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A Criminal Defense (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
An Engineered Injustice (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Killer's Alibi (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Criminal Justice (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

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William L Myers Jr. is an American author that writes legal thrillers. In 2017, he became one of the top ten bestselling authors for Amazon Kindle. And that feat was achieved with his debut novel.

William L Myers Jr. was born in 1958 in Pennsylvania. Growing up as part of a blue-collar family, Myers learned the value of hard work at a young age.

And it was his work ethic that drove him to succeed in high school and at the University of Pennsylvania School of Law.

Myers was determined to do some good in the legal field and, following his graduation, he hit the ground, landing a position at a large defense firm in Philadelphia.

For a time, the author successfully fought corporate America’s legal battles. But, no matter how many victories he claimed and ladders he climbed, Myers never found the satisfaction he so desired.

So he made a change. Myers abandoned the corporate arena, started his own firm and made it his business to fight for the desperate and the downtrodden.

Once the real work began and the poor but hardworking members of society came knocking on his door, looking for representation, William L Myers Jr. realized that he had finally found his purpose in life.

For over two decades, the author met and represented thousands of clients from all walks of life. He accrued quite the reputation along the way, so when he finally sat down to write fiction, no one was particularly surprised when Myers settled in the legal thriller genre.

William L Myers Jr. was drawn to writing at a young age. He started as an avid reader, the kind that was never without a book in his hand.

As a growing boy, the author was drawn to Elmore Leonard, John Grisham, Dennis Lehane, and their ilk. His reading habits and experience meant that the author was particularly well placed to write legal fiction.

And yet, when he finally decided to write his first novel, William L Myers Jr. still had to do research. First, he began making frequent appearances at murder trials.

Then he interviewed criminal attorneys. He even found the time to talk to the police. The author was determined to paint the legal field with its trials and preliminary hearings, and the related police investigations as accurately as possible.

And fans of ‘A Criminal Defense’, his first novel which was finally published in 2017, will tell that he more than succeeded. The novel made waves on Amazon Kindle and attracted quite the following.

By the time his second novel came out, Myers had an established presence on the literary landscape.

Even though the author still does research, he admits that his writing benefits greatly from his legal work.

In fact, whenever Myers encounters an obstacle in his legal work, he resolves it by putting the legal briefs away and turning his attention to his next novel.

The author has found that even as he attempts to craft dialogue between two characters or to make sense of a scene, his mind never stops working behind the scenes to solve his legal problems.

The process is slow but it always delivers results. By the time Myers puts his novel aside, the answer to his legal issues has already presented itself.

And the reverse is also true. Myers will overcome obstacles in his fiction writing by putting his mind to the task of solving his legal cases. That symbiotic relationship between his legal and creative work has allowed the author to make great strides over a relatively short period of time.

When it comes to generating story ideas, William L Myers Jr. does his best thinking in the morning when he takes his dogs out for a hike. Myers’ phone is never far from his person.

So even when he’s on the move, when an idea strikes, the author will stop and document it as an email that he eventually sends to himself; of course, his dogs do not find the break in activity amusing but they have learned to bear with him.

Philadelphia plays a prominent role in the author’s books because the location inspires him. So Myers tries to reproduce its landmarks accurately and vividly.

When he isn’t writing or attending to the obligations of his firm, Myers can be found assisting the people at the Pennsylvania Innocence Project.

The program uses scientific methods to exonerate individuals that were wrongfully imprisoned.

The author also works with the Ronald McDonald House in Philadelphia which helps sick children.

William L Myers Jr. is married. His home plays host to two dogs and two cats.

+A Criminal Defense
A young reporter is dead. The police think David Hanson killed her but Mick McFarland isn’t convinced.

He and David, a prominent businessman, were close friends in law school. But Mick was also vaguely acquainted with the reporter. In fact, she had reached out to him shortly before her murder.

Now Mick must fight tooth and nail to attain victory in a trial that keeps hitting very close to home.

Mick knows what he’s doing. After all, he was a pretty good prosecutor and now he’s an even better defense attorney.

Mick knows how the game works. He understands all the tricks of the trade. But the trial isn’t proceeding quite as he expected. Developments keep emerging to sideline him.

And if Mick isn’t careful, he could lose everything he cares about.

+An Engineered Injustice
A passenger train in North Philadelphia has crashed. People have died and now, everyone is determined to make Eddy pay. The blame for the wreck has been dumped in the lap of the surviving engineer, and Eddy’s only hope is his cousin Vaughn, an idealistic defense attorney.

The charges against him are quite steep but Vaughn does not hesitate to leap to Eddy’s aid. After all, he has a debt to repay.

Vaughn must find the truth behind the crash before his opponents bury it. This is as he fends off the assaults of corrupt railroad men and mob bosses.

People want Vaughn to fail. But the harder they push him, the harder he pushes back.

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    I have read all 5 of your books, 5 Stars. I am from Ridley, Delaware County. Like how you included the Philly area in all your books. Have been to the hotel in Cape May in your last book. Especially loved how you added Philly sports figures as last name of some of your characters. Hope to read your future book. Go Eagles !!!


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