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William Coleman is a bestselling suspense, thriller, and mystery fiction novelist.

The author was born and brought up in a small town in Arkansas. Coleman has always loved stories and storytelling and was writing right from the moment he could thread a few sentences together.
Since that time he has always been a connoisseur of putting pen to paper and making up stories to spark curiosity and captivate other people’s imagination.

While he loved storytelling, when he went to college he decided to pursue a more feasible degree and took studies in food management.

Following the completion of his degree at Wichita State, he found work in the food management industry, even though his dream of becoming an author was still at the back of his mind.
After working in the food industry for several years, he finally plucked up enough courage and began writing.

After many years of not making any progress ,he finally published his debut novel The Widows Husband his debut novel in 2019. It was this single-standing novel that would pave the way toward him becoming a bestselling author.
Writing in the thriller, suspense, and mystery genres, he now has at least nine titles to his name across at least two series and several single-standing titles.

William Coleman currently makes his home in Kansas City Metro alongside Vicki his wife and Scooter and Coco their two dogs.

When he is not working on his next novel, he loves spending time with his wife and dogs and working on his home.

He can sometimes be found writing blogs on his website or answering questions from his fans on his profile on Facebook and other social media profiles.

“Murder Revisited” by William Coleman is a fascinating mystery fiction work that opens with the discovery of the body of a woman in an alley.

Since he was the on-call detective, Jack Mallory gets the case. But before he starts, Terrance Singleton his boss reassigns him to the Timothy Waters case which has been cold for several years.
The man had spent two decades in prison after he was found guilty of killing the mayor’s daughter Elizabeth Mitchell.

He had been released following a review of his case and since he’s friends with the family, Singleton is determined to do everything to put the man back in jail.

But it is not an easy case and he soon realizes that there is a lot more to it as a witness is run out of town, family tensions dominate and it comes out that Elizabeth could have had a second boyfriend.
Everything points to a blunder and shoddy investigation that may have sent an innocent man to jail. Things get interesting when Malory finds a link between Elizabeth, the girl in the alley, and some victims from several years back.
She now needs to find evidence to solve three cases, find the motive for the killings, and find a killer who may be too close for comfort.

Like the best mysteries, it does not hide the answers but lays them all bare but you will only realize that the author was dropping hints all through when you are hit with the shocking reveal in the last few pages.

William Coleman’s novel “Dog Walkers” is another first-class mystery that just like the debut of the “Jack Mallory Mysteries” will keep you guessing and engaged until the very end.

Detective Jack Mallory makes a comeback and this time is on the heels of an elusive homicidal maniac who is known for his unique calling card. At some point, a body is discovered buried in a shallow grave alongside a dog.
Jack is hoping that the microchip in the dog will help him identify the victim. But what he learns is a lot more than he could have ever imagined as the chip identifies another woman who had also disappeared.
Before he can make sense of the shocking revelation, he finds a second and third victim both of whom have been taken out using the same modus operandi.

Jack teams up with Detective Maureen Weatherby and Shaun Travis as they chase down leads in their search for a vicious killer. But throughout their investigations, the body count keeps rising and with it the list of possible suspects.
Since they are dealing with a very active killer, their biggest challenge is time as the man always seems ahead of them as he takes out his victims with impunity just before they can get to him.

While it is a typical procedural mystery, it is single-minded in its purpose as Jack interviews relatives and friends of the victim in his quest for the truth.

“Fatal Accounting” by William Coleman is the story of Stephanie Ellison who is left clinging to life following a late-night assault.

When she dies Richard her husband is inconsolable as he does not know how to go on without her. Things only get worse when Brent Meadows his best friend says that in homicide cases, the spouse is often the first suspect.

Desperately needing to get the police to focus on finding the real killer he gets Brent to agree to be his alibi. But this small lie will come back to bite him in the nether regions and could just turn his fear into reality.

When Detective Jack Mallory starts working on the case alongside Shaun Travis his partner, they learn that Ellison had informed her husband that she would be working late, even though she had told her boss that she needed to leave early.
Questioning coworkers, friends, and family, the list of motives and suspects keeps growing, destroying the common belief held about the popularity of the victim.

As they track the woman’s last hour, they find that she has a secret rendezvous with a mystery man which means secrets, greed, and jealousy are strong motives, particularly for the husband.
Jack now needs to trawl through a bunch of lies and all manner of clues to determine where the victim was and who she was with if he is to track down the killer.

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  1. Paulette Halpern: 5 months ago

    I just read “Murder Revisited”. It was a book I could hardly put down. The hints that were dropped as the book continued became connected throughout, even though the actual killer, no one would have guessed until the end. I plan to read more of your books.


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