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WITSEC is a reverse harem romance book series by Ashley N. Rostek. The first book in the series, Love Me, is one of the fantastic books with some dark-themed elements. It also features moments of suspense and high tension that will leave your heart beating out of your chest. The story also gets emotional in some chapters with flashbacks of bullying from classmates, trauma, and fear of potential future harm. However, these elements are infused in the story with less intense scenes, and this does help ease the tension.
The main character Shiloh is a vulnerable and not-yet adult with inner strength. She has been through a lot of trying moments in her life and experienced ongoing trauma, but her fighting spirit never fades away. She is a girl who doesn’t like attention, has a good sense of humor, can kick ass, and at the same time, are a caring and genuine person. You will love her character and appreciate how the author allows her relationship to grow with a couple of her classmates and some neighbors. However, Shiloh is too afraid to create a strong connection with other people, thanks to her traumatic past and the potential danger that lies in her future.

Since WITSEC is a reverse harem romance series, you’d expect the main character to have sexual affairs with multiple consenting men. There are four brothers who are neighbors with Shiloh, and each is unique on their own, and they are all wonderful. And just like Shiloh, the four brothers have experienced loss, and some of them have reserved judgment when meeting new people. This is quite understandable since each of the four guys is able to step up to be a part of Shiloh’s new life. They are all willing to protect and support her in their own unique ways.

There is some slow-burn steamy romance, but you shouldn’t expect the full act in this first installment. You will also appreciate the fact that the boys are solely focused on Shiloh, but at first as just friends and later take further steps when they get the hints of there being more than just friendship. One of the boys past girlfriends does stir up a mean girl drama, and another girl interested in one of the boys is mean, but there is no other women drama. The reverse harem relationship is not fully confirmed before the conclusion of the novel, but there are discussions of sharing.

Overall, Find Me has everything you would want from a reverse harem story. The five characters are truly the best for each other. Shiloh’s relationship with the boys is powerful, real, and heartwarming. Despite everything that happened in her past and still happening presently, she does not give up on her happiness and living the best of her life. You will appreciate how she does not give excuses for her choices and actions since the traumatic event from her past. Even so, she does not allow herself to be a victim, but she can’t overcome the survival guilt. The brother’s are always there doing everything they can to help her heal her broken heart, and at times without them even realizing it.

Find Me is not just a reverse harem novel; it is also a romantic suspense book as well. Despite the romance aspect of the book, the characters themselves are dealing with traumatic events from their past.
Love Me is the third book in the WITSEC book series by Ashley N. Rostek. The novel picks up right from where the second in the series left off after the main character gets attacked. This novel mainly focuses more on Shiloh’s survival guilt and her mental health because of what happened to her family. The book also focuses on the four boys as they try to help Shi with her mental health and persuade her to heal and move on.

In this story, things get more twisted for the main character. There is a character who is hell-bent on seeing Shiloh’s life become a living hell. It gives the trope of a corrupt small-town sheriff and definitely makes it a compelling read. The Sheriff’s addition to this book elevated him from a mere recurring status to the lead character’s energy. In the previous book, Logan’s personality wasn’t fully revealed, but the author features him more in this book, allowing the readers to create a deeper connection with him. Most of his actions are put down as just being from grief and desperation, but his behavior is neither cold-hearted, manipulative, nor unpleasant. But as we all know it, grief affects every one of us differently, whether in the real world or simply in the pages of a book. His presence in the story added more shock and awe. Compared to the previous two books, Love Me does a fantastic step up in terms of steamy romance. But it should be noted that in this novel, spice is secondary to the main plot, which is quite refreshing as it is not often the case in most reverse harem romance books.

The novel allows the reader to have a glimpse of more sides of the main character. In that, Shiloh committed herself to always live in the moment and enjoy life outside of her men. She has maintained a good friendship with Isabella and Ethan, and these are the types of friendships that help her establish her ground and also give her a sense of security. This novel is a good turning point for Shiloh as we are able to see her being more open with her men as well as working more on her therapy session to help improve her mental health.
The final chapters in the book rhythmed to the beats of a faster drum, and they do evoke a deep emotional reaction reading them. The author does a fantastic job of adding a cliffhanger at the end of the book, which paves the way for the final book in the series titled Free Me, which is thrilling, risk-taking, teasing, and steamy.

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