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Life as a Loser (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
God Save the Fan (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Are We Winning? (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Upon Further Review: The Greatest What-Ifs in Sports History(2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

About Will Leitch

As an American mystery novelist, Will Leitch has come a long way as an author in recent years, with his compelling and intriguing novels. Reaching readers from all around the world, his straightforward style has really connected, ensuring that he’s seen a huge level of success. He’s also written non-fiction too, writing books about his interest in sports, something he wrote about extensively prior to becoming a full-time author. Showing a great degree of insight, his work really does stand out from the page, saying something quite different and unique in the process.

The books he writes keep readers constantly guessing, as they’re both entertaining and compelling in equal measure. There’s plenty of surprise twists and turns upon every single page, as he has a lot of fun with the genre making it very much his own. Working as a correspondent prior to becoming a writer, he would find his own audience, as he crafted his niche within the literary industry. This proved to be successful, as he would maintain a strong profile both online and off, finding fans from all around the world.

His character development is exemplary too, as he has a real ear for the way people actually speak and interact with one another. The non-fiction work is also insightful as well, as he has a clear viewpoint that’s entirely singular to him and him alone. Part of this comes from his work as a critic in the past too, articulating himself and his thoughts for an increasingly large international audience. There’s a lot more to follow too, as he will carry on writing for quite some time to come, with plenty more set on the horizon.

Early and Personal Life

Born in Mattoon, Illinois, in the United States in 1975 on the 10th of October, William F. Leitch grew up with a strong passion for writing as well as reading. This he nurtured over the intervening years, finding his own voice and style that he could call his own as a fully fledged novelist. Attending the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign, he would also work upon the paper the Daily Illini during his time there.

Starring on the game-show ‘Win Ben Stein’s Money’ early on, he’s now well known by many, being a regular contributor to numerous outlets. Working for various different publications he would continue to build upon his profile and brand, creating his own unique approach to writing. Currently living in Athens in Georgia, he continues to write regularly and consistently with lots more to come.

Writing Career

The first book that Will Leitch would publish was titled ‘Life as a Loser,’ which he brought out in 2005, with it including stories from his own life. Prior to this the book would be published through the site, which ran online between 1999 and 2002, before finishing. That same year he would also publish the book ‘Catch,’ which was a Young Adult romance novel, and this was also very well received.

In 2008 he would publish the non-fiction book ‘God Save the Fan,’ and this would be about sports, and the accumulation of Leitch’s time writing for the online sports outlet ‘Deadspin.’ As it’s founding editor, he would be with Deadspin from the beginning, working under the banner of Gawker Media. He’s also worked for the ‘New York’ magazine, along with GQ, The Washington Post, and The New York Times, making him one of the most prolific authors to date.

How Lucky

Originally released through the Harper publishing imprint, this was a stand-alone first released in 2021 on the 11th of May. Working as a mystery novel, it would be a character driven story, with it being set in Athens, Georgia, where William Leitch himself lives. There’s many funny moments here, but it also contains a lot of tension and suspense too, keeping readers continually guessing.

Living in the town of Athens in Georgia, Daniel seems to have everything he could ever want, regardless of being wheelchair bound for life. Working for an airline, he spends his days online dealing with air travellers queries, as he happily manages his life and his friends. Each day, though, he sees the same woman passing by his window, and it becomes routine for him, that is until he witnesses her being kidnapped. Now he feels he must solve the case and find out what exactly happened to her, solving the mystery as best he can.

There’s a lot to love about this book, as it definitely has a lot of character and heart to it, in what is an engaging and compelling story. The mystery itself is very intriguing, keeping the reader constantly turning the page looking for further answers. It has strong characters too, especially in the case of its lead protagonist Daniel who is extremely well written and sympathetic.

Life as a Loser

Initially coming out back in 2005 on the 15th of May, this would first come out through the Arriviste Press publishing label. A stand-alone memoir looking at the life of Will Leitch, he tells stories of hardship from his own life in a funny and humorous way. It’s not a part of any series as such, and can easily read by itself, regardless of whether or not the reader knows anything about Leitch prior to picking up the book.

Thought of as a failure by his parents, Will Leitch has worked for numerous companies, all of which have gone bankrupt. Not only that, but his landlord has just kicked him out, and he’s struggling to make just enough money to ride the subway. He also recently had his fiancée leave him just prior to appearing on national TV, something which he’s still currently reeling from. Journeying from small-town Illinois to the bustling streets of Manhattan, he finds himself on a long-road dealing with the many pitfalls of life.

It’s a funny collection of real-life stories from Will Leitch, as he charts his life and career, looking back across it with a wry eye. Making for an extremely entertaining read, it’s written in a compelling manner, offering the reader a glimpse into his world. Anyone who enjoyed the other writing of Leitch over the years will definitely enjoy this, as he does what he does best, which is tell an interesting story.

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