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Publication Order of Adelaide Henson Mystery Books

William Cain is a published American author of fiction, writing mainly in the mystery genre.

William was born in the state of Texas and has also lived in New York. He met his future wife when in the city of Los Angeles and they got married. Together they have one child, a son. He works in the field of finance.

The author first began writing back in 2017. He planned out a series to an extent and says that his imagination can often get the best of him and then he has to edit what he was written and take parts of what he’s composed out.

William says that he has a reviewer that always comes up with ideas and explains them. He is a detective of the first grade with the NYPD and has what the author considers to be pretty good ideas. He may even need to give him the credit in a book coming out in the future for some character developments.

Cain created and wrote the Adelaide Henson mystery series. This series started in 2019 with the release of the first book in the series, titled Mrs. Jones. The sequel came out shortly after and is titled Mr. Jones. The third book in the series is titled Mrs. Thomas. Check it out if you are looking for a new mystery series to enjoy!

Mrs. Jones is the first novel in the Adelaide Henson mystery series of fictional novels. This story is full of everything from chaos to mayhem, mystery, love, and yes, even murder.

There’s a lot going on in this story, and you’re about to read all of it. When the wife of one of the world’s most dangerous men is discovered murdered, it may just set off a series of events that no one saw coming.

More questions still remain. What happens when you are in love with someone but still have doubt about them and who they are? What do you do when you are a detective working a case and you become familiar and even friends with someone that works as a professional contract killer? They are tough questions, to be sure.

Heritage Hills is a community for the privileged. Here in a home that is isolated to itself inside of the Blue Ridge Mountains, a woman has been murdered in a most horrible way. She is the wife of Ken Jones, a retired kingpin. His spouse has been discovered and she is covered with blood, thanks to being what looks like bludgeoned to death.

The Asheville police department assigns Detective Adelaide Henson to the case, mostly because she is one of the toughest that they have on the force. She also knows how to get the job done.

The detective starts up on the investigation immediately. But from the start of this investigation she manages to give herself a surprise. That would be getting into a romantic entanglement with a witness’s son. Even though she’s cautious about this new romance, she finds that she cannot resist.

The detective also discovers that the mobster that is connected to this case may not be a total monster. Turns out this guy has a side to him that is actually human. Even during times when enemies are all around. It’s something that Adelaide was not anticipating at all. This case is getting more and more muddled by the second, but she has no choice but to see it to the end.

The facts remain that Detective Henson does have someone out there to catch that killed Ken Jones’ wife. It may be just as likely that they are planning to kill again and perhaps come back for Ken. The kingpin is not willing to sit back and wait to be killed by some assassin. Not when he has a bunch of heat on his side and several other guys willing to have his back.

As the kingpin starts to put plans into motion, can the detective get a lead on who killed this woman? Or will a hit man or hit woman get to strike again and slip away without being identified? Read the exciting first book in Cain’s series to find out!

Mr. Jones is the second novel and the sequel to Mrs. Jones, part of the Adelaide Henson mystery series. Follow up with all of the action from the first story and keep things going with more mystery, danger, and twists than ever before!

When it comes to the horrible death and murder of one woman, only the killer out there has the answer as to who did it. For now. Once Asheville Police Department finds out about it, they’re determined to get to the bottom of what happened. They’re assigning none other than Adelaide Henson to the case.

She’s worked a lot of cases and heard about her fair share as well. But when it comes to this death, it’s definitely at the top of the list for gruesome cases. It turns out that a pretty contract killer could blow this mystery wide open, if she were found.

The detective takes to Little Havana and walks the streets in an attempt to track down this woman. If she can find her and not go down in the process, it’ll be lucky. She needs to find out certain details and learn things about this case, because the amount of answers that she currently has are pretty slim.

The detective needs to shorten her suspect list and figure out what’s going on. She’s trying to put he pieces together, including how many killers involved are really out there and other details. Even though she’s giving it all, something about the regular techniques just isn’t yielding results.

Addie is starting to think that things are really off and something about this case is wrong. She’s starting to get increasingly involved in the case, but how far does she want to go? What will she risk to solve it? Adelaide can’t rest until she gets results. Will she be happy with what she finds? Read this thriller to find out!

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