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Publication Order of The First Americans Books

Beyond the Sea of Ice (1987)Description / Buy at Amazon
Corridor of Storms (1988)Description / Buy at Amazon
Forbidden Land (1989)Description / Buy at Amazon
Walkers of the Wind (1990)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Sacred Stones (1991)Description / Buy at Amazon
Thunder in the Sky (1992)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Edge of the World (1993)Description / Buy at Amazon
Shadow of the Watching Star (1995)Description / Buy at Amazon
Face of the Rising Sun (1996)Description / Buy at Amazon
Time Beyond Beginning (1998)Description / Buy at Amazon
Spirit Moon (2000)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Wolves of the Dawn (1986)Description / Buy at Amazon

William Sarabande is a pseudonym that has been widely used by author Joan Lesly Hamilton. Joan Lesly was born in Hollywood, California. When she was only 17 years old, Joan Lesly fell in love with writing and began her writing career.

William Sarabande Best Books
Corridor of Storms
Corridor of Storms is the second installment in the First American book series. Since Corridor of Storms is not a standalone novel, then it is highly advisable to read the first novel. In Corridor of Storms author, William Sarabande introduces the readers to Torka, three women, and a small boy. William and the band have been living together for more than three years in a sheltered valley. Nonetheless, when one of the women falls pregnant, Torka immediately knows that it is high time for them to leave the valley, to look for other tribal gatherings. Karana, the small boy, is saddened about his excursion. Furthermore, he knows the challenges of living with the tribal gatherings because there are men who love Torka and there are those who are more than determined to see him dead.

Despite the fact that Torka is not only brave but also bold, he lacks good judgment. Many at times, Torka is warned about something but chooses not to heed the advice, only to regret later. Furthermore, with Lonit being an extremely strong woman in the previous installments, it is surprising to see that she is wimping and simpering in the Corridor of Storms. Of all the members of the band, Karana is the only individual with sense. Apart from the band, author William Sarabande also introduces the readers to Navahk, who is the villain in the Corridor of Storms. Navahk is pure evil, and from the look of things, there is no good that can ever come out of him. This is in turn, makes Navahk much easier to dislike. However, there are numerous bad guys in Corridor of Storms, who are not pure evil. After living peacefully for his band for quite some time, Torka eventually finds out that there are other tribes who live together peaceful.

Nonetheless, when Torka found the other people is when trouble strikes. One may wonder why Torka has not yet learned from the repeated mistakes that he has made from time to time. With that said, William Sarabande writing abilities are fantastic. Despite the fact that the readers may feel the main characters were doomed in Corridor of Storms, there were numerous reprieves to relieve the stress.

Beyond the Sea
Beyond the Sea is the first installment in the First Americans book series. In this installment, author William Sarabande introduces the readers to the main characters, Torka and Lonit. Torka, Lonit and Torka’s father happens to be the only survivor of one of the tribes that had an encounter with a mammoth that was enraged. The trio is lucky enough to escape unharmed and in turn, seek a new place to settle. However, as expected the road ahead is not only tough, but they also have to deal with a lot of dangers including hostile communities. Furthermore, Torka lost his wife and children in the attack. Thus, he is still grieving. Because Lonit had strange eyes, everyone had been looking at her with revulsion. Despite the fact that everyone considers Lonit to be ugly, Torka still has feelings for her. However, there are several moments when Torka is a jerk towards Lonit.

What many readers may not notice is that Lonit is in her early teens. Despite being young, Lonit still goes through a lot for someone her age. Apart from being strong, Torka is also steady and has very few flaws. Because of Beyond the Sea, deals with lots of deaths instead of the tribes discovering things and advancing forth, it puts a twist in the pre-historic genre. Nonetheless, the various tribes and communities in Beyond the Sea still come up with numerous inventions.

Forbidden Land
Forbidden Land is the third installment in the First Americans book series. The First American is a collection of spellbinding adventures of a period when humans took their very first steps in the Icy wilds, and the process ruled the earth. Apart from being breathtaking, the Forbidden Land is also quite unforgettable and vivid. In this installment, the readers meet with Torka, the protagonist. Torka has recently managed to lead a group of survivors through a frozen ocean. Torka has now been named as the proud headman of the clan and a leader who has the ability to define the old ways. However, unexpectedly, the tribes will overturn against Torka Torka must act quickly and swiftly to ensure that he saves his family from individuals who may want to see them dead.

Apart from his family, a small band of followers follows Torka. Torka, his family and a group of faithful, they embark on an extremely dangerous journey to a new land, which is apparently feared by everyone. With a sense of courageousness, Torka and his band must fight against the savagery of the treacherous land, ancient mythical beliefs, and its strange creatures and in the process build a future that his people deserve.

Walkers of the Wind
Walkers of the Wind is the fourth installment in the First Americans book series. In Walkers of the Wind, the readers meet once again with Torka, a tribal leader, and a loving father. For several years now, Torka and his band have resided in the Eastern Lands quite peacefully. Now, the band has a headsman. Life has now become a routine, and the band is now watching their children grow peacefully. However, things begin to change when a prairie fire sweeps across their land. In the process, some of the band members are injured badly in the fire. The band is forced to move eastwards. Furthermore, things continue to get complicated when both of his sons are interested in the same girl. Considering the fact that the young girl has continued to bring trouble to his band, Torka does not know how to handle the animosity between his band members.

Unlike the other installments, Torka was quite firm and also made some very firm decisions. Lonit, on the other hand, was a supporting character. Thus we did not get to know so much about her.

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    What a wonderful series. I could not put down these books. I read all 6 books in the series in 2 weeks time and wished for more. So well written. It was as though I personally knew and lived with each and every one of the characters.


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