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With Me in Seattle Mafia / Martinelli Mafia series by Kristen Proby
Author Kristen Proby writes the “Martinelli Mafia” series of romantic suspense novels. Here is an all new family in her “With Me In Seattle” universe. Hold on to your seat while you’re introduced to Kristen’s new Mafia Family!

“Underboss” is the first novel in the “Martinelli Mafia” series and was released in 2020. Carmine Martinelli, as the eldest son of Seattle’s current mob boss, has never had a life of his own. However he does not mind since his family means a lot more to him than his life. Which is why he is determined to make those that are responsible for the death of his uncle and aunt pay, ins some gruesome and inventive ways. And what better way to do this than to infiltrate the Russian mafia from the inside? Good thing that the bratva’s princess is seemingly willing to do whatever he asks and is stunning. This vengeance might just be the perfect mix of pleasure and business.

Nadia Tarenkov has got several things stacked up against her: she is not the oldest kid in her family and she is a woman. Doesn’t matter. She’s got her sights set on ruling the entire syndicate, and she’s always gotten what she wanted. When the heir to one of the States’ most powerful crime families comes a knocking, she sees it for the gift that it truly is. He believes he has got her fooled, however she is more cunning, smarter, and always two steps ahead. She will beat this gorgeous mobster at his own game, and she’ll secure her place in the fold.

What neither one of them takes into consideration, though, is that they are not the only ones that have deadly plans in motion. In order to survive, they will have to work together and come clean, as well as acknowledge that the growing love they have just been pretending is not there, is, in fact, very real.

Fans of the book love that Kristen starts this series off by putting two strong leaders in the world of organized crime together and made them a couple. Nadia and Carmine truly explode off of the pages right from the word go. Each and every interaction had this spark to it and their journey had readers glued to each page. Kristen gets you invested in the outcome of the story not just because you really like both of them as individuals, but as a couple they are fire and power.

“Headhunter” is the second novel in the “Martinelli Mafia” series and was released in 2021. Shane Martinelli, being the son of one of the States’ most prominent mob bosses, has always been immersed in society’s shady underbelly.

Keeping to the edges and learning how to navigate it was working out just fine until one acquaintance goes missing, and he starts fearing the worst. Right from the moment that he laid eyes on her, he has yet to quit thinking about her. Luckily, since he’s a former special operative, he is uniquely qualified to track her down and protect her. Unfortunately, no one is making that easy, not the people that took her nor the woman herself.

Ivie Jordan has led a rather uneventful life, and that is exactly how she likes it. Particularly since she would be the first one to admit that she does not do all that well in social situations. She is just a proud business owner, and even though she doesn’t have her own family, she does have a network of people that look out for her. Little did she realize that being accepted into such a fold came with a laundry list of issues. So when the worst thing possible happens, and she is forced to rely on the ruggedly handsome alpha male hero that comes to rescue her, she finds her inner badass, and the sultry vixen on her other shoulder.

It’s too bad that the two of them are running for their lives and attempting to ensure the safety of their loved ones. There is far more at stake here than meets the eye. It is time that the hunted became the hunters.

Ivie and Shane are fantastic together and it is fantastic, the way they work together as they try figuring out who was behind her kidnapping. Kristen does a fantastic job with giving her readers not just two main characters that get you rooting for them from the start but some excellent secondary characters, too.

“Off the Record” is the third novel in the “Martinelli Mafia” series and was released in 2022. Rafe “Rocco” Martinelli wasn’t ever one for the family business. Alas, being born into a crime syndicate means doing the bidding of the family and making sure that you are connected, and yes, breaking some kneecaps. Rafe would love nothing more than to be able to hang his enforcer apron up and just live a quiet life, however while more higher ups in rival clans are showing up dead, he realizes that he doesn’t have a choice. Particularly not when the gorgeous and captivating bratva princess is in need of his help.

Dr. Annika Tarenkov learned from an early age that her life belongs to her family. She is just a pawn in the long game, only a bargaining chip for prestige and power. She gave up the one person in her life that she believed she could be happy with, all for the greater good of her family.

Now, this newly made widow and desperate for answers, she is forced to face her past while it converges with her present. However all that it does is make her think about her future and how she can possibly make Rafe hers again. Even though being with the guy feels like wrangling a toddler sometimes, he’s still able to make her heart race and her breath catch. And she wouldn’t ever feel safer with anyone else.

As the chips being stacked against them, they will have to work together in order to uncover the perpetrators of this nefarious plot which has been brewing for quite some time, before time runs out.

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