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Publication Order of Davies & West Mystery Books

Harm None (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Too Clever By Half (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Trevega House (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder on the Commons (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

The Long Walk Home (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Water, Stone, Heart (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Seasons' End (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon

Will North
Will North is the pseudonym of an international award-winning author as well as ghostwriter of over a dozen nonfiction books and some novels.

He has ghosted books for Al Gore, Bill Clinton, a renowned physician, a team of dinosaur hunters, and many famous Everest mountaineers, as well as others. A couple of his books have been the subject of A&E and PBS documentaries.

He began publishing under this name in the year 2007, when “The Long Walk Home” was released. Will has written some stand alone work as well as the “Davies & West” series of murder mystery novels. Besides the mystery novels, he has written romantic suspense and a family saga.

Will credits writing with being his own “meal ticket” out of a rather chaotic and sometimes frightening family in an increasingly deteriorating neighborhood located in Yonkers, right over the New York City border. It was his path to scholarships to get an undergraduate degree in English and later a graduate degree in journalism.

Writing carried North throuh different jobs, before he got appointed to a position with the Carter administration, when he was thirty. Despite loving this job a lot, Ronald Reagan’s getting elected was one of the best things to have ever happened to him, since Reagan fired him right away. This made North have to figure out if he wanted to hold down a job and become a writer. North chose to become a writer.

“The Long Walk Home” is the first stand alone novel and was released in the year 2007. Fiona Edwards, age forty-three, first lays eyes on the lanky backpacker walking up the lane toward her award-winning farmhouse bed-and-breakfast in the isolated mountains in North Wales, she is puzzled. Obviously she is accustomed strangers, but very few turn up on foot. The man that she opens up her door to is an unshaven, middle-aged, sweat-soaked, and quite handsome. Neither of these two realize at this moment is that their lives will change forever.

Alec Hudson, an American, has carried the ashes, as well as the memory, of Gwynne (his dead ex-wife) from Heathrow Airport in London. He is honoring her request that he scatter them on a mountain they climbed together years prior. It is the same brooding peak whose jagged cliffs rise right to the sky from the back pastures on Fiona’s farm. The weather is most uncooperative, and Alec and Fiona wait out the storm, they become drawn together by their mutual longing, oss, and the miracle of love during midlife.

The day he finally gets to the summit, Alec gets caught in a brutal hail storm. While struggling to descend, he comes upon the body of a guy that he knows from one of the photos at Fiona’s farm. It is Fiona’s own reclusive and ailing husband, named David, and he is close to dying.

Will delivers a story about love and loss, grief and hope, and about two people that struggle with all the agonizing complexities of fidelity. Either to a moral code, a spouse, to a passion neither one thought would come back, and to each other. This novel is by turns gripping and lyrical, set in a landscape of unpredictable danger and breathtaking beauty, it is a tale you are not going to forget anytime soon.

“Harm None” is the first novel in the “Davies & West” series, and was released in the year 2014. Penwith, the southwest tip of Cornwall, is a land of magic and mystery, of witchcraft, prehistoric monuments, and murder. An American archaeological team finds the skeletal remains of a missing child under a Stone Age burial quioit. Morgan and Calum unearth a growing suspect pool.

Within days, there is another body found. Could the killer be the mind-reading village witch, that has long been a suspect in the child’s disappearance? Could it be the drug-dealing partner of the kid’s heroin-addict mom? Or could it be somebody even closer to the case? Another kid goes missing, right when Davies and West start to close in on their prime suspect.

The descriptive passages to start this novel make you feel as though you are actually in Cornwall. Will does a great job of keeping your attention throughout with a swift pace, some interesting characters and an intriguing plot. He even does a great job of describing specific things about people: the cut and color of their hair and clothes.

“Too Clever By Half” is the second novel in the “Davies & West” series, and was released in the year 2015. The maimed and nude body found floating off the coast of Cornwall’s English Channel presents a rather vexing puzzle for Morgan Davies and Calum West. The post-mortem confirms the dead guy’s wounds prove he was tortured. However, without a crime scene, a name, or a motive, the detectives are stumped.

Two days later, a lady reports that Archie Hansen, her partner, has gone missing. A Druid and a farmer, Archie had made a dangerous discovery that he didn’t dare share with anybody. Could he be their anonymous floater?

Unraveling this mystery of revenge, betrayal, and greed is going to test the intuition and the investigative skills of West and Davies like never before. Without a lot of evidence, will they be able to outsmart this wickedly clever murderer?

“Trevega House” is the third novel in the “Davies & West” series, and was released in the year 2017. Lee Trelissick has settled into a much safer life with Nicola and Andrew, her adoptive parents, three years after she survived a catastrophic flood. Before too long, Lee, who is preternaturally wise, says that somebody wants to do them some harm, somebody evil.

And she is right. A series of increasingly malicious events quickly cast a pall over Trevaga House and the rest of the village. Poison, a near fatal cliffside attack, and arson, but not a single suspect. Finally, there is a murder. Will Detective Morgan Davies and Calum West, her Scene of Crimes manager, be able to protect this oddly prescient girl and catch the killer before it’s much too late?

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