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Wings Series
Wings is a fantasy series by Aprilynne Pike. This series starts Laurel, a young girl who grows up like a normal kid until she develops a flower on her part. It comes as a surprise to both Laurel and her parents that she is not human but a faerie. On her journey to self-discovery, Laurel will be forced to trace her steps to the past. She will also have to discover what mission she is destined to accomplish in the world of humans. At times, she will also be called to help in Avalon. We get to see life from her eyes in both the human and faerie life. This series comes with non-stop action, outstanding world-building, and characters who will stay in your mind for a long time.

Wings comes first in the Wings series. The book introduces Laurel, a young lady with a mysterious past and an exciting future. Laurel had been homeschooled for the first ten years of her life. Now a sophomore, she is forced to join a public school in Crescent City. After moving away from their cabin in the forest to start a bookshop, Laurel’s adoptive parents have no choice but to take her through public school. Laurel meets David, a gorgeous young man at her new school who also invites her to his group. Soon, David is Laurel’s best friend, and the duo spends a good portion of their time in school together.
Just when Laurel is starting to get settled in her new life, something that changes the course of her life happens. A bump appears on her back, and it keeps growing until it erupts into a pretty blue flower. The petals make it appear like she has wings. While Laurel does an excellent job of keeping this new formation from her family and schoolmates, David does notice and is ready to help her investigate what is going on. By comparing the cells in her blossom and cheeks, he discovers that Laurel is a plant. Confused by all these developments, Laurel makes a trip back to her cabin home only to meet Tumaini, a handsome young man who knows a lot about her.

It turns out that Laurel is a fairy, and for the duration they stayed in that cabin, she was guarding a huge secret. It doesn’t take Laurel long to discover that she was different, and her unique features put her in the way of great danger. It also gets hard for her to choose the kind of life she wants. Will she opt to go the fairy way and spend her days exploring the forest in the company of Tamani, or will she choose David and her adoptive parents over her destiny. There is a lot to love and enjoy in this book. The close escapes, chases, and dramatic choices will keep you glued. Laurel’s fight with the trolls is outstanding, and it is sweet that David is always there to offer a helping hand.

Wings is an exciting story and intriguing take on faeries. It is an extraordinary tale of magic, romance, and danger. The book is beautifully written, and the world the author has created will have you mesmerized from the start. If you are a fan of fairy stories, this book will change everything you ever thought about faeries. You will also enjoy the sensational plotline and fast pace. All characters are well depicted, and the lover triangle towards the end will leave you wanting more of Tamani and David.

Spells comes second in the Wings series. Laurel already knows who she is and where she came from before she was placed in her adoptive parent’s home. However, she is not ready to go back to the faerie world and leave her human life and boyfriend, David. However, when she is required to go to Avalon, she has no choice but to obey. Laurel has to learn what it takes to become a true faerie so that she can accomplish her mission. In Avalon, she will be spending her time next to the charismatic Tamani, and she can no longer deny the feelings she has for him. What is a girl to do when it is clear that she is in love with two boys?

A summer in Avalon reveals a lot about Laurel’s life. Before she was sent to the world of humans with no recollection of her past, she had quite some history with Tamani. We get a glimpse of how life was for these two and other faeries. It also becomes clear that the trolls would be a persistent problem even though she could handle them at the moment. As Laurel’s magic develops and she gets to experience life with her kind, her decision to stay with the humans begins to waver. Should she stay in Avalon and work alongside Tamani and the rest of her kind?

Tamani continues to get more likable, and you cannot help but marvel at his history with Laurel. You will enjoy hearing stories about their past before Laurel’s memory was erased, meeting Tamani’s parents, and experiencing life in this exciting, faerie world. The diverse settings give the story quite an edge, and the author’s descriptions of Avalon make it sound so magical. It is not yet clear why Laurel was sent to the world of humans. However, it becomes evident that hers is an important mission, and you can only hope that this and more information will be revealed in the next installment.

Spells is an exciting story that takes us deeper into the world of faeries. The author explores relationships between Laurel, her parents, David and Tamani. All characters are well fleshed out, and you can almost believe what is going on in their lives. The chemistry between Laurel and Tamani is clear from the start, and it is impressive that she does make her choice by the end. While David is a great guy, you will keep hoping that Tamani will get the girl. Like the first story, this book ends with a cliffhanger that will send you looking for the next book in the series.

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