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Publication Order of Winston Garano Books

The name ‘Win Garano’ refers to a series of crime fiction novels written by Patricia Cornwell. The books follow the exploits of a mixed race detective caught up in the machinations of a ruthless DA.

+The Story

The Win Garano books were controversial when they were first published back in 2006. Patricia Cornwall burst onto the literary scene when she wrote ‘Postmortem’ in 1990. ‘Postmortem’ was the first book in the Kay Scarpetta series.

She proceeded to write more than a dozen books that told the stories of a Chief Medical Examiner and her many conflicts with deranged murderers. And the books were big hits, elevating Patricia Cornwall into the upper echelons of the crime fiction genre.

Unfortunately for Patricia, the Kay Scarpetta hype didn’t last. At first, readers complained that the quality of the Scarpetta books was dropping. Then certain audiences began to drop Patricia’s work altogether because her Scarpetta books had declined to the point of being called horrible.

By the time the Win Garano books came around, Patricia’s fans were ready to see the Scarpetta series end. And they definitely took to her Garano series with fervor, hoping to see the Patricia Cornwell of old emerge once more to deliver the heart-pounding tales of mystery and suspense for which she was originally known.

However, the Garano books failed to meet the expectations of audiences. Some readers commended the series for being better than the Scarpetta novels Patricia had published in the early 2000s.

But that did not make them quality literary creations. While the latter Scarpetta novels were criticized for being unnecessarily long and convoluted, the Win Garano books were so short that it wouldn’t have been an exaggeration to call them novellas.

It came as little surprise when Patricia Cornwell ultimately decided to turn her attention back to the Scarpetta series. Some readers have theorized that the Garano books might have been a palate cleanser for Patricia, a means for her to rejuvenate her creative pools before making her return to the much-loved and also much-maligned Scarpetta series.

The Win Garano series tells the story of a detective by the names of Win Garano. When he is first introduced to readers, Garano is just another member of the Massachusetts State Police.

Garano is living what some people might refer to as an ordinary life, though he is working to better himself by enrolling for a course at the National Forensic Academy. Garano’s life is drastically transformed when he is assigned to liaise with District Attorney Monique Lamont.

Lamont is definitely easy on the eyes. She’s also tough as nails and too ambitious for Garano’s liking. The police officer normally would care that much about Lamont’s future prospects. However, the DA seems determined to make Garano the tool that she will use to carve out her legacy.

It becomes clear early on that Lamont has set her sights on the Governor’s mansion. Lamont keeps trying to create new policing initiatives that she believes will show the public her determination to stamp out crime and make Knoxville a much safer place.

And while the initiatives seem innocent enough on the surface, there is no doubt that each one of Lamont’s actions is designed to win the public’s favor. And it often falls on the shoulders of Win Garano to make Lamont look good.

He is the African-American/Italian officer that Lamont assigns to dig up cold and seemingly unsolvable cases and to venture into dangerous neighborhoods to upend perfectly operational municipal police departments.

Garano works hard to stay out of Lamont’s games. He can always tell when a fight is brewing between Lamont and her enemies and he would gladly leave her to fend for herself. But Lamont is nothing if not shrewd and she always finds a way to throw Garano into the thick of things.

The Win Garano books are written in present tense. Patricia Cornwall endeavors to represent the perspectives of both Garano and Lamont. She wants readers to understand their opposing views and to appreciate the conflict-ridden dynamic that keeps manifesting between them.

The Garano books have been accused of ending a little too abruptly, almost as if Patricia Cornwall realized that she had hit her word limit and then suddenly stopped.


‘At Risk’ and ‘The Front’ were adapted into Television movies of the same names in 2010. Before 2010, Patricia was a bit of an anomaly because she was one of very few authors that had written several bestsellers but whose books had never received movie adaptations.

It was suggested in 2010 that the reason it took so long to get the Win Garano television movies made was that Patricia kept holding out for a feature-film deal. She eventually saw the futility of her hopes and that led her to accept the television movie adaptation deal.

+At Risk

Win Garano is a Massachusetts Detective trying to finish a course at the National Forensic Academy. Garano is called back home to Knoxville to undertake an assignment by the District Attorney, Monique Lamont.

Garano would rather steer clear of Lamont. Lamont wants to put in place a special program that uses cutting-edge DNA analysis techniques to solve crimes. And she wants to prove the program’s efficacy by solving a decades-old case.

She also wants Garano to work the case but he isn’t particularly enthusiastic about the idea. Garano knows that Lamont’s actions are a stunt designed to take her to the governor’s mansion, and he doesn’t want any part of her games.

Garano’s plans to leave Knoxville are halted when a violent incident occurs that shakes him, Lamont and the people around them.

+The Front

District Attorney Monique Lamont is back at it. She is still working behind the scenes to boost her image. And this time she has begun a campaign designed to highlight the dangers of declining neighborhoods.

Unfortunately for Garano, Lamont is still in the business of using him to do her dirty work. She decides to send him down to Watertown to unravel a case. Garano knows she wants him to drum up some drama but he plays along.

Garano meets up with Lamont’s contact and tries to accomplish his boss’ assignment. In the days that follow, Garano begins to realize the truth behind Lamont’s task, this while unveiling hidden agendas in Watertown.

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