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Publication Order of Wings of Steele Books

Destination Unknown (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Flight of Freedom (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Revenge and Retribution (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dark Cover (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Resurrection (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Wings of Steele is a popular series of science fiction, military fiction, war, space opera, and romance stories. It is written by a renowned American novelist named Jeffrey J. Burger. The series is comprised of 5 books released between 2012 and 2019. Every novel of this series features the chief protagonist the role of a former big-city cop named Jack Steele. He resigned from the job when one of his close friends got killed on duty. Jack Steele is trying to recover from a difficult divorce. He attempts to reinvent his life by indulging in flying and restructuring his life by working as a pilot for hire. Jack is always accompanied by his German Shepherd named Fritz. His flying skills so good that he can fly anything, anywhere.

Jack Steele shuttles new and used places for his clients across the world. Having faced different colors of life, Jack has grown to understand that life can through challenges without any warning, so it is better to be prepared and control life before it starts getting difficult. But, when he seemed totally unprepared when his life suddenly goes violently and drastically sideways. Jack and his co-pilot never anticipated the magnitude and direction in which things get headed. Now, they have turned into wanted men and are being chased by men. The only option they have is to run, but they don’t know where to go. An exciting book of the Wings of Steele series written by author Jeffrey Burger is entitled ‘Flight of Freedom’. It was self-published by the author in 2013.

The book opens by showing that adventure in Jack Steele’s life continues. He is now employed at the UFW Blackmount Station to fly the spacecraft named Freedom into space. He is given a killed crew and provided with all the supplies to take up the mission. As soon as Jack Steele enters the space, life starts throwing complex problems at him and his crew. The complexities make their best-laid plans sprinter at home as well as abroad. Jack Steele and his team are motivated and organized. They make sure that they are not taken lightly and go on increasing their freelancers’ fleet by hiring men attracted by fame and wealth. In its own way, Jack’s spacecraft Freedom was becoming famous for because of the activities of its crew. This meant that another disaster was about to head in the direction of Freedom and the crew on board. This epic adventure story of science fiction takes the readers from the surface of the Earth to the vast, dark, expanse of space and its distant empires.

Another excellent novel of this series is known as ‘Revenge & Retribution’. It was published as a Kindle book in 2014. Jeffrey Burger has mentioned the primary characters in this novel as Admiral Pottsdorn and Jack Steele. Initially, it is mentioned that Jack’s spacecraft Freedom gets destroyed completely. After completing the previous mission successfully, Jack Steele is handed over a new position in the company and also given the command of a new spaceship. As soon as he becomes the newly appointed Vice Admiral, Admiral Pottsdorn is relieved of his duties as the Task Force Lancer commander and is replaced by Jack Steele.

By closely monitoring the new vessel Veloria Prime on its course to the Terran system and leaving it behind in a stabilized condition, Jack and his team move on to make their next mission into a success. They are tasked to invite the planet of Earth into the Worlds’ United Federation. This mission is very important to the UFW Directorate and it wants Jack to succeed in it at any cost. But, he again faces trouble when things don’t work out between the deep space and Earth, thereby resulting in an unfriendly between the Terran system and Velora Prime. This novel also takes the readers on an action-packed, adventurous ride into the deep space. Jeffrey Burger’s depiction of the distant empires in space and their interaction with the human planet is beautifully narrated in this book. It attracted a large number of readers from all parts of the world. The ones having a deep interest in space stories were the ones who enjoyed this book the most.

Jeffrey J. Burger is a popular American writer of space opera, science fiction, historical fiction, adventure, and military fiction stories. He is particularly well known for writing the Wings of Steele novel series and creating the character of the main protagonist Jack Steele. Jeffrey Burger was born and brought up in Chicago, Illinois. He moved to the Gulf Coast when he was 28 years old and lives there even today along with his German Shepherd named Jax. In between, he makes visits to Chicago to meet his friends and family members. Jeffrey Burger was attracted to law enforcement at a very young age. His father and uncle were his role models.

Jeffrey Burger’s creative nature motivated him to develop a rewarding career in the fields of illustration, photography, advertising, design, and marketing. Since he launched his debut novel, Jeffrey has succeeded in mastering the fields of writing and publishing as well. His choice in life and career in Florida has offered a few truly great and unique experiences that Jeffrey continues to cherish even today. Being a certified instructor of firearms, Jeffrey Burger has worked with military personnel, law enforcement officers, civilians from numerous agencies. This career has given him the chance to handle firearms of all kinds regularly and become proficient. Jeffrey Burger also has a liking for aircraft. His particular interest in flying has allowed him to have many chances to fly with military pilots and civilians in a large selection of rotary and fixed-wing aircraft.

Jeffrey likes to express his gratitude to all the critics and fellow writers who have liked his novels and have given great reviews on various literary platforms. He looks forward to writing a lot more books in the years to come and add more name and fame to his already successful writing career. Jeffrey also intends to widen his area of interest and try his hand at many other activities that he has not touched so far.

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