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William Patterson is the author of the gothic horror and science fiction series of fictional books, The Dark Homecoming, The Inn, Slice, The Black Stone of Kaba and Elsewhen. The Blackstone of Kaba and The Dark Homecoming are General Fiction books, Elsewhen is Science Fiction, and Slice and the Inn are Thrillers.
William Patterson lives in Boston, Los Angeles and several points in between; he is a connoisseur of horror films and especially loves the television horror shows that were made in the 1970’s, where darkness is always to be found lurking in the corners of a suburban mansion or college dormitory.
The books by William Patterson are something in the line of the Conjuring meets the Shining. William Patterson can be compared with the very popular Horror and Science fiction fictional writer Stephen King.

In William Patterson’s Thriller novel “The Inn” a married couple seeking to save their marriage go to a Victorian Inn to break away and find themselves trapped in a horrific situation.
Jack and Annabel Devlin decide to save their marriage they will need to start over and the best chance that they are presented with is the ramshackle bed and breakfast in in western Massachusetts which they have inherited. The beautiful Victorian style in unfortunately has an adverse effect on Annabel Devlin, instead of easing her nerves, she is drawn back to childhood nightmares and memories best forgotten.

There have been many local rumours and whispers among the people about the Blue the Boy inn because of its long history of extremely mysterious murders and disappearances that took place in the Inn many years before. It is not very long before Annabel starts hearing very strange noises within the walls of the rooms in the Inn and sees glimpses of something dark and ominous scurrying around in the shadows. Annabel cannot help but be fearful of what horror may lie ahead of her and her husband if they stay in the Inn. There is an attic in the Inn that has been kept locked all the years as well as a fire place that was bricked up many years ago; this was done to keep a ravenous evil at bay and a secret. Jack and Annabel Devlin’s arrival at the Inn has awoken the evil that has been hidden for so many years and stirred it up. There are debts to be paid and terrible hungers to be satisfied, Annabel’s greatest fears are all coming to life and those forgotten memories are one by one coming true. Once you have entered the Inn the chances are you will never leave well not alive at least.

The Dark Home Coming is a general fiction book and a chilling novel of gothic suspense about a beautiful mansion that is becomes the home of a newcomer that is completely unaware of the evil terror lurking within this lovely mansion and the consequences that he will have to face.
Liz Huntington met her husband David Huntington who is the son of one of the wealthiest families in Palm Beach only a few weeks ago, they had a wonderful honeymoon and are extremely and blissfully happy an in love at first, until Liz moves in with David into the Huntington House where David lived with his first wife. The staff especially the main housekeeper Mrs Hoffman made it very clear to point out to Liz that she will never measure up to or be accepted as the very classy and sophisticated deceased wife of David, Dominique was. David’s first wife had a very unfortunate incident where she drowned in a yacht accident. After a while Liz starts to sense a spirit in the house and hears unexplained noises as well as sees very shadowy figures that come and go down the very long corridors in the house. You can always smell the delightful yet eerie scent of Dominique’s favourite flowers lingering throughout the large old house. Liz is no longer just insecure in the Shadow of Dominique’s legacy but she is also fearful that all the young women who come to Huntington house are meeting terrible and unexplained deaths. She is afraid her death will be next and it will not end there either. Behind the Huntington House’s polished frontage lies an awful and unimaginable secret about true and innocent love that is twisted and contorted into an unnatural and evil obsession.
Slice is another thriller written by William Patterson about a killer on the loose that slices and stabs his victims and then kills them by slashing their throats.
Jessie Clarkson found herself married to a psychopath and pregnant with his child, she decided to run away from her hometown Sayers Brook in Connecticut to protect herself and her unborn baby from the evil that is her husband. Emil her husband would stop at nothing to prevent her from incriminating him or leaving him for that matter, she cannot go to the police or endanger the lives of her family any more than she already has so all she could do is run and hope that he never finds her. Five years later Emil dies and Jessie with her daughter Abby starting school can finally be at peace and return home to her family and friends after the terrible ordeal. But then out of the blue the murders start all over again, this time even worse than before, victims are viciously stabbed and slashed across the throat. Every victim seems to be connected to Jessie somehow, and she fears for her and her child’s life as well as the lives of her family and close friends. Has her dark past come back to haunt her, and will she ever escape Sayers Brook and the memories it holds. Jessie wonders if her husband Emil really died, or is there someone else that knows the dark secret.

The books by William Patterson are all dark horrific and deliciously creepy thrillers that will keep you on the edge with every page. His books are fast paced, clever and impossible to predict, they will make your heart pound and leave you breathless.

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