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The Naughty, The Nice and The Nanny (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Three Bells, Two Bows and One Brother's Best Friend (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Partridge and a Pregnancy (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Willa Nash is the penname by USA Today and Wall Street Journal Bestselling author Devney Perry. She lives in Washington with her husband and their two sons. Nash was born and raised in Montana, where most of her books are set. After working in the tech world, she called it quits and began her writing career at home with her family. Her novels feature sexy, protective alphas, a beautiful heroine, steamy romance, and explosive sex that will keep you hooked to the last page. Nash has also published a standalone adult romance novel, Ivy, a recommended read for Pretty Little Liars and Gossip Girls fans.

The Bribe is the first novel by Willa Nash and also the debut in the Calamity Montana romance series. It’s a sweet story set in a small town, and Nash offers us a contemporary romance with a lot of heart and passion. We are introduced to Calamity Montana’s sheriff, Duke Evans, who accidentally comes across a beautiful damsel and her best friend stranded on a hiking trip. He instantly falls in love with the young woman but understands that he will never see her again, regardless. The idea of meeting a good man with whom she would fall in love never crossed her mind, but Duke swept her off her feet.

Lucy wants a place where she can lay low. She is a famous country music artist who decided to take a break from her music career and from all the people who had been managing her. she has always been front for most of her life and wanted to stay hidden from her music label, social media and anything to do with her career is what she desires the most. Contact lenses, hair dye, and a new name show how serious she is about keeping it low.

But when Lucy crosses paths with the sheriff again, he doesn’t let her go, for he might never see her again. While cruising down the highway, Lucy is pulled over for speeding, and coincidentally, it’s our sheriff guy Duke. But now we have a problem as she knows the moment she hands over her driving license, her identity will be revealed. She decides to offer him a bribe, but the sheriff is not the type to take a bribe. He only wants to get to know her, and as the days go by, the two end up having more than they bargained for.
There is intense sexual tension in this debut novel. Right from their first encounter, Duke and Lucy want each other, but it only gets more intense once Duke finds her real identity. There is so much of they will, won’t they, throughout their relationship, such that when they finally toss the caution to the wind, what happens next is explosive. However, that does not stop Duke from investigating and hoping that Lucy will confide in him. Not only is their sex explosive, but also their relationship. The two have so much chemistry, and it is much easier for them to settle into a fun and comfortable relationship where they get involved in everything. It’s like the two have known each other for eternity, adding more to their relationship.

Willa Nash did a fantastic job in characterization. Duke is a brilliant man. He is a steadfast leader for the small town and also a great father figure. He is an honest man who has lived a normal life and keeps his head straight even when he’s madly in love with Lucy. Duke is a generous character, which is evident in all his interactions with everyone in the town. It’s hard not to connect with him.

On the other hand, Lucy is great too. To imagine all the stuff has gone through and dealt with while at the same time being so strong, loving, and smiling is something you will appreciate. She is strong and the type of heroine we all deserve since she puts her best foot forward every day. Even when she’s scared, she does not allow that to bring her down. However, she is a vulnerable character, allowing people to see all her scars once they get close to her enough, but she’s okay with that.

Overall, the first in Calamity Montana is packed with great characters, banter, a badass musician, a protective alpha, and lots of drama that will take you for a wild ride.

The Naughty, The Nice, and The Nanny, the first book in Holiday Brothers, is a short but sweet and romantic story of a rich single dad who falls in love with a nanny who has always fallen in love with him since high school. It’s important to note that Holiday Brothers novels can be read as standalone even though there is character crossover, they are written in such a way that there is no specific reading order or spoilers given for any of the Holiday brothers in the books. So you can enjoy the books in any order that you wish.

We are introduced to Maddox, the eldest of the Holiday Brothers, who’s made a fortune from his streaming company. He’s divorced and the custodian of his 7-year-old daughter, Violet. Together with his daughter, they are relocating to Montana to start a new life close to his family. On the other hand, is Natalie, a nanny who finds out her boss is her high school crush. It’s awkward but professional; even better, she doesn’t mind since it’s a one-week temporary job.

Sparks fly between Natalie and Maddox, and their attraction sparks pretty quickly. What you will like the most about this couple is that they don’t hide their attraction toward each other, and their flirting and teasing is so much fun to watch. Things move pretty fast, and even though they have some issues they need to figure out, it’s beautiful to watch them try to solve them. Overall, this is a dread, drama-free tale with sexy, sweet, emotional, and fun romance recommended for readers who love romance books.

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