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The Will Lee series is a series of mystery, suspense, and thriller novels written by one of the reputed American novelists named Stuart Woods. This series consists of 7 books in total, which were released between the years 1981 and 2008. All the novels in this series feature the central character in the role of Will Lee. He is first introduced into the series a senator from Georgia, who goes on to become the United States President in the later parts of the series. The initial few novels of the series received a worldwide acclaim which helped author Stuart to continue writing more books in the series. The huge success of the novel series helped author Stuart receive offers for adapting it into a television series. Consequently, the novels were made into miniseries for the television audience. This mini-series also received a lot of appreciation from the viewers at all the places where it was broadcast. In the TV mini series adaptation of the first book of the series titled as Chiefs, actors John Goodman and Charlton Heston were cast in the lead roles.

After the success of this mini series, another book titled Grass Roots was adapted into a 4 hour television series with Mel Harris and Cobin Bernsen as the lead stars in the series. Author Stuart had started writing this thriller series in the year 1981 and had come up with the publication of its debut book in the same year. In spite of the being extremely successful with 4 books through the nineteen eighties, the series did not have any installments during the nineteen nineties. Author Stuart had explained at that time that he could not come up with any interesting story to continue with the thriller series. However, he again resumed the series in the year 2000 with the publication of the 5th book of the series titled The Run. This book also helped author Stuart to receive a lot of praises for his excellent depictions and story development in the book’s plot. The last book that featured in the thriller series was released in the year 2009. After this, there has not been any news from author Stuart or the publishers, whether he is going to continue with the series or not. In the last couple of books of the thriller series, Will Lee is depicted in the role of the President of the United States of America.

The first book in the thriller series written by author Stuart Woods was published under the title ‘Chiefs. The W.W. Norton and Company published this novel in the year 2006. It was first released in the year 2006. Author Stuart has set the book’s plot in Delano, Georgia, the United States, featuring the chief protagonist as Will Henry Lee. Will Lee is shown as a Georgia senator, who takes up murder investigations and solves them with the help of his intelligence and undying determination. The plot begins in the winter of the year 1920, when a bitter case comes to the notice of Will Lee. He comes to know that a dead body has been found in Delano. The unidentified corpse of a young teenager is discovered in naked condition. The investigators are not able to find any direct evidence hinting towards murder. However, the dead body shows certain marks at some places that appear to have been caused due to ritual beatings. At this point, Will Lee is introduced into the plot of the story, who is asked to take over the case and continue with the investigation.

After failing in his profession as a cotton farmer, Will Lee gets appointed as the first police chief of Delano, Georgia. After working on the case for some time, Lee becomes very much obsessed with it and looks to solve it at any cost. The story that follows his obsession goes on to through several decades. Throughout this time, it follows the happenings of a tiny southern town and the role of 3 chiefs of police who try with all their abilities to unravel the brutal crime. On the whole, the novel appears to be an interesting type of thriller story, which depicts the investigation being carried out against the drama taking place under the surface of a community that seemed apparently placid. Numerous readers throughout the world found the plot to be full of seething pressures of love, hate, political power, and race. Beginning from a small town, the story goes on to extend all the way to the streets of Washington, D.C. In the end, the novel surely serves as a collector’s treasure for the fans of author Stuart. His new foreword in the book was very much liked by the readers and the clicks, which helped it to become a successful one.

Another interesting book written in the series by author Stuart is titled as ‘Deep Lie’. The HarperTorch publication released this book in the year 1998, after it was originally published in the year 1986. The book’s plot is full of non stop action and tensions. It was praised by the Publisher’s Weekly magazine as a classic techno thriller of superpower espionage. At the beginning of the book, a CIA analyst named Katherine Rule is shown as discovering a chilling pattern. As she sifts through the reams of unrelated intelligence, she comes across a submarine base in the Baltic Sea. Katherine also finds a crafty spy master of the Russian origin who holds the command of the base. What seems more shocking for her to know is that the Russians were planning to make a planned invasion that was about to be launched from the dark waters. However, her suspicions are discarded by her superior officers. They tell her that her theory extremely crazy and cannot be accepted. But, Katherine knows what she has discovered is true and can cause serious damages if not dealt with soon. As she thinks if taking an action, a submarine is already set in motion by the Russians in the dark waters to launch an attack. One thing that Katherine does not know that the enemy has also entered into her own life and is about to destroy her too. Katherine realizes that she has to stop the enemies as soon as possible at all costs.

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