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William Greenleaf is one of the acclaimed authors from the United States, who is famous for writing nonfiction novels and sci-fi books. He is known to have ghostwritten many novels in a variety of genres. Prior to the start of his career as an author, Greenleaf used to work for a corporate company as a strategic planner. He has also worked as a financial planner. In addition to writing novels, author Greenlead also works as an editor, taking up freelance jobs. He is also involved in working as an instructor of creative writing. Author Greenleaf started his writing career in the year 1980, with the release of his debut book known as Time Jumper. Many of the other books written by Greenleaf after his debut novel, were published during the eighties. He did not attempt to write anything since then until the year 2011, when he wrote and published Bloodright. Author Greenleaf was born on August 9, 1948, Illinois, United States. He lived for a major part of his life in the Southern Arizona. Currently, author Greenleaf resides in New Mexico, near Santa Fe. He completed his graduation from the University of Arizona State. Immediately after the completion of his studies, author Greenleaf ventured into the world of corporate planning before deciding to have a change of careers and eventually became a novelist. Even though Greenleaf is known for ghostwriting many nonfiction books in numerous genres, he is particularly known for his science fiction books that he published in his original name. Most of Greenleaf’s novels are traditionally based on science fiction. They feature the common theme of the human spirit’s resilience and ability of the ordinary people at the times when they feel threatened by the extraordinary circumstances. The books also show how the ordinary humans try to reach out for themselves for necessary resources required to survive.

Author Greenleaf has said in his interviews that he always wanted to become a writer. There did not come a point in his life when didn’t wish to write his own book. When he was a young boy, Greenleaf used to write short stories while studying in his elementary school. He even started writing his first novel when he was in high school. But, as soon as he enrolled himself in college for studying business administration, his aspirations to become an author gave way to practical considerations. And after toiling for several years in the practical world, author Greenleaf attempted to renew his effort to fulfill his dream. However, he could not afford to give up his full time job for achieving his dream as he needed a steady income to earn his livelihood. Therefore, he used to write during the lunch breaks, during his commutes, and in the spare times. It took him a whole year this way to complete his first novel. When he mailed his novel to a number of publishers with the hopes of getting it published, Greenleaf faced only rejections from each of them. Then, something happened and Greenleaf’s life changed forever in a good way. He came across a published author named Margaret who used to live nearby his house. The two got acquainted and Margaret offered to read his manuscript. Greenleaf happily obliged and waited anxiously for Margaret’s response. She replied by saying that after reading the manuscript she thought of critiquing it and eventually wrote a 15 page critique. In that, Margaret had analyzed each and every element of Greenleaf’s novel. This critique helped author Greenleaf understand how to make his character feel alive in the dramatic scenes. And with Margaret’s assistance, Greenleaf started rewriting the novel. This time, he took care of all the elements that Margaret had pointed out to him. The effort paid out handsomely as he was able to get in touch with an agent from New York. He helped him get a contract from a couple of publishers. Eventually, Greenleaf’s book, Time Jumper, was released by the Leisure books. It was followed by another book a year later. With the publication of these two books, the career of author Greenleaf as a published author took off with a bang. Greenleaf says that he will always be grateful to Margaret for helping him in achieving a successful writing career.

An initially written book by William Greenleaf is entitled ‘Clarion’. It was released by the Tor publication in 1988. At the start of this book, author Greenleaf has introduced Clarion as a planet which is a lost colony that stays hidden from the remainder of the humanity. It seems to have survived for about 200 years, unaided and alone. Suddenly, it is learned that some mysterious men are ready to kill just to get the coordinates of this planet. The people living on Clarion are desperate to find a man. Dorland Avery is described as a psi-player. He is a master storyteller who does not use words. He becomes a target for assassination, which does not make any sense to the others. On the other hand, a cult religion is strengthening his hold on Clarion’s colonies. The cult has a deity in the form of the powerful Lord Tem. He is believed to be a member of a superior species called as ‘gents’. Lord Tem seems to possess powers similar to those of Dorland Avery. This makes Avery the only human who can help save Clarion and its people.

Another excellent book penned by Greenleaf is titled as ‘Bloodright’. It was released in 2011 by the Mundania Press. At the beginning of this book, it is shown that a brilliant light appears in the sky, which is about to change the lives of 4 people, Nathan Oakes, Nikki Jamison, Kathy Stratton, and Oscar Villalobos. However, they are not aware about this light. Nathan is completing his morning run in the Central Park, Nikki is dreaming in her house, Kathy is preparing to deliver a speech, and Oscar is feeling guilty that does not let him sleep peacefully. As the light sends digital signals on earth, Kathy comes to know that a contact has been established by the aliens. And their spaceship lands in a rural region in Phoenix, Oscar and Nikki secretly slip inside it and come to know that this alien group is not a friendly one. They find themselves trapped inside the vast labyrinth of the spaceship. However, this gives them a chance to learn important facts related to the aliens. Nikki and Oscar also come to know about the complicated interaction network between the sentient species and the law system that binds them together. Soon, the four friends realize that this alien group has landed on earth to cause the extinction of the human race.

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