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A Taiwanese-American writer, Winnie M. Li has quickly made a name for herself, having pursued a lifelong love of both film and literature. Clearly a gifted storyteller from the outset, she really manages to engage her audiences on a most basic and fundamental level, saying exactly what it is that she wants to say. Creating strong characters too, she really manages to create an effective and intricate set of narrative threads, enabling her to craft them finely in a way that is both compelling and enthralling. Her characters resonate with readers worldwide, something which is clearly linked to her days spent backpacking around the world, giving her a unique perspective and insight into other cultures and ways of life. It is also something that has also been shaped by her activism in the past too, as she clearly has a sense of compassion and justice, something which is also reflected within her writing. With a lot more planned on the horizon, she is a writer who will continue to enthrall, with her being a writer of immeasurable talent and skill.

Early and Personal Life

Growing up in New Jersey, the future author to be Winnie M. Li would soon embark on a lifelong affinity with the written word that would develop over the years that were to follow. Interested in both film and literature, she would come to pursue these, graduating from Harvard studying Folklore and Mythology. This would later be backed up by her MA in Anglo-Irish Literature from the National University of Ireland in Cork, which she attended after being awarded a scholarship. Over the years, this would be something that she would continue to nurture, as she would put her many experiences back into her work, something that she continues to this very day.

Writing Career

It was in 2017 that Winnie M. Li would make her literary debut with the novel ‘Dark Chapter’, taking her career forwards as a full-time writer of fiction. Whilst it would use real events as the basis for this novel, it would use a large amount of fiction too, as Li would ostensibly say exactly what it is that she ultimately wanted to say. Having always been engaged in literature over the course of her life, she would manage to create her own profile throughout the years, giving her a strong presence within the industry. Gaining awards for her work winning the ‘Edgar Award for Best First Novel’, she doesn’t show signs of stopping any time soon either, as her writing career grows from strength-to-strength.

Dark Chapter

Originally brought out through the Legend’s Press publishing label in 2017 on the 12th of September, this would herald the arrival of Winnie M. Li as a full-time novelist. With this being her debut novel, it would also go on to win awards, marking her out as a definite writer to watch over the year to follow. It would also be an entirely self-contained stand-alone novel, not being a part of any series as such, allowing it to tell its own story.

Taking a look at characters from disparate walks of life, this book examines the unforeseen events that can occur when bringing people together. With Vivian and Johnny they couldn’t be further in terms of who they are and where they come from, but this breaks through all of that to learn how anybody can come together under certain circumstances. Set in Ireland in West Belfast, this story bases itself on true events, taking them to create a story that is both engaging and entertaining in equal measure.

Escaping her life through travel and adventure, the Taiwanese-American tourist Vivian is a cosmopolitan individual who finds herself getting away from it all and seeing the world. Then there’s Johnny, an outcast essentially living on the fringes of society, with him being a fifteen year old Irish teenager having lived a somewhat neglected life. That’s when the two of them both find themselves crossing paths whilst in West Belfast during one spring afternoon, as there’s a particularly horrific act of violence which brings them into each other’s orbit. How did this come to be? Where will this lead? What happened in this particularly dark chapter?

Film and Activism Work

With a past in both film and activism, Winnie M. Li is a staunch advocate for a number of different causes, putting herself into a series of different projects over the years. Touring the world has given her a unique and fresh perspective on the many challenges and issues she has given her support to, allowing her to gain an inside-out knowledge of the situation. Getting herself involved constantly on numerous occasions, this has all ensured that her writing itself is also both fresh and unique, giving her the tools necessary to create compelling and interesting books on the human condition as she sees it.

The work she has conducted within film has seen Li take on a number of different roles, seeing her volunteer for the Cork International Film Festival in recent years. Along with this she has also worked for Ugly Duckling Films, as well as Left Turn Films following her moving to London, as she gained an insight into the world of independent films and their production. This would lead to her becoming Head of Development there, which would, in turn, lead to her producing a number of short award winning films, a few of which were also Oscar nominated.

Previously working within the travel sector too, she has spearheaded certain initiatives with the main aim of bringing to light particular issues such as eco-tourism, along with wildlife conservation. This would allow her to gain a more worldly understanding of the many various issues facing society today, something which would also, in time, come to influence both her and her writing output creatively. Working as a PhD researcher too, she would look into how social-media has influenced the attitudes and debates surrounding abuse and assault, something which would also come to shape her work in the years to follow. Now writing full-time, she continues to employ a number of different pursuits, as she manages to put her ideas forwards in a clear and coherent manner, attracting readers worldwide, something that will carry on for some time to come.

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