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Publication Order of Cradle Books

Publication Order of Elder Empire: Sea Books

Of Sea and Shadow (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Of Dawn and Darkness (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Of Kings and Killers (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Elder Empire: Shadow Books

Of Shadow and Sea (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Of Darkness and Dawn (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Of Killers and Kings (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Publication Order of Last Horizon Books

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House of Blades (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Crimson Vault (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
City of Light (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon

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The Traveler's Gate Chronicles (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

The American fantasy author Will Wight has been making a lot of waves throughout the literary industry as of late, with his exciting and imaginative stories. Taking the reader on a journey, he creates worlds that transport the reader, all whilst using his evocative and highly descriptive style of prose. Maintaining long-running arcs as well, he continually keeps the reader coming back for more, creating over-arcing sagas that fully immerse his audience. Coupling these with well drawn characters as well, he really manages to establish fully three-dimensional personalities too. This makes them easy to relate to, regardless of them being fantastical, given that their goals and motivations are altogether very real and human.

Gaining a loyal following both online as well as off, he’s managed to amass a legion of fans from all across the world. This is largely thanks to the universality of his themes and ideas, as they easily translate for his audience, regardless of where they’re initially from. With each release awaited with both eagerness and anticipation, he manages to deliver each and every time for his international following. A singular voice, he has also gone on to become appreciated by the critics as well, receiving a number of high-ranking reviews too. With a lot more novels planned for release soon, he will continue his many series for quite some time yet, building upon them in the following years to come.

Early and Personal Life

Born in 1989 on the 11th of August, Will Wight would grow up in Florida harboring a keen passion for the written word from a very early age. Immersing himself in fantasy literature, he would escape into his own private worlds, tackling all manner of exciting stories and characters. Taking inspiration from the world about him, he would constantly be on the lookout for his next big idea as well. Harnessing and refining his craft over the years, he would be constantly shaping his ideas too, building up both his own personal style and tone. This would then lead to the highly idiosyncratic voice that he currently has today, really setting him apart from the rest working in his field.

Also Will Wight has spent a large portion of his life in Florida taming manatees, swimming in the bay, gaining a great understanding of the sea-life there. He has also graduated from the University of Central Florida, which gave him much of the academic basis that he needed to continue. Showing no signs of stopping any time soon either, he continues to swim and live in the

Writing Career

It would be in the year of 2013 that Wight would release his first debut novel, thus making his initial mark on the literary scene. This book would be titled ‘House of Blades’ and it would be the first in the much loved ‘Traveler’s Gate Trilogy’ of books. The next year he would also go on to write another series, this time time titled ‘Elder Empire’, with the ‘Shadow’ and ‘Sea’ franchises coming underneath it. Both would have there own collection of books, with the ‘Of Shadow and Sea’ title being the first in the ‘Shadow’ series, and the ‘Of Sea and Shadow’ novel being the first in the ‘Sea’ collection. Then there’s the ‘Cradle series, which started in 2016 with ‘Unsouled’, along with the ‘Gateways’ collection of short stories that same year.

Publishing both short and long stories, Wight is adept at many form, as he is definitely a true master of his craft. Setting himself apart from the rest, he has come to offer something entirely different, which is what his many fans worldwide appreciate. With more and more discovering his work everyday, his worlds will carry on growing indefinitely, as there’s no end to their limits.

City of Light

Originally published on the 9th of April in 2014, this first came out through the ‘Hidden Gnome Publishing’ label. Following on from the previous two titles, this was to be the third in the long-running, still ongoing ‘Traveler’s Gate’ series of novels. Continuing on from directly from the last, this provides another instalment in the much loved fantasy series of novels.

Set in an otherworldly land called the Territories, this spans across their fantastical realms and beyond, as all manner of beasts and demon inhabit it. Largely following the character of Simon, it charts his various adventures, as he attempts to navigate this dangerous and foreboding terrain. Starting out with no magical powers, Simon begins his journey from the bottom, as the reader follows him, rooting for him all the way.

Spending over six months hunting down Incarnations, Simon has come to realize that he’ll need more than just his powers to stop them. Meanwhile the queen, Leah, rules from high over an entire nation of refugees, as the unchecked power of the Territories has driven many of them from their homes. Ruling with an iron fist, Alin takes charge of his city, as he imposes his ever strict values over the non-too-perfect people of Elysia. Now it seems that the Incarnations are missing, and the three of them must stand united, in order to face an even greater evil than ever before. Will they manage to overcome their differences in the face of terror? Where did the Incarnations disappear to? What will happen in the City of Light?


Coming out through the ‘Hidden Gnome Publishing’ outlet once again, this was the fourth title in the ‘Cradle’ series of novels. Following on from the previous three titles, this was released on the 30th of September in 2017, received with much acclaim. Continuing in a similar vein to before, it develops many of the arcs of this fantasy world, whilst also evolving the characters as well.

Feared as a Blackflame, Lindon has been imprisoned until the time that he is set to duel, in order to contain his powers. Facing Jai Long in the arena, he must prepare himself for this battle, ready to take down his enemy, after finally being let out of prison. This may all change though after a new threat approaches the Empire, as they could all potentially be taken down, leaving Lindon to join forces with the Skysworn and save the lands from complete destruction. Will he manage it? Can he face up to Jai Long and defeat him in battle? What will become of Lindon as he joins up with the Skysworn?

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