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William H. Lovejoy is an American author of fictional novels, mainly in the thriller genre.

Lovejoy is a best selling published writer and his books are enjoyed around the globe. His stories have been released to readers in English as well as Spanish, Japanese, Hebrew, Czech, and more.

Lovejoy was born in Arizona at Fort Huachuca. He spent his childhood growing up in Montana, Colorado, and Nebraska. He attended Colorado State University and graduated with his Bachelor’s as well as Master’s.

He is a Vietnam Veteran. In addition to being a writer, he has had a variety of positions. He has been an assistant professor at college, state college president, chief fiscal officer for a college, and a Vice Chancellor Emeritus. Lovejoy lives in Colorado.

He has been praised by various others for his works and written stories that fall into a variety of genres. His first novel in print came out in 1990 and is titled Cold Front. It was followed by several more.

Cold Front is the first full length fiction novel from author William H. Lovejoy. If you are looking for an intriguing thriller with a fast paced plot and tons of action that never stops, this is the book for you!

The weather experts thought at first that it was a cold snap. The temperatures plummeted low enough so that they were officially breaking records. The cold Arctic weather lasts for weeks at a time. Severe storms with snows heavier than anyone’s seen in a while affect all of America.

The damage to the crops and the livestock for the farmers of the United States is in the billions. The cold snap has caused the entire country to be near-paralyzed and the President has no other option that to declare the storm situation a national emergency. The weather could be a natural phenomenon, or it could be something that is a little more sinister and man made.

Brandon Barrett is a colonel and intelligence specialist. When the Executive Order is given, his mission is to save a country from the icy grips of whatever storm has beset them. While going over information regarding military flights put on by the Soviets over Alaska, he believes that he has stumbled onto something.

The result could be a deadly plot and a plan to take down the United States of America through weather sabotage. Brandon is determined to find out what is happening and get to the bottom of it all, breaking through levels of secrecy and deception along the way.

A deadly plot is in the middle of being unleashed, and Brandon believes that the Soviets are utilizing a plan to ruin the democratic foundation of America and leave it vulnerable to attack. The name of the plan, of course, is none other than Cold Front.

The weather determines the way that a country runs, and with the last stage not far away, this specialist does not have a whole lot of time. Can he stop a dastardly plan from getting to its final stages?

Brandon may have just discovered an ally in the form of Barbara Morris, an analyst for the state department. She is beautiful and grabs his attention right away. This captivating woman has the ability to capture his heart, but duty is calling him. Will Brandon be able to put a stop to the evil plan of the Soviets before they accomplish their mission?

Barbara is going to help him in any way that she can, so he has a good shot. There’s a chance that he can stop the storm before it starts, foil the plans of the terrorists, and be able to save the people of an entire country in the process. Check out the action in this Cold War era thriller for yourself by picking up a copy and reading to the very last page!

Black Sky is the second full length fictional novel by author William H. Lovejoy. If you checked out his first action story and really liked it, then be sure to pick up a copy of this equally entertaining book for yourself!

Black sky cruising means that you’re in a cockpit and flying at 130,000 feet in altitude. That’s what Dallas Grant is doing in a new XSO suborbital jet when the Lieutenant Commander suddenly must make a report.

That is because Dallas has just witnessed the explosion of one of their Poseidon missiles. It went off minutes following a deep-sea launch that went rather well. At least it seemed to, but then the explosion happened. Not what you’d hope for.

Dallas is even more shocked when he seems to uncover an aerial attack. The strange attack was conducted by a different suborbital craft and no one knows where it came from. What they do know is that it was outfitted with plenty of military tech that was apparently only in use by the Soviet Union and America.

As a result, there is a mystery object flying in the air. This is something that poses a threat. If it’s not the Soviets or the Americans, then it’s a risk to everyone. On top of that, any attacks going down are inevitably costing billions to the various international powers.

It’s also getting in the way of global satellite research and operation. When the leaks in classified data start creating problems, there appears to be a plot in operation. Could a Japanese aerospace industry be to blame?

There is a possibility that the industry could be trying to gain control when it comes to ‘black sky’ programs. This approach would end up creating chaos around the world and even trigger an economic collapse. Anxiety levels as well as paranoia are quickly going up.

As films go missing and people call for official records of classified data that has not been leaked, people stay inside and avoid police. When the FBI are called in, orders are immediately sent over to Grant and Dmitri, his colleague.

The two of them must combine their strike squads of warriors to conduct an unofficial war that they may not return from. Can Grant and Dmitri prevail? Read this book to find out!

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