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When William Ritter is not writing bestselling novels, he is educating high schoolers language arts in the state of Oregon (he also teaches them other things like reading, writing, heroes and mythology). He was taught by his parents to value creativity, intelligence, and individuality above all; when they would read stories to him, they always read with voices. While in college, at the University of Oregon, he chose to take classes so that he could have a great story to tell about taking the class, rather than any practical use that he could get out of it. Ritter took such classes in meaningful subjects like Seventeenth Century Italian Longsword, Juggling, and Trampoline. That being said, he regrets nothing and later got degrees in education and English with certifications in folklore and creative writing. He has two sons that are the bravest he could ask for and a wife that is an indomitable woman. On the flip side, there is a lot that is not known about his place of birth, but stories about his place of birth talk about him being born in Malta Catacombs or in Oregon.

“Jackaby” is the first book in the “Jackaby” series written by William Ritter. The series is set in 1892 New England and stars Abigail Rook. In this novel, she meets R. F. Jackaby, a man who investigates the unexplained and has an ability to see the extraordinary and the ability to see beings of supernatural origin. He has the only seat in the house that allows him to see behind the curtain, so to speak. Abigail, herself, has the ability to see important, but at the same time ordinary, details; making her a great choice for his personal assistant. Her first day on the job finds her assisting Jackaby on a pretty interesting case. The police believe that a serial killer that is on the loose is just your average, everyday killer, but Jackaby believes that it is some kind of nonhuman creature. Everyone in the police department, save for one (detective Charlie Cane) deny the existence of such a creature.

Fans who enjoyed the novel liked Abigail and R.F. for the way that Abigail is a strong, smart woman who wants to make her own destiny and Jackaby is an interesting character who is very cerebral, easy to distract, and odd. Some liked the way the novel provided a good who-dun-it to keep the pages turning and the readers. They liked that some of the other minor characters had personality, unlike a lot of the other mystery novels that are out there. that feature weaker, flatter minor characters. There was an interesting mystery here for fans to work out. Most fans say that Jackaby serves as a great character and serves for some great reading. As does Abigail, saying that she is a strong woman who does not listen to her parents wishes, but at the same time is a lovable klutz. Some say that the series is a mix between Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Who with a supernatural element.

Readers did not like the way the novel sort of drags in the middle. Some felt that the book was not showing a lot of things, but rather telling a lot. Some found the novel to be simple and unimaginable and only steals from other novels with no original ideas found in it. Some felt themselves putting the book down and not feeling like reading the book a whole lot. Some found the novel to feature repetitive moments to the novel and some found the mystery to not be very interesting to them.

“Beastly Bones” is the second book in the “Jackaby” series written by William Ritter. This novel takes place a few months after the events of the first novel in the series. Things are never quite what they seem to be; that is one thing that Abigail Rook has learned while working for her boss. The owner of a litter of kittens (the kittens are brutal shape-shifters in disguise) is murdered with a puzzling puncture wound on her neck. Dinosaur bones from a dig in Gad’s Valley go missing, and there is a beast that no one can identify is going around attacking animals and people, leaving only the mutilated remains behind. Charlie Cane, an ex-cop who has been exiled from the town, calls on Abigail to help out on the case. Pretty soon, the two are on the hunt for a killer, a beast, and a thief.

Fans who enjoyed the novel liked the mystery that the novel had to offer and found that it was just as good as the first novel. Some found themselves reading the entire book in one or two days. Some liked the way the novel read like an old fashioned mystery novel. Some found themselves wanting more novels featuring these characters. Fans of the novel enjoy how charming and brilliant Jackaby is. Fans like the relationship that the pair have, the rapport the two have, and the way they are able to work together. Most can’t help but stare at the wonderful cover art on all the books. Some enjoyed the novel more because of a more complex mystery the novel has, making it harder to predict what will happen next. Some liked that Jackaby and Abigail are not pushed together to be in a relationship in the novel. They also liked the new creatures that Ritter was able to come up with in the novel.

Readers did not like how slow the novel was and how little excitement there was in the novel. Some found that this novel spun its wheels some and that there was a small editing problem in the novel. Some were simply disappointed in the novel, feeling that it did not measure up to the first novel in the series. Some felt that they were forced to finish the book and by the time the book was done, they were glad it was done. They felt that the book did not have the same spark that “Jackaby” did and it went down hill pretty fast for them.

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