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William Miller is a bestselling mystery-thriller author from Saint Petersburg Florida. Growing up, he remembers that he lived on a steady diet of fantasy novels and action movies. After the September 9/11 attacks, he quit his career in fashion photography to join the United States military. Once he was done with the military he spent much of his time traveling the world and held a variety of jobs including driving a forklift and teaching English in China. He went to Eckerd College to study creative writing and authored four hard-boiled mysteries that were published in Delight Games. He published his first novel, Noble Vengeance, in 2015 that was to become the first of the Jake Noble series of novels. When he is not writing his novels, he loves to engage in indoor rock climbing, haunt smoke-filled jazz club in St Petersburg, and play the guitar.

Miller has been telling and writing stories ever since she was a child. However, it was not until he was in the military that he thought about becoming an author and started penning his manuscripts. Once he got out of the military and graduated from the creative writing course, he was more determined to become an author. While he writes his novel in the mystery-thriller genre in which authors are a dime a dozen, he has managed to differentiate himself from his contemporaries. In an interview, he said that he often leaves out the swaths of boring expositions which he has learned that people skip such parts just like he does. He figured that if there are huge parts of Tom Clancyesque novels that bored him there were sure to be many others like him. As such, every part of his novels is about moving the story forward, a fact that has made his novels be compared to watching a movie. Another aspect that has made him so successful is that he loves writing and asserted that he loves writing and would do it even on holidays like Christmas or on his birthday. For William Miller, the hardest part is marketing. He envies the likes of Hemmingway that never had to deal with social media and marketing which was the responsibility of publishers unlike in the modern world.

Miller writes in short Hemingway like sentences that add to the drama as the tension mounted in the story. He writes all-action fast-paced page-turners to make for smooth prose and first-rate storytelling. One thing he is an expert in is bringing the settings and characters to life. Writing in cinematic fashion, it is easy to envision the action in the imagination as the shootouts, car crashes, and fights are pulled off with aplomb and ease which in itself is quite the feat. His lead character is something of a Jason Bourne or Jack Reacher. Jake Nobel is rough and ready, hard-boiled, flawed but likable badass. Though he is a tough man he comes a compassionate side with most of the other characters well fleshed out to complement the lead. Following his teachings in “Hard Boiled Outlines,” there’s hardly any filler in his novels. William manages to write about his religion and faith while never becoming preachy or making it a critical component of his novels. Most of the time he uses it as a tool to move from one point to another with aplomb rather than beating the reader with it which is a skill only a great writer like Miller possesses. His writing about intense subjects such as human trafficking and the kidnap of children comes across as compassionate yet realistic.

William Miller’s Noble Man is an all-action fast-paced thriller that combines his smooth character with impeccable storytelling. The lead is Jake Nobel the best operator in the Special Operations Group of the CIA who has built a reputation for fixing and getting things done. But things had gone wrong when he had killed a diplomat with good connections in Washington while trying to save women trafficked into the country to become sex slaves. He could plead just cause but that is not going to matter given how well connected the man was. He soon finds himself disavowed and crafts a new identity as an undercover photographer. He likes his new job but it is a struggle making ends meet given how little it pays. Four years later his mother is taken ill with cancer and he does not have the money to take her for the critical lifesaving treatment. When his old boss from the CIA offers him an off the books job to track down the kidnapped daughter of a diplomat for a handsome fee, he agrees. However, the CIA will deny all knowledge of the deal and his activities if he fails in his mission or is arrested. Putting his skills to use he convinces the women’s business partner to work with him and they soon find the kidnappers. But the criminals are always one step ahead and each stop they make is more dangerous and leads them closer to either getting killed or saving the captive.

Noble Vengeance by William Miller continues the story of former Green Beret, SOG operative Jake Noble. The highly effective operative is one of the hardest men to kill and many have met their deaths in the attempt. His former friend and operative in the CIA who had once upon a time save his life had been killed after the CIA left him out to dry. The agency is not taking any responsibility but is playing the political dance as usual. Meanwhile, the presidential race is in full swing with the top candidate the female Secretary of Defense. If she becomes president, the top leadership of the CIA stands to benefit as she would look kindly upon her former colleagues. The Mexican Cartel known as Los Zetas is one of her strongest backers and lapdog. It is a brutal organization but Foster is blind to their atrocities given her greed for ascending to power. She also has the liberal voters in her corner and she seems unstoppable until Jake Noble has his say.

William Miller’s “Noble Intent” is the story of Sam Gunn that has been accused of killing a colleague in the intelligence services in cold blood. The new CIA director places Jake Nobel in charge of the case of tracking down the officer that has fled town. But Jake soon learns that he is not the only one looking for the officer as three highly trained killers working freelance are also looking for Sam but with a different motive. While Jake wants to arrest the officer and bring her to trial, the freelancers want to kill her before she can blab and blow the lid on secret operations. They belong to a murderous criminal organization that is in cahoots with corrupt intelligence agents. It is a race against time that ends in an action-packed finale that may just change Jake’s life forever.

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