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Wine & Dine Mysteries Books In Order

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Publication Order of Wine & Dine Mysteries Books

A Sip Before Dying (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Chocolate Covered Death (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Victim in the Vineyard (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Marriage, Merlot & Murder (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Death in Wine Country (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Fashion, Rosé & Foul Play (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Killer Among the Vines (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Wine & Dine Mysteries Series
Wine & Dine is a mystery series by Gemma Halliday. The series stars Emmy Oak, a Vineyard owner with a stubborn heart and a quick mind. When someone dies on her property, Emmy dives into the investigation even though she has minimal experience. This must have stirred something in her because she will be involved in more murder investigations in this series. Trouble seems to follow Emmy wherever she goes, and she encounters her fair share of scares. Fortunately, she has a hot detective who watches over her and not just because he is concerned about her safety.

A Sip Before Dying
A Sip Before Dying comes first in the Wine & Dine Mysteries. Emmy Oak’s family has owned The Oak Valley Vineyard for generations. However, after her father’s passing, the winery runs into financial troubles, and it seems like the family business is about to be swallowed by the giants. Emma decides to leave the city and go back to Sanoma for business and take care of her mother, who has dementia. In an effort to bring the winery back on its feet, Emmy throws a party showcasing her vintage wine and some tasty treats, thanks to her modern culinary skills. The country’s elites come to the party, and everything goes according to plan until one guest dies in the cellar after taking some poisoned wine.

Now, Emma and the winery are the talk of the town and for all the wrong reasons. While no one seems sad about the young man’s death, there is no denying that the incident is bad for business. Things get thicker when one of Emmy’s friends is arrested in relation to the murder. Determined to clear her business and friend’s name, Emma decides to do her investigation on the matter. What she discovers is that the dead man was a boy toy for Silicon Valley’s successful CEO, and he had enough people who wanted him dead. As she works through the list of suspects, Emmy will have to work with Detective Christopher Grant, the man in charge of this case.

Grant is such a distraction, but Emma tries her best to stay focused. Her best friend Eva is also in town to help with the investigation and also keep Emma in check. As the girls continue to dig, secret affairs are uncovered, grudges are made, and more crimes are revealed. This duo will take big chances to catch the killer, and while the detective often comes to their rescue, there is no telling what the killer will do to keep their noses out of his business. Can Emmy outsmart a killer who manages to poison a glass of wine unnoticed?

A Sip Before Dying is a great start to a captivating mystery series. On these pages, there is danger, suspense, and a good amount of wine. Emmy is such a lovable character, and she and Ava form quite a pair. Under his stern exterior, detective Grant is quite the gentleman, and it is impressive how quickly he moves when Emmy’s life is in danger. The investigation goes on well, and you can bet that you will be surprised when the killer is revealed. There is some hint of romance, and you can only hope that it will grow into something more substantial over time.

Chocolate Covered Death
Chocolate Covered Death comes second in the Wine & Dine Mysteries. Now that the previous case is already resolved, Emmy is busy improving her winery’s reputation. With the help of her friend, Leah, Emmy organizes a Wine and Chocolate party and invites all of Sonoma Valley’s elite. Leah owns a bakery and is in charge of the decadent chocolate desserts while Emmy brings her signature wines. However, when Leah’s ex’s new wife dies after the party, all fingers point to Leah as the main suspect. After all, she is the one who discovered the body. But, again, Emmy’s business is about to take another hit since her winery was connected to the Chocolate Bar.

In an effort to save her friend, Emmy finds herself in the middle of high society, looking for the killer. The murdered woman had a wine brokering business, and Emmy suspects that it had something to do with her death. It could also be the new golf club she had joined or a frenemy she had collected along the way. There are also rumors that their marriage was unhappy, so it’s possible that her friend’s ex-husband could be the killer. Emmy’s digging doesn’t go unnoticed, and it seems the killer is not happy. Despite all the trouble she keeps getting into, Emmy keeps pushing until she goes through a near-death experience.
It is fun following Emmy through country clubs and Sonoma Valley’s elites as she works to catch an elusive killer. Sexy Detective Grant is back, and the chemistry between him and Emmy continues even though they both try to keep their feelings from each other. Once again, Emmy will be getting into Grant’s nerves because she cannot stop even when he tells her how dangerous it is to hunt down a murderer. The author’s natural and vibrant writing is notable, and her witty voice will make you want to keep on reading. All characters are well developed, and you cannot help but get emotionally invested in their lives.
Chocolate Covered Death is another intriguing romp into Sonoma Valley. The author has done an excellent job of blending suspense, romance, and fashion, making this book unputdownable. You will barely take note of the time, and before you know it, you will be at the last page, trying hard to catch your breath. It is admirable how Emmy shows up for her friends and does everything possible to keep them out of jail. She is sure that her friend is incapable of murder and doesn’t stop until her name is cleared. Things with Grant are going great, and the ending will leave you wanting to see what happens next between them.

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    I am a huge fan of this series and I am wondering when book 8 is coming out. I dont believe Emmy’s, Ava’s and David’s stories are done yet. Looking forward to what happens next.


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