she went to college as a young adult, she decided to study journalism even as she worked as an accountant to pay her bills in the meantime. It took only a few years for her to realize that journalism was not for her since she loved writing fiction rather than nonfiction. She published her debut novel “The Rancher’s Surrender” the first of the “Heirs to the Triple M” series in 1999 and has never looked back since. Jill now has more than fifty novels in several series among many single standing titles. She currently lives in a small town in the Sierra Mountain ranges and does most of her writing from the deck of her house. She has said that much of her work is derived from a combination of hot guy pic, cookies, and hard work. When she is not writing, you can find her traveling to conventions and reader weekends, where she hangs out and meets readers.

Jill Shalvis began writing during the time she loves to refer to as the hell years in her life. She had three kids all under five years and lost her job as an accountant. To make matters worse, her husband had quit her job working as a paramedic in Los Angeles citing burnout. Since she had always loved reading, she decided to try her hand in writing in between the baby naps, the bottles, and diapers. Once she was done writing her manuscript, she began querying agents after reading the “Literary Guide to Publishers.” She was writing her second novel when she got a call from a Bantam editor who wanted to work with her. She asked if she could add some sexual tension into her manuscript. Jill agreed to make the changes and it was not long before she sold her first title and went on to write seven romances in the Loveswepts line before it was shut down. These days she writes both romantic suspense and romance novels in series and single standing titles.

The “Wilder Adventures” by Jill Shalvis is the story of three brothers who run an expedition/adventure company deep in the Sierra mountains. Each of the sexy brothers has a wild love story that is far more interesting than the Sierras, where they make a living. While they cannot seem to ever get along what the brothers know is fighting for what they care about and love including each other. The three brothers are introduced in the debut novel “Instant Attraction” as Jill writes a perfect hero and tells the story of one of the brothers in the subsequent novels. These are genuine, rugged, funny, and manly men that are to be found in many romance novels. The lead of the debut novel of the series is Cameron Wilder, a champion snowboarder with fame and money who was devastated when he found out his girlfriend had been cheating on him. Distraught and distracted, he had gotten into an accident that had almost killed him. Over the past few years, he has been wandering across the globe trying to find himself. Stone the second brother is a laid-back man but he is still a Wilder with his sexy looks. He is the peacemaker of the family and the more organized. He was running the family business but thinks that he should pursue his true passion for flipping real estate and modeling. TJ the third brother is a man with a rock hard and sexy body who loves women but is afraid of commitment. His girlfriend had died on a river trip and this had left him devastated such that he had built walls around his heart.

“Instant Attraction” the debut novel of the “Wilder Adventures” series is the story of Cameron Wilder and Katie Kramer. Kramer is an accountant and the typical good girl that recycles diligently and works hard even though she has found it hard fitting anywhere. All she wants is to find peace and have some amazing sex that she can think about when doing her mind-numbing tasks in her cubicle during the day. Perhaps this is the reason she decided to take a job working for Wilder Expeditions and Adventures. She wakes up to find a sexy and tall man towering over her bed and is stupefied. The man is Cameron Wilder who had a life-changing accident that had been so painful he had left town and been wandering the globe for months. Under similar circumstances, he would have been happy to find the gorgeous woman napping in his room but his heart is now off-limits. The only thing he enjoys doing is taking clients on risky adrenaline-filled expeditions. But will he be able to resist Katie’s killer smile?

“Instant Gratification,” the second novel of the series tells the story of the middle brother the Wilder family named Stone. He is the glue that keeps his family together and an all-around good guy. He once dreamed of restoring ancient buildings but put those dreams on hold to run the family business. He also mentors foster children and volunteers with the local rescue team. He is a sexy, sweet, loyal, fun, sensitive, flirtatious, and caring man who has a chance to love when he meets Emma. Emma is a New York doctor who usually works in the ER. She had come back to Wishful her hometown since her father needed someone to run his emergency clinic while he recovered from a heart attack. Having been used to city life, she hates having to adjust to small-town living and is outraged that some patients pay for services with gossip and casseroles. She cannot wait to get back to New York and get on with the important job of saving injured people in the ER and retire to her house for Thai take out and Starbucks coffee.

“Instant Temptation” the third novel of the “Wilder Adventures” series is the story of TJ, a proud, sexy, and capable man. Harley finds the landscape around the small town of Wishful untamed and exhilarating even if a bit dangerous. She had been going on a trip to study some rare breed of coyote when TJ invited himself as a guide. It is a very important trip for Harley and an incredibly sexy and stubborn distraction is the last thing she needs. But no one knows the terrain better than TJ. Moreover, he is a professional who knows just when to provide his invaluable advice and when to hang back just like he had done when they were together in high school. Just like the olden times, she is torn between letting the raw attraction take over and throttling the man. He is well aware of Harley’s capabilities but also of her pride but he is not about to let her venture into a dangerous situation particularly when he hears poachers have been spotted in the locality. But just like he had always desired her she wants him with the same if not stronger soul rousing earnestness. And out in the wilderness, he may have a chance to prove his love.

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