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The Scottish thriller author Will Jordan has been writing for some time now, creating his unique brand of high-octane suspense filled narratives that manage to constantly keep the reader glued to the edges of their seats, right up until the very end. Chiefly known for his character Ryan Drake who he’s kept running for over five books so far and counting, he’s already turning heads within the industry due to his ability in combining both suspense and intrigue. Living in Fife he has a strong interest in military history and modern warfare techniques, something which is clearly reflected through the accuracy displayed in his stories.

Early and Personal Life

Born in 1983, Will Jordan hails from Fife in Scotland where he still lives to this very day, growing up in the region and taking in a lot from his surrounding environment during his upbringing, right up until he became a writer. He always had a strong interest in computers and information technology, a passion which is clearly reflected throughout the ongoing themes displayed in his books and narratives, featuring heavily, as they are used by his colorful cast of characters. Later on he was to develop his interest in military technology and hardware, which led him towards getting the inspiration for writing his novels.

Graduating from high-school he went on to study information technology at university, during which time he attempted to make ends meet by undertaking film extras work in order to help fund both him and his course, as he continued studying. Leaving with Honours Degree, he soon went on to develop his passion for reading and literature, especially writing, as he was well on his way to becoming a fully fledged author and creating the much acclaimed Ryan Drake series. One major factor he took away from his time doing extras work though was a love of military history and an understanding how warfare worked.

During one particular film shoot he was required to undertake military boot camp training, as he was to play the part of a World War Two soldier, and it was this training that led to his keen interest in military history and the many conflicts that have occurred. It was this interest that led him to research historical conflicts and, with his love of writing having already been ingrained from an early age, he then went onto write his first novel that was to see the introduction of Ryan Drake as a lead character. Other research included visiting Eastern Europe and America, spending time on the weapon ranges there, a journey which also took him to Washington D.C.

Living with his wife and two sons, he currently remains in Fife to this day, where he continues to write. Still researching his novels, he is always keen to retain a sense of accuracy throughout, something which can be seen in his interviews with returning soldiers from Afghanistan. With more novels set to be released in the near future, he continues to write his Ryan Drake books, something that shall continue for some time yet.

Writing Career

Creating and publishing his first thriller novel ‘Redemption’ in 2012 on the 21st of June, he was well on his way to becoming a successful writer. Quickly gaining the attention of the critical press, along with the general public, he garnered a lot of strong and positive reviews. This led to him fast getting international acclaim, as well as national, as his audience began to grow exponentially on a worldwide scale.

With many major publications singing Jordan’s praises, most are drawn towards his sense of suspense. That and his ability to create action set-pieces which are highly visceral and entertaining for his readers to experience, is what many readers have come to appreciate, as he gains fans both far and wide. The career of Will Jordan is growing from strength-to-strength due to this, something that doesn’t appear to stopping anytime soon.


Originally published in 2014 on the 25th of September, this was to be the third book in the Ryan Drake series. Continuing in the same vein as before, it recreates the fast paced action and suspense that fans of the franchise have come to know and love it for. Building upon the overall tone and ambiance of the world, with Jordan’s trademarked flourishes, it also provides further back-story for its lead protagonist.

Featuring the British CIA agent Ryan Drake once again, it shows the ex British Army soldier putting himself in harm’s way a third time. Starting out in Washington D.C. it sees Drake heading to a dinner only to witness a sniper attack along the way. Not just any attack, it’s an attack on the Russian Federal Security force, who are there attempting to broker a peace deal with the Americans. Will Drake be able to quell any tensions before a major international incident occurs? What does his former colleague Anya have to do with this, and could she really be responsible? Can he ever hope to overcome this act of betrayal?

Black List

This was to follow on from the last novel in the Ryan Drake series, with it being published in 2015 on the 10th of August. Carrying on in the same world as before, it this time focuses on a different character, as Alex Yates steps to the forefront and Drake steps out of the picture. With its extensive background research as well, it is never short on accuracy either, creating an entirely believable narrative for the reader to immerse themselves in.

Following Alex Yates, a once major hacker with a string of cyber-crimes under his belt, he’s now facing a dead end existence with no money and no prospects. That’s when he’s given a one time offer of £100,000 to hack into the CIA network and retrieve some highly sensitive data; the ‘Black List’. Reluctant at first after hoping to leave this lifestyle behind him, he soon finds himself as the target of a major manhunt, as he’s forced to turn to the extremely violent and dangerous woman who hired him. Will Yates be able to discover who’s behind the manhunt? Can he finish the assignment alive? What is that’s so important about the ‘Black List’?

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