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Publication Order of WilliamEvans Non-Fiction Books

Black Nerd Problems (With: Omar Holmon) (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of WilliamEvans Collections

In the Event You are Caught Behind Enemy Lines (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Still Can't Do My Daughter's Hair (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
We Inherit What the Fires Left (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

William Evans is an author and speaker. He is the co-founder of Black Nerd Problems, the website, and the co-author of Black Nerd Problems, the book, with his co-creator Omar Holmon.

Prior to launching Black Nerd Problem, William was the founder of the Writing Wrongs Poetry Slam. It was considered to be one of the most reputable open mic and slam venues in the country. He has released multiple poetry collections in his career. He finished fifth overall at the 2014 Individual World Poetry Slam and has been the poetry recipient of 2016 Sustainable Arts Foundation Grant, and the 2018 Spirit of Columbus Foundation Grant. He is considered to be one of the most successful performance poets in Ohio and has shared the stage with people like Chuck D, Cornell West and Sonia Sanchez

In addition to his work with Black Nerd Problems and as a poet, William facilitates writing workshops thru Projecting Murals LLC, a non-profit organization that connects facilities such as schools, community centers, and correctional facilities to artists from the community. Projecting Murals LLC is a company that he founded himself in April of 2009.

Evans’ father earned his Master’s Degree in Chemistry as a lot of people he knew were going off to Vietnam. He never went and hated the war, and global conflict and all that it wrought. His father was an early nerd and hates the fact that they turned Gimli into comic relief in the Lord of Rings Trilogy nearly as much as he hates war. His father read Tolkien to him while he was still inside his mother which should serve as a his science fiction and fantasy origin story. He was destined to be a fan and Black Nerd Problems is simply an extension of who he was always going to be.

William and Omar had many discussions about comic books and the lack of diversity within the. That conversation ultimately lead to them realizing that part of the problem with representation in popular and geek culture isn’t solely on the source, but has something to do with the coverage of it as well. The two met at a poetry slam and made friends with other Black Nerds. They thought it would be a good idea to try and control their own narrative by starting their own site. It came about because they wanted a seat at the table to discuss the things they love, support, and criticize in the world of science fiction and fantasy. They built up a great staff and eventually launched Black Nerd Problems as a website.

The website quickly become more than a website, it become a community. Readers liked to go to the site to get the takes directly from Evans, Holman, or one of their stuff. The readers really valued their opinions and wanted their perspective on things. They weren’t prepared for it at first, but the community began to grow and continued to do so.

Black Nerd Problems is a collection of essays written by William Evans and Omar Holmon. The creatures of the website chime in with their thoughts on everything from representation to Mario Kart. These two not only have great insights, but they also give readers hope for the future of geek culture. The two had no idea when they started the site if anyone outside of their friend group would be interested in it. However, not long after their launch they found that they already had a wide community of people who hungered for their perspectives.

Since those early days, Evans and Holman have built a large and dedicate fan base. They enjoy their unique brand of cultural critiques, whether they be funny or serious. The original idea for the book by the editor was to use some of the site’s older content, but they opted instead to write all new material. Evans worked on the book while at the same time getting his MFA from Randolph College. It was hard to work on the book during the pandemic as a unit so they eventually got a hotel room together to work for a weekend. This was a major turning point and lead to the book that you can now read.

Black Nerd Problems is their first book together and features chapters on the X-Men, Mario Kart, and Breonna Taylor. The book is a solid mix of hilarious, passionate, and thought provoking.

We Inherit What the Fires Left is a collection of poems by William Evans. In this collection, Evans explores the lived experience of race in the American suburbs. He also wonders what dreams and injuries can be passed on from generation to generation. His voice in this collection is intimate, wide, and candid. His poems, electric.

The collection not only explores what those inheritances are made from, but also what price the bearer of them must pay for the past. It can often lead to a costly toll on the body and spirit. Evans writes from the perspective of the marginalized and delivers an unyielding look at what it is like to be a black man raising a daughter in predominantly white spaces, as well as the struggles to build a home and future while still dealing with the past. Evans writing is often beautiful in the quiet scenes of domesticity or the look inward he so often takes.

Another poetry collection by William Evans is called Still Can’t Do My Daughter’s Hair. This is a great work as each poem serves as a reminder about just how beautiful and scary life can be in this day and age. The struggle of the author is apparent as he’s simply trying to do his best, but not immune from coming up short. This is the kind of book that can take your emotions on a roller coast ride as emotions sneak up on the reader in some of the most unexpected ways.

In the Event You are Caught Behind Enemy Lines was the debut poetry collection by William Evans.

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