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Will Cochrane is the name of the main character in the highly successful thriller series ‘Spycatcher’ written by the well known British author and former MI6 agent, Matthew Dunn. The character of Will Cochrane features as the main protagonist in all the 5 novels of the series. All the novels of the series are based on the mystery and thriller genres and were published between the years 2011 and 2014. In the series, Will Cochrane is depicted as an agent working for the British intelligence agency MI6. Many people, including his boss and operation handler at the MI6 believe that Will Cochrane possesses all the qualities of being a top agent. Some even believed that he was ‘the’ agent in the British Intelligence bureau. He was so good in his abilities that the agency had given him the Codename ‘Spartan’. According to the norms of the intelligence described in the series, the name Spartan was given to only one agent at a time, who the bureau felt was the most elite operative in the Service of MI6. Will Cochrane is also very efficient in keeping his identity a secret and carrying out his activities very smoothly, without the knowledge of the common people. His true identity was known only by his bosses and handlers. Except for them, no one else was supposed to know about his real identity as it would not be safe for the smooth and efficient functioning of the secret intelligence agency, MI6.

However, the case of Will Cochrane seems to be quite different from the previous Spartans of the bureau as there is another man outside the agency who knows about his position in MI6 as well as his true identity. This person is a key member of the CIA and holds a position similar to that of Will Cochrane’s handler in the MI6. Will Cochrane’s handler and this unknown person in the CIA have had the opportunity to work together int he past for several years, particularly during the time of the First Gulf War. They were very good friends at that time and were involved in a number of missions together. Without the knowledge of Will Cochrane, they were sharing an important link and that was Will Cochrane himself. Around a couple of decades back, the two men were involved in a mission in Iraq, where they also had the company of Will Cochrane’s father, who was also an agent at that time. On the mission, they had entered into an ambush with the rival group and Will Cochrane’s father had allowed them to escape by sacrificing his own life.

Knowing that they owed their life to Will Cochrane’s father, the two men try to pay their debt by making Will Cochrane undertake the toughest missions in the most difficult situations. Will Cochrane was capable of handling any situation as he had undergone training and had honed his skills before joining the bureau. When he was just 15 years old, his house was under attack from several intruders, who had injured his mother and sister in search of money. He was asked by the intruders to bring out the hidden money and threatened to kill his mother and sister if he did not do so. He went into the kitchen to find a knife, with the help of which he made the intruders pay for their actions. After growing up, he left his home to join the French Foreign Legion and the Special Forces. Will Cochrane kept on improving his skills with the success of each mission and with the experience of 5 years in the field, he took the offer of joining the MI6. As the best agent in the bureau, he handles the most difficult cases that arise.

The first novel in the Spycatcher series was published in the year 2011 by the William Morrow publishing house and was titled ‘Spycatcher’. Author Matthew Dunn had spent 16 years working as an operative in MI6 and had worked on almost all types of missions. He used to plan and participate in operations, recruit and run the agents, operate as an undercover agent, etc. He used his vast experience to pen down the exciting first in the thriller series. In the opening plot of the novel, Will Cochrane is introduced as a daring spy in the nerve-jangling picture of the secret world. As a special agent, Will was aware of the fact that in his field, trust was the most precious thing whereas betrayal was very cheap. And if the agents failed to overcome their enemies, the only reward that they would get was a violent death. Will Cochrane had become the deadliest weapon of the MI6 and the CIA. He was never involved in the outside world from the day he joined the agency and has never been outplayed in any of his missions. In the first novel of the series, his handlers ask him to find and neutralize an Iranian Revolutionary Guard general, who was believed to be one of the most wanted terrorists of today’s world. Will makes the perfect plan of flushing him out of the shadows by making use of a man from his past. However, in his chase to capture the wanted terrorist from Europe to New York, Will Cochrane comes to know that there were more treacherous surprises in his way than he had ever faced in his life.

The second novel of the series featuring Will Cochrane was titled ‘Sentinel’ and was published in the year 2012 by the William Morrow publishing house. In this novel, Russsia and The United States are shown to be on the verge of a war and it is only in the capability of Will Cochrane to find and unmask the double agent who was responsible for the happenings, and prevent the war. In the opening plot of the novel, the CIA depicted as receiving a cryptic message around 14 days back from an undercover agent in Russia. The message informs the CIA about a betrayal, but they are not able to make any contacts with the agent. Will Cochrane is appointed to go and infiltrate the Russian submarine in Avacha Bay and decode the message by locating the MI6 operator having Codename Svelte. The task seemed to be an impossible one for Will Cochrane in spite of being the Spartan. But, he becomes successful in locating Svelte, however, he is about to die and gives his last message about the Sentinel who can stop the war. Meanwhile, the economic and political tensions keep growing between Russia and United States day by day. Both the super powers round up the known enemy agents in their territories to interrogate them about each other’s plans. It is only up to Will Cochrane to uncover the meaning of Svelte’s message and uncover the operative named Sentinel before the two nations indulge into a war.

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