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Publication Order of Will Slater Books

Will Slater series by Matt Rogers

Author Matt Rogers writes the “Will Slater” series of thriller novels. The series began publication in the year 2016, when “Wolf” was released.

The series stars an ex-United States black ops man, named Will Slater. Will first appeared in the “Jason King” series, which Matt Rogers also writes.

“Wolf” is the first novel in the “Will Slater” series, which was released in the year 2017. Former US black ops Will Slater never expected anything less than bloodshed when he went into Yemen. His goal wasn’t to find peace, hitting the road in search of trouble. He didn’t think he would have to call upon his set of skills so soon.

A young Yemeni boy is killed, maimed by some northern highland tribesmen in the Hadhramaut Valley. It was an act intended to send a message to Qasam, a remote mountain town, an order them not meddle in the tribes’ business.

Slater goes out into the mountains to find vengeance. It was only supposed to be a simple bit of vigilante justice, but what he finds is disaster for hundreds of thousands of innocent lives. This is due to the boy being the tip of the iceberg. From the Yemeni highlands’ foreboding caves to the busy streets in inner-city London, Slater has to fight tooth-and-nail to thwart an unspeakable horror from happening, the likes of which the world has never seen.

This is an action filled, spine chiller of a suspense novel, that leads to a nail biter of a conclusion. Will is a great guy that tries to put his past behind him, but still has to save the day. The guy is simply a force to be reckoned with here in the book.

“Lion” is the second novel in the “Will Slater” series, which was released in the year 2018. Will Slater is right outside the gigantic Mountain Lion Casino and Resorts, right after a brutal career as an assassin for the government as he sees a young child getting pulled off the street by an army of security.

He acts out of instinct, and jumps right into the fray, rescuing the kid and keeping her from a fate that would be worse than death. She has some sensitive information that is capable of bringing Peter Forrest, the Mountain Lion’s billionaire owner. He discovers something horrifying that is going to unlock his darkest and deepest rage yet.

Once you pick this book up and start it, it is tough to put it down. This book is just as good as the first in the series. Will is a unique kind of good guy that has a good heart and is unable to simply walk away from trouble. Readers cannot wait to tear into the next book that Will stars in.

“Bear” is the third novel in the “Will Slater” series, which was released in the year 2018. On board a luxury passenger train in the Russian Far East, Slater heads for Vladivostok the port city with one mysterious grudge. After his traumatic past events, he was hesitant to go back to the region, but he has some unfinished business he has to see to.

Secret police, terrified passengers, and some shadowy underworld figures are just the start. When he finally gets to Vladivostok he finds something twisted. It is dark, wretched, and shocking. In one of the barren corners of the Medved Shipbuilding Plant, the largest nuclear-powered icebreaker in all of the world is being built, and is protected by an army of mercenaries.

Slater sets off to find out the truth. What he finds out sends him on a collision course with half of the city. When the carnage hits its apex, the consequences begin to show themselves. Bigger and more daunting than anything he has ever witnessed before. This time around, the stakes are incomprehensible.

Will is a mesmerizing character that is always getting up to some kind of trouble. The author delivers another fun and action packed read with this book. The story as well as the characters flow so well that it is not difficult to keep everything straight all the way through.

“Lynx” is the fourth novel in the “Will Slater” series, which was released in the year 2018. Will Slater waged war six months ago to save a nine year old girl from a hellish industry’s clutches. He left the girl with an old colleague, who promised to find her a foster home, giving her some kind of a normal upbringing. He moved on after this.

Deep in cartel run Colombia, he hears some dark whispers of the Lynx program. It is a clandestine division that raises up young girls and makes them over into sociopathic murderers. A division that was founded by the same guy that Slater left her with.

He stops everything and races to find some answers. If you make Slater a promise, you had better keep it. The kid proved to be a shining ray of light inside his overall barbaric reality. He is going to sacrifice it all to make sure the girl is safe.

Here is a killer read, that some find is the best book Matt has written in this whole entire series. There is incredible action, a strong plot, and agonizing and deep emotion.

“Bull” is the fifth novel in the “Will Slater” series, which was released in the year 2018. Will Slater is going to have to lay low. With all of the US government antagonized by some of his recent decisions, he smuggles himself into rural eastern Zimbabwe and attempts to keep his head down. There was never much chance of that working out well, though.

Rumors and whispers sweep all over the plains, tales of a group of psychopaths. Pieces of the former regime, thrown out from the last dictatorship. Still wreaking havoc. Just like they have done for the better part of two decades now. They are armed to the gills. Their manic leader is invincible. Untouchable, too. Not only do they own the territory, but they own everybody in it, too.

Slater has seen all of this before. He follows the rumors, and marches right toward the fight. This time, however, he might just have met his match.

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