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Publication Order of Witches Knot Books

Witches Knot is a series of paranormal novels written by Lauren Dane. Lauren began the publication of Witches Knot series in 2005 when Triad the first book in the series was published. The series lasted six books concluding in 2007 with Threat of Darkness.


Triad is the first book in Witches Knot series by Lauren Dane. The novel introduces readers to Lee Charvez a member of a long line of witches sworn to offer protection to New Orleans and its people from evil. However, they are not ordinary witches though, since Lee, her mother, and aunt are all witch dreamers, and their magic is the most powerful and most important of all. Lee happens to be the most talented and influential witch dreamer her family has ever produced, so when she comes across an evil stronger than anything she has ever felt, at her aunt’s urging she works to strengthen her magical abilities in order to fight the evil off.

During her dreams, she encounters two men, one named Aiden an ancient vampire that has also dreamed of her and knows that Lee is his true mate. He relocates to New Orleans to seek her and when they meet the two madly fall in love. The second man is Alex, a sorcerer from Chicago who is also destined to be with Lee. Alex is also a good friend of Aiden, and soon the three find themselves entangled in a relationship that is destined not only to save Lee’s life but also the life of every New Orleans resident. The evil that Lee has been preparing to confront one day is ready to take her and everything else in its path.

Triad, the first book in Witches Knot series, is a riveting read from the first page to the last. Just when you finally think you’ve finally figured out the story, Lauren Dane throws in other elements you may not have been expecting. The author took the efforts of weaving a beautiful story with sensually steam romantic scenes and well though plots.

A Touch of Fae

Emily is a witch; she traces her roots from a powerful line of witches who maintain who maintain the peace between the spirit world and the human world. She is also a human with a strong empath ability and is more reticent than her sister Amelia who was the main character in the first book in the series, Triad. She has stay sane with all the background noise of everyone’s thoughts and feelings around her.

She is part a scholar and has had visions of a book with symbols, and she describes it while trying to figure it out. It is a book of spells that keep the Compact intact thus ensuring the safety of the humans. Unfortunately, there is an evil demon who is seeking to have the book, an evil presence in the previous book. The Fairy Queen decides that they must get hold of the book before it falls at the hands of wrong hands and assigns to her most powerful warrior to cross over the Veil into the human world and secure the book.

The warrior, Con/Conchobar is not to make him known to the human world or to Emily but just observe her and find the whereabouts of the books. Apparently, Con is a lady killer and has been around for more than 10,000 years and has a ton of ladies and other female creatures. He is handsome, tall and muscular with caramel colored eyes and pointy ears that are extremely sensitive. When he sets his sights on Emily, nothing can stop him from not following her almost everywhere including her bath, while she is sleeping and wherever she goes. He tracks her for six months and soon realizes that she is going to be his, it is only just a matter of time for he is halfway in love with her and has no idea he even exists.

At last, it appears that Emily is going to get her hands on the book, that is in possession of an old witch in London, and Emily gets permission to visit the witch and study this and other old books in the witch’s house. This development is then relayed to the Fairy Queen who then offers Con permission to reveal himself to Emily so that he can get hold of the book. When Con first meets Emily, she flushes in amazement that the man has been in her private dreams at night making some sweet love to her. The chemistry that sparks between Emily and Con is wonderful, and soon they make love and become lovers they want to be forever.

Vengeance Due

The third book in the best selling Witches Knot series introduces us to Simone Charvez, a powerful empath from the long line of female witches. For generations, the Charvez family has been protecting the innocent residents of New Orleans. Because of her alluring wonderful books and her highly sensitive powers, Simone and her highly sensitive power, Simone believes that she will never find a man who will really love her as a woman rather than just another pretty face waiting to be laid. But when a sexy bad boy walks into her shop, Simone is overpowered with his emotions, both pain, and intense desire and from that day forth, Simone knew that her life had changed for the best.

As a teenager, Kael Gardener watches as a horrendous vampire attacked his family. From that day he vowed to avenge the death of his family, and now he and his team hunt down vampire across the country. After hunting for many months, he and his friends decide to stop in New Orleans for some rest and its where he encounters the most astonishing woman he has ever met in his life, one who threatens to break the shield that he has built around his heart. To make matters even worse, a vampire is one of Simone’s family members, and Kael had vowed to hunt down every last of them.

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