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Will Walton
Author Will Walton was born October 20, 1991. He is an independent bookseller in Athens, Georgia.

When he was a young kid, he liked Nancy Drew, and used to write fanfiction for Alex Mac, which his grandma would edit for him. He also loved reading the Olsen twins books.

The first novel he remembers loving was “Justin Morgan Had a Horse” by Marguerite Henry. The novel was his aunt’s favorite book when she was a kid, so he felt a kinship to her as he read it. Having grown up on farmland, the book’s setting felt familiar to him (even though the book is set in Vermont) and affirmed for him just how magic the outdoors truly are. Will also loved the protagonist, a hard-working and young kid that had a ton of emotion and agency.

Growing up, he was very suppressed. He wishes that hadn’t been true. His upbringing was very religious, and grew up in a Protestant Christian town and went to a school that was Protestant Christian. It was something that he managed to suspend for a time, just about completely.

During high school, he was in love with his closest guy friend and best friend. He knew something was going on. With church not such a big part of his life anymore, he felt separate from his family in a way that was healthy. Once he made that space, he was able to begin being okay with it.

In his writing, he attempts to write about stuff that he has experienced and has made him feel a bit unseen or lonely. He thinks about somebody who knows what it is like to grow up in a volatile time in the South.

Will feels that writing a novel is the chance to have a private conversation in a safe place with a party that isn’t judging you. It gives him the permission, being the author, to be willing to talk about some tough stuff.

When Walton grew up and moved away from Perry to Athens to attend the University of Georgia, he wrote “Anything Could Happen”, his first book. Will says that his second novel was tougher to write, since he didn’t believe the first one would even see the light of day. He was writing mainly about his own personal experiences, and it just flowed out. He didn’t want to repeat himself, so he wanted it to be something new.

He began working as a volunteer moderator for Avid Bookshop’s young readers’ book club in the year 2012. He was hired the next year as a bookseller. Avid is the sole independent bookstore in Athens, Georgia that sells new books. Since 2013, he has worn many hats there, from events conductor to inventory manager. He has worked as an assistant buyer, and a bookseller.

Will never would have meet his publisher if he hadn’t worked as a bookseller. He had finished the manuscript of his first novel when he was hired at Avid. Shortly after, he was introduced to the founding editor of PUSH (an imprint of Scholastic) named David Levithan.

“Anything Could Happen” was nominated for a Lambda Literary Award.

Will’s debut novel, called “Anything Could Happen”, was released in the year 2015, and was published by PUSH. His work is from the young adult fiction genre.

“Anything Could Happen” is the first stand alone novel and was released in the year 2015. When somebody is in love with the wrong person for all the right reasons, anything is possible.

Tretch lives in a tiny town where everyone is in everyone else’s business. It makes it tough for him to be in love with his straight best friend. Matt, for his part, is completely oblivious to just how Tretch. Tretch is unable to figure out if that makes things better or worse.

The trouble with living a lie is that the lie is able to slowly become your life. For Tretch, the trouble is not just with Matt. His family has got no idea who he truly is and what he is actually thinking. The girl at the bookstore has got no clue how off-base her crush on him really is. The guy at school who is a thorn in Tretch’s side does not realize just how close to the truth he is.

Tretch has spent a lot of time dancing by himself in his room. Now, however, he must step outside of his comfort zone and into the wider world. Because like love, a true self is rarely possible to contain.

The book has witty dialogues and just a bit of humor. Reading about Tretch from his perspective with each of his struggles and thoughts made readers connect and admire him that much more. This is a poignant novel and depicts a teen gay character’s life in a realistic way and captures the hearts of some readers for good. Will delivers a provocative debut novel that shows that sometimes you just have to allow for things to fall apart before you are able to make them whole again.

“I Felt a Funeral, in My Brain” is the second stand alone novel and was released in the year 2018. How does somebody deal with a hole in their life? Do they drink? Do they grieve? Do they make out wit their best friend? Do they question everything? Do they turn to pop songs and poets? Do they lash out or turn the lashing inward?

If you are Avery, you do each and every one of these things. Then you write it all down to try to comprehend what has happened. As well as what is happening to you.

The novel is a beautiful meditation on grief, heartbreak, addiction, love, and family; all of which is being recorded down by Avery. Will shares Avery’s tale in a style and format that is entirely original and is a beautiful representation of a teen’s inner emotional life. The novel shows how you create art through pain, and dealing with your pain in your art. Readers could not put this one down, and quickly gave themselves over to its beautiful oddness.

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