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Trinitarian Conversations: Interviews With Ten Theologians (With: Ray S. Anderson,C. Baxter Kruger,Michael D. Morrison,Elmer Colyer,Gerrit Scott Dawson,Gary W. Deddo,Christian Kettler,John E. McKenna,Jeff McSwain,Roger Newell,J. Michael Feazell) (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Cross Roads Reflections (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Saving Casper: A Christian and an Atheist Talk about Why We Need to Change the Conversion Conversation (With: Jim Henderson,Matt Casper) (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Shack Study Guide (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Lies We Believe About God (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Trinitarian Conversations, Volume 1: Interviews With Twelve Theologians (With: Andrew Root,Ray S. Anderson,C. Baxter Kruger,Michael D. Morrison,Elmer Colyer,Gerrit Scott Dawson,Gary W. Deddo,Christian Kettler,John E. McKenna,Jeff McSwain,Roger Newell,J. Michael Feazell,Grace Communion International,Paul Louis Metzger) (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Heart of Man Participant's Guide(2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

William P. Young is one of the highly renowned novelists from Canada, who has written some of the most popular books based on the suspense, Christian fiction, and Christian fantasy genres. A few of his standalone novels are very popular, including Cross Roads, Eve, and The Shack. In one of his interviews, author Young said that his initial writings were intended to be given to his friends as gifts. Later, he began taking writing seriously when his wife began urging repeatedly to think of their 6 children and their upbringing. She used to also urge Young to write about his perspectives on inner healing and God that he had experienced as a grown up adult. As a result, author Young came up with the manuscript of his book The Shack. Initially, he had intended to write the story for his 6 kids and some close friends, but he later published it as The Shack. At first, Young had printed only 15 copies of the novel. A couple of his close friends encouraged author Young to get the book published. They also assisted him with the editing and rewriting so as to get the manuscript prepared for publication. However, it went on to be rejected by as many as 26 publishers. Author Young became very much disappointed with this and subsequently, he and his friends decided to release the novel under the name of the new publishing company created by them in 2007, the Windblown Media. They spent just 200 Canadian dollars for the advertising of the book. The referrals made by the word of the mouth eventually helped the book to reach the number one spot on the bestseller list of the trade paperback fiction by the New York Times in the year 2008. Throughout the November of 2008, The Shack topped the charts of selling both as audio and fiction book. After this immense success, author Young was noticed by the publishers and consequently, he was easily able to publish his future books through other publishers.

Author Young was born on May 11, 1955 in Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada. He was the oldest child among his 4 siblings and lived through most of his life’s first ten years in the New Guinea highlands of Netherlands along with the missionary parents. There, he used to live among the technologically tribal people of stone age called Dani. As the days passed by, he got closer to the tribal people of Dani and they later became his family. Being the first white kid and an outsider who was able to speak their language, author Young was granted access into the community and culture of the Dani people. At times, they used to appear as fierce people, worshipping the spirits and practicing occasional ritual cannibalism. But, author Young also experienced a deep sense of the identity of the Dani people, which still remains an important element of his character as a person. At the age of 6, he was admitted into a boarding school. In the middle of his studies, he returned to the West along with his family. As his father used to work for numerous small churches all over Western Canada as a Pastor, author Young eventually had to keep changing schools. By the time he completed his graduation, he had already changed 13 schools. Later, when he joined the Bible College, he used to earn his own expenses by working as a radio jockey and a lifeguard. For a short period of time, author Young also worked in an oil field in northern Alberta. He obtained his undergraduate degree in the subject of Religion and graduated from the Warner Pacific College, Portland, Oregon with a summa cum laude. In the next, author Young met Kim Warren and married her. At around that time, he used to work as a staff member at a suburban church while he used to attend seminars. Young worked for and owned a number industries in his lifetime, including insurance, construction, telecom, venture capital, food processing, contract work, etc. He used to hang on any kind of work he would get in order to earn for his large and growing family. Meanwhile, he did not stop writing. He says that he used to write whatever came to his mind, in the form of songs, short stories, newsletters, poetry, etc. However, they were mainly intended for his family and friends. Even though he has now established himself as a successful author, no one among his friends and family seem surprised about his achievement because they always knew that he has that skill in him which make him a quality author.

One of the well known books written by William P. Young is titled as ‘Cross Roads’. This book was published in 2012 by the FaithWords publication. In this book, author Young described the life of the main character named Anthony Spencer. He is introduced as a proud, self made businessman, who has achieved great heights in the game. However, the cost for his achievements was very high. Anthony suffers from a cerebral hemorrhage, which leaves him in a comatose condition. In his sleep, he awakens into a surreal world which reflects his earthly life, beautiful as well as corrupt. In the new world, he interacts with other people who appear to be the projections of his subconscious state. Anthony follows their directions with the hope that they will lead him to authenticity and redemption. He gets drawn into deep entanglements which show him the experiences of all those people who hearts he had broken in order to get on top. With the realization of his mistakes, he accepts that he succeeded on the grounds of broken hearts. Now he has to show the courage and make a critical choice to undo the injustice that he did before getting comatose.

Another exciting book written by author Young is titled as ‘Eve’. It was released by the Howard Books publication in the year 2015. The main character described in this book is Eve. At the beginning, author Young has shown that a shipping container lands ashore on the island between Earth and a similar world. A young woman, frozen, broken, and barely alive comes out. John, the Collector, finds her and helps her recover with the help of Scholars and Healers. He finds that the genetic code of Eve resembles that of every human race. John understands that she is a lady of prophecy and the outcome of her survival could not be guessed by anyone. As the plot progresses, Eve turns out to be bold and unprecedented. Author Young has shown Eve opening up an interesting conversation about men and women equality within the context of the origin of the human race. Through that conversation, Young has tried to show how the Creator sees us, as completely unique and not bound by any limitations of cultural rules.

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