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Publication Order of Witch Woods Funeral Home Books

A Ghost of a Chance (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Nothing to Ghost About (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Make the Ghost of It (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ghost Stories (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ghost Blusters (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Repossessed (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Witch Woods Funeral Home series is a popular cozy mystery book series written by the bestselling Australian author named Morgana Best. It is comprised of a total of 4 books, which were released between the years 2015 and 2016. The books of this series feature funny and humorous cozy mystery stories filled with ghosts. Author Best has created some quirky and funny cast of characters that make the stories even more interesting to read. Each of the books of this funny series is a clever, fun-filled mystery with sets of well developed and brilliant characters. All the books of the series depict the chief character as Laural Bay. She is described as having the special gift of being able to see ghosts and talk to them. Laurel goes on to solve a number of mysteries throughout the series with the help of all her ghostly friends. As the series progresses further, she comes across different types of ghosts, who tell her some personal things about themselves and ask her to unravel the mysteries related to them. Laurel Bay used to live in the city, but she cannot help but return to the funeral home inherited by her, which is located in a small town called Witch Woods. As soon as Laural moves into her new home, the ghostly adventures begin to take place in her life. At one point, she gets extremely fed up with dealing with the ghosts and wonders why in hell is she the only person who is capable of seeing the ghosts and nobody else. However, she realizes later that she is given a great responsibility and must endure it so that she can help the dead ones find justice. Author Morgana Best says that this book series is going to suit all those readers, who like cozy mysteries involving animals, supernatural elements, and ghosts. In spite of involving ghosts, the books of this mystery series are regarded as clean.

The first book of this excellent novel series written by Morgana Best is entitled ‘A Ghost of A Chance’. It was released by the Ghost Books publication in the year 2015. The main characters of this book include a girl named Laural Bay and her mother named Thelma Bay. At the start of the book’s story, it is shown that Laurel Bay is able to engage with ghosts, see them, and chat with them. She used to live in the Melbourne and was taking care of her livelihood by doing some odd jobs. When she comes to know that her father has died and has left a funeral home for her, Laurel is left with no other option but to go there and look after the family business. Laurel Bay decides to give up her dreams of making it big in the city and return to the Witch Woods town, where her family’s funeral home is located. She reunites with her mother begins to look after her family business and helping it boom once again. It appears to be a huge responsibility for Laurel, but she seems fully determined to face all the challenges that come her way. She knows it very well that it is not going to be a dead end job and would take some time. Only, she is required to be patient and everything will change for the better with the passage of time and her dedication and determination.

Once Laurel Bay begins to work towards the betterment of her father’s business, she realizes that she will have to be content with her overly religious and manipulative mother. Also, Laurel attracts multiple ghosts and tries to fulfill requirements of each of them so that she could make them go away from her life and not come again. Another character that Laurel Bay get’s involved with is the handsome and secretive accountant, who works at the funeral home. Later, all the attempts of Laurel at making things better go in vain when she comes to know that a local woman has been murdered in her funeral home. This causes the business to suffer a great loss once again, which eventually stops the inflow of money. Now, if Laurel really wants to get things going for her business and overcome the losses, she will have to get involved in the investigation of the murder case and solve it herself. Laurel Bay knows that if she could catch the killer on her own, it will not only bring a lot of praise for her, but it will also prove beneficial to her business. However, she needs to be careful not to get too close to the killer or else she might end up becoming a victim herself, which will bring everything to a bitter end.

The next installment of the famous book series is called ‘Nothing to Ghost About’. This book was also published by Ghost Books in 2015. At the beginning of the story of this book, it is depicted that Laurel Bay is busy conducting a recent funeral at the funeral home. In the middle of the ceremony, it is discovered that someone has been strangled to death in the home’s bathroom. This is the second instance when someone got killed in the Laurel’s funeral home since she took the responsibility of its business. It does not look good for her as well as the business because already Laurel was running low on the business side and the recent murder has caused a complete stoppage of money inflow. Once again, Laurel decides to look into the matter herself and try to solve the mystery on her own. She begins by sifting through the easily found clues. Laurel looks to find some more clues and evidences that will help her unravel the identity of the killer. At first, Laurel attempts to establish the identity of the victim and then tries to discover the link with the previous murder case so that she could find a killing pattern. When the police begin to cause obstacles in her investigation, Laurel starts doing things secretly. She interrogates the residents of the town and comes up with a list of suspects. Each name that appears on the suspects’ list seemed to have a motive to kill the victim. Now, Laurel has to go through each name in the list, find information about their background, and try to uncover the reason as to why the victim was killed. One thing Laurel looks to find most importantly is that why the killers chose to commit the murderous crimes in her father’s funeral home and cause her trouble. Sometimes, she wonders whether she has made new enemies by deciding to start her family business again. Only time will tell what surprises Laurel Bay is left to experience in her life and how she is going to handle them.

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