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Willow Fox is a bestselling American romance novelist who has been in love with the art of writing ever since she was in high school.

She published “Expose,” her debut work of fiction in 2021 and has never looked back since. Fox now has more than a dozen novels to her name across several series and is not showing any signs of slowing down anytime soon.

She has become known for writing small town romances that portray life in rural small town America.

Whether she is sitting outside by a roaring fire with a book in hand, or writing the latest bestselling romance, she has always been a lover of the written word.

Willow Fox’s novel “Secret Vow” is a beautiful follow up to the debut novel of the series Captive Vow.

The lead in the novel is introduced as Dante, a man who sleeps with the daughter of the baddest mafia boss in California. The complication is that Gino DeLuca, her father, is his biggest enemy.

Now he cannot forget about her and has been stalking and keeping tabs on her. He needs to ensure that no other man takes her away from him, even though all she was looking for is freedom.

He chases away all men coming after her that she is starting to feel severely constricted. She is desperate for freedom and is like a caged bird. Unexpectedly, she sneaks away but gets kidnapped and is sold as a bride.

Even in the farthest corner of the globe and in the darkest room, Dante can recognize her and deems her his little dove. He wants to save and own her, even if it means he has to buy her.

But she does not see it that way. All she wants is her freedom even as Dante wants her to be his.

It is a beautiful mafia romance with some dark elements that makes for some compelling reading.

“Captive Vow” by Willow Fox is an enthralling romance story that introduces Paige and Moreno.

Moreno happens to work for the Ricci family as underboss. At the opening of the novel he is still in mourning over the loss of his wife. He is also at a loss at how to take care of Nova, his four year old daughter.

On the other hand is Paige, a feisty, young and sweet woman who had dropped everything including her ambitions and dreams, so that she could go back home and take care of her ailing mother.

Her mother had passed on a few weeks past but with nowhere to go, she started living in her car while she looked for a job. Signing up at an agency, she offered the position of nanny that has to be filled immediately.

The sparks fly when the two meet for the nanny interview but Paige is not so sure what to make of Moreno, while he is not having any of it.

When the man that murdered his wife comes back into town, revelations will come out, people wil be played and loyalties tested. No one’s life is ever going to be the same again once everything comes out.

It is a beautiful and mesmerizing story of violence, betrayal, rtvenge, deception, secrets, drama, turns and twists that makes for a cute little story with a happy ending.

Willow Fox’s novel “Savage Vow” tells the story of Aurielo and Karina who met when Karina and Ivy decided to crash a party.

The girls do not know who is the host of the party but Ivy gets them in by saying that they are the daughters of Bianchi. Ivy is the wild one while Karina is the more reserved of the two who often does the right thing.

As for Aurielo, he is currently an employee of the Rinaldi mafia family which makes him a dangerous, dark but handsome man. He is also intensely attracted to Karina and their instant connection results in one wild night of passion.

Fast forward six years later and Karina is all grown up and is working as a pediatric nurse. She also has a five year old son from that wild night she had with Aurelo. The only thing is that she never knew his last name and hence locating him had been impossible.

She had gone on to raise her son on her own even as his father never knew he had a son. But then her sister unexpectedly gifts her a day at the spa. Immediately she walks into the hotel room and she knows that there is something fishy going on.

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