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Will Peterson is the pen name used by Peter Cocks and Mark Billingham. Peter is a famous children’s TV writer, and a performer and Mark are famously known for his bestselling series, Tom Thorne crime novels. They have worked together as TV writers on many different television programmers such as Her Merry Men, Maid Marian, The Cramp Twins, and Knight School. Under the pseudonym Will Peterson, the two authors wrote Triskellion Trilogy which debuted in 2008 and concluded in 2010 with The Gathering.

The Triskellion is a story about 14-year-old twins Adam and Rachel Newman who are sent off to live with their grandmother in Australia. From the moment they set foot in Triskellion, a mysterious past, not to be trusted gun-toting residents, and some dark secrets mean that the twins will have to use their ethical intuitions and wits to solve the mystery of the mysterious town of Triskellion.


This is the first book in Triskellion series. After their parents went separate ways, two twins Adam and Rachel Newman have to embark on a journey from New York to their grandmother’s home in Triskellion. A place where from the outset seems unwelcoming, as they are welcomed by closed signs on door shops and Adam is welcomed by being beaten by two trouble makers. Things seem to cool down when they arrive at their grandmother’s house.
Even though all modern satisfactions seem lost, Adam can’t acquire Coke, and there is no telephone signal anywhere. There’s no working phone in their town, and little downpours have a habit of interfering with electricity.

From the window of her bedroom and on the first night, Rachel gets a glimpse of the great chalk circle carved in the shape of an old Celtic symbol known as The Triskellion which is a representative of the pagan goddesses the people worshipped before Christianity was introduced in the area. She notices a figure going around the circle in the rain.

As they meet a different fascinating character, Rachel and Adam begin to investigate the legend of the circle. Even though everyone in the village seems odd, friendly, they are not entirely right. Their investigation starts from their first encounter with Gabriel, a mysterious man who is impossible for them to work out. As he leads them deeper into the adventure, they begin to suspect that the villages are hiding something- but what could it be? When Adam is threatened by the two ruffians who previously attacked him, he insists to his twin sister, and they board the next train out of the town. His sister gives in into his pressures and so does a gigantic tree give in-right onto the tracks of their departing train.

Fleeing from Triskellion could prove more complicated than they thought. Will Peterson’s writing prose is unique and captivating. The descriptions added into the story will pull you right into the small village and two the shadowy places which surround this rural town. There’s something about this story which fuses the contemporary world with Adam and Rachel in a literary manner. The author has added some fantastic supporting characters- they are well-thought characters out of the population in this strange village. The novel can be carefully compared to The Wolves of Willoughby Chase but with a more modern feel. It’s unlike any other book in its genre. The author profoundly explores archaeology, legends of the past, prophecy, psychic connection between the twins in one fell swoop.

The Burning

With the help of the mysterious man Gabriel, Adam and Rachel manage to escape from the small village of Triskellion and their strange family heritage.
But soon, they are betrayed and kidnapped by the mysterious Hope Agency; they are experimented on and kept as prisoners. When more of their supernatural abilities start manifesting, the twins soon realize that the more they stay at the Hope Agency, the more they are unsafe.

With the assistance of other three sets of twins, Rachel and Adam manage to escape and are hunted down across Europe by Hope Agency and others. Always in danger, they master their powers and learn to fight back and soon come to the realization that no one can ever be trusted and their flight is a fight for survival till and none are spared from death.

Will Adam and Rachel be able to get away from those tracking them? Will they ever be able to use their powers?

The Burning is a fantastic fast-paced adventure that is worth the read. The author has woven a story that will keep the readers on the edge of their seats on the race across Europe with Adam and Rachel. The plot is beautifully done with plenty of twists and turns to keep the reader guess what going on, what’s going to happen to Adam and Rachel and where they indeed come from. In addition, the characters in the story are appealing to follow throughout the story.

For readers who love reading adventure, fantasy, paranormal, science fiction, and novels like The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan will greatly enjoy reading this novel. However, it’s highly recommended you first read the series debut novel for a better understanding of this book.

The Gathering

Adam and Rachel are not ordinary twins. While visiting their grandmother’s home, they realize that they possess powers feared and hated by people.
Before they were taken prisoners by the evil scientists of Hope Organization, their Granny Root gave them a note to help them find their father. After fleeing from the scientists from Australia, the twins can escape back to the United States. Using the note, their grandma gave them, the two attempt to find their dad who is the key to helping them find the last Triskellion. The three Triskellion is the only hope in bringing an end to Triskellion evil plans.

Can Adam and Rachel trace the whereabouts of the last Triskellion in time before humanity is destroyed? The Gathering is a fast-paced, action-packed paranormal adventure novel with well-developed characters.

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